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Sami, our youngest writer, is a Sixth Form student at City of London School with a passion for the workings, aims and doctrines of UK’s defence and foreign policies. As well as holding the post of Senior Editor of The Citizen, the award-winning weekly student publication of the City of London School for Boys, Sami regularly advises companies on youth strategy, is pushing to effect key changes in housing legislation and is the elected MP for the City of London in the UK Youth Parliament and the Deputy Young Lord Mayor of the City of London — two of the highest positions of youth representation in the capital.

UK Defence Secretary: Royal Navy’s global reach expanding to unprecedented levels

The UK Defence Secretary has announced that the Royal Navy’s power projection capabilities are to increase such that Britain will have the power to defeat “any adversary” “on the seven seas of the world”.

France now world’s foremost “soft power”, survey finds

A respected survey has indicated that France is now the world leader in 'soft power', overtaking the UK and US in global rankings.