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American leaders are correct, EU member states must pay up for...

"Ultimately, NATO will have to increase its spending, it doesn't have to do so to keep pace with its competitors for it is already ahead, at the minute."

How has the role of the United Kingdom on the world...

The United Kingdom once had a strong direct or indirect influence in just about every place on Earth. At some points in the past, you were probably never more than 100 miles away from the Empire.

The Axis of Evil: An Evaluation of the Bush Doctrine

In his famous 2002 State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush coined the phrase "Axis of Evil" to describe any and all states that sponsor terrorism and to highlight to the people the "enemies of America" in an attempt to rile up support for his War on Terror and expansion of the US Military's involvement in International Affairs worldwide.

Why can’t the US Army augment the police the same way...

Police militarisation in the United States has seen some police forces in the US as heavily armed as army units anyway. So, why can't the army help out?

Has the United States role on the world stage diminished?

The United States has been unquestionably the most powerful and influential nation in the world since the Second World War.

Why aren’t British Police Officers routinely armed?

A distinguishing feature of our country that astounds a lot of foreigners is our traditional, unarmed, British bobby.

What threats could the Queen Elizabeth class carriers realistically face?

Experts and Politicians have debated the significance of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers since their inception and people have questioned whether their price is worth paying.