Chinese President Xi Jinping Friday ordered the Chinese armed forces to enhance their combat readiness.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), gave the instruction at a CMC meeting held in Beijing.

According to local media:

“Hailing the landmark, pioneering and historic military achievements since the 18th CPC National Congress, Xi said the armed forces had resolutely safeguarded national sovereignty, security and development interests and withstood complex situations and severe struggles.”

“The world is facing a period of major changes never seen in a century, and China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development,” Xi Jinping said, warning that various risks and challenges were on the rise.

“The entire armed forces should have a correct understanding of China’s security and development trends, enhance their awareness of danger, crisis and war, and make solid efforts on combat preparations in order to accomplish the tasks assigned by the Party and the people.”

Regarding combat capability as the only and fundamental criterion, Xi ordered all work, forces and resources to focus on military preparedness and ensure a marked progress in this regard.

Xi reportedly stressed the armed forces ability to respond quickly and effectively to contingencies, asking them to upgrade commanding capability of joint operations, foster new combat forces, and improve military training under combat conditions.


    • There are 3 things that China are likely preparing for. They want Taiwan, They need to defend their stolen territories in the South China Sea and they want some of Eastern Russia back too. They are very worrying.

      • China won’t do jack! They are just doing this for show and to look strong. They won’t atack any country with the millitary! They will as usual atack there own population though and monitor everything they do, watch, say online!. I thank my lucky stars I was born in the UK and not in Asia/china or Africa basically anywhere apart from the west.

      • With regard to Taiwan the situation is that so long as they don’t declare independence, China won’t intervene militarily. That situation may change, but that will be when China believes it can go toe-to-toe with the USA in conventional forces.
        China doesn’t need to do anything in the South China Sea. It’s already seized the territories and militarised them.
        As regards Eastern Russia, I doubt we’ll see anything there. We are more likely to Sea a Sino-Russian alliance to divide American attention. Imagine China moves on Taiwan while silmultaneously Russia moves on the Baltic States, which would the USA defend first?

    • China is developing a *100,000* man marine corps, and has at least twice the landing ship
      (LPD and LPH) force, as the UK. And yes, they will invade Taiwan when they are ready, with no apology. When they do, Hong Kong’s special status will disappear.

  1. Political speak always sounds even more meanless and ridiculous than business speak, but when you add the filter of a direct translation from one very different language to another it hits a whole new level of pointless bull.

      • Political rhetoric from political leaders never inspired my morale, tended to think nasty words at them to be honest…. put my mouth in it once or twice. I Remember the time Jeremy Hunt was speaking and as he was introduced I made a horrible remark about him, only to realise he was actually the guy sat in front of me…..

        Now my old boss could give a short motivational to the team about giving it all and it could really shake off than can’t give more more feeling. Moral boosts tend (in my experience) to come from those leaders who actually know you or have a contection with you (even just a bit).

        The (generally) power crazy idiots who float to the top of politics just sound like tossers when they give speech’s like that, although I separate out the true statesman and women who can change nations with such speech’s.

  2. Surely their plans to take back Taiwan would be economic suicide? Just as they are set to take top economic spot in world, they would likely face huge sanctions (I would hope) from the west and could stop us trading with them stunting their economy and lose a lot of respect.
    China has a huge opportunity to be a force for good around the world, but this recent obsession with military might and outward aggression is really worrying. I personally don’t think America is in a fit state politically to lead the world anymore and time after time their aggressive interventions have proved to cause more issues than existed previously (and us too). China has an opportunity to take the lead but needs to do things differently and channel their extreme wealth to invigorate poor areas of the world through investment, lead on developing cheap green technologies etc. The world would gravitate to them through respect but they seem to be going down the route of fear, another 10 years of this muscle flexing and I worry where things will go.

    • They are indeed investing in poor areas of the world. Although it appears that this is more to do with grabbing power than a genuine care for the rest of the world. The terms that are often attached to the loans they give to these countries can pretty much turn them into puppet states of China. China has also appeared to be pretty heavily involved in the conflict in Sudan after it was discovered that Chinese pilots are among those that have bombed civilians.

      I agree though that they have the power to do good. I just do not think this is in their minds though.

    • Take the lead on Green Technology ? Have you seen just how many Coal fired Power Stations China have or are Building ? as for Plastic Production, They are Head and Shoulders above anyone Else. I think China has an enormous Influence Globally but not entirely for the good.
      As a “Simple” bloke nearing the end of my useful tenure, I’m absolutely amazed at just how Gullible and Week the vast Majority of Us Humans are, letting the Power Crazed Mega Rich and Elite Minority taking one massive dump on us all our lives. And we Love It don’t we.

      “Animal Farm” was such an accurate Book. “All Animals are Equal”. later altered to say ” but some are more Equal than Others”. Communism, You got to love It.

    • China will always put China first. Some countries gravitate towards them out of hatred for western values and China is using this to its advantage.

    • China has the power to do good, but it cannot, it’s not in its nature.
      Despite the economic boom and capitalist investment it is still a Communist dictatorship not too dissimilar to Stalin’s USSR. Surely the recent reports of how an entire ethnic minority being locked-up in internment camps for the crime of being Muslim has awakened people to this fact???

  3. Their economic strategy in East Africa and elsewhere in the developing and developed world is very reminiscent of… What was it… Oh yea… The East India Co.

    Political influences and demendancy
    Control of resources
    Control of infrastructure (strategic:)
    Backed by growing military capability and capacity.

    Don’t think about today. Consider 20years time. They are playing a long game and continued growth keeps the Party in power.

  4. China until recently did not have a very professional army in that it relied on conscripts, reservists and sheers numbers. Since the age of enlightenment (mid-90s) China has been slowly progressing to a professional army. It has not fought a major conflict since the Sino-Vietnam border conflict where both sides claimed victory i.e. stalemate. However, it has started to partake in UN operations such as the anti-piracy patrols of Somalia and Peacekeeping in Mali. China as a country is becoming more proactive militarily. Recently it has been dealing with continued unrest in Tibet since its annexation but also in the Xinjiang province which is ethnically predominantly muslim.
    It has shown that it is willing to promote itself on the World stage by using its military in peacekeeping operations. But it has also started a stealthy form of expansionism, such as the annexation of the Spratelys and other small islands in the South China Sea. The combined land/air/naval base in Djibouti is well know, but there is also a naval base in Burma and state run construction companies in Mauritania, Nigeria and Afghanistan helping to build infrastructure.
    The statement by their President sort of makes sense in that they are trying to mimic NATO forces in having a formal readiness state. Whether this a ruse to hide mobilisation will need to be watched. I don’t believe China are yet in a position to take on Taiwan as they are not on par with the US Navy – yet!

  5. For the first time in my life, the PLAN and PLAAF have enough modern combat aircraft, amphibious warfare ships and cruise missiles to take Taiwan if they want to. We should not underestimate their resolve. It has taken an extraordinarily effort to build their forces to this point. Trumps sanctions have hit their economy but it is still quite strong enough to support a large-scale military operation. Take them seriously!

  6. The only smart thing Trump has done is walloping China with tariff hikes. It has really hurt their economic growth. Maybe even more than appears at first sight. Attacking Taiwan would be a huge political risk for the communist party leadership. They have built acceptance of their dictatorship on rapidly rising living standards and military/technological advances. If the first is now history to lose the second would surely be far too great a risk ?

  7. So will we stand up for Taiwan- probably not.
    Will we attack their illegal islands- probably not.
    Do we care if they take back their territory stolen by Russia – probably not. It would be interesting to see what Putin does against an enemy that appears to have the ability and political will to resist him.
    Mr XI is having problems now so personally I would think it is patriotic anti Taiwan sabre rattling over permanent USNCV in the Sth China Sea and trade wars etc.

  8. The PLAN currently Lists, 70 Amphibious Ships of Varying Displacements ranging from a few Hundred Tons to @25.000 tons (7 of these alone). There are over 500 Ships in total, Many of these are Modern and well equipped. They are Actively Building Aircraft Carriers (4 in various states of Completion) Large numbers of Frigates and Destroyers, Hypersonic Anti Ship Missiles and Ballistic Subs galore. If anyone believes they are doing this for any other reason than Global Domination then I’m sorry but I think You might want to have a Rethink.

    Or wake up and smell the Ginseng.

      • I was there for three months (Northern China) in the winter of 1986…bloody cold. Back then they had very poor logistics…food distribution was reduced to what could be sourced locally. I came back a stone lighter after a diet of boiled eggs, rancid pork, cabbage and fried lotus roots accompanied by violent flatulence!!

        • Hardly Vermicelli Singapore Style is it?!

          I’ve seen that TV programme on Australian Customs at the airport stopping the Chinese bringing in all sorts of nasties into the country that they call food!

  9. China does not have the resources to take Taiwan (Take D-Days whole effort as an example)
    Taiwan has only a couple of area’s to get troops on to..

    They would be quickly contained and manpower and resources whittled down, therefore failing an invasion
    Plus the UK, US and other would help.

  10. I posted this a couple of years ago. “I was on an oil rig, 60 to 70 miles off the Malaysia coast in 2013 and 2014.When we moved locations we were shadowed by a Chinese Coastguard corvette and a PLAN destroyer. On arrival, the Chinese would inform us that we were in Chinese waters, without permission and should depart. During this time a Chinese amphibious task force held exercises at James Shoal. The Commander told his force to be prepared to fight to defend China’s territory. (Text of speech reported on Beijing TV.) The shoal is 50 miles off the Malaysian coast. Hainan Island, the nearest Chinese coast is 1000 miles away. China’s annexation has started. It is acting in violation of UN’s Law of the Sea. It has ignored and rejected the ruling of the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague, that China has no claim on Filipino waters and atolls. It will not back down and lose face. This is not about minor inaccessible oil deposits. It is not just about upholding international law. It is also about the conviction of the Chinese civilisation that it is China’s right and destiny to control most of that hemisphere. I dread to think how China would react if drought and pollution impacted on its domestic food production.” I do not think this recent development should be viewed as a tantrum provoked by President Trumps policies. The one thing that is absolutely certain is that China plays the long long game and analysis should always start from this position.

  11. Indeed. Was in Indonesia in 1998 when China declared waters south of Natuna Island theirs… Including Natuna itself. Indonesians mobilised a brigade of marines the next morning to Natuna.

    It’s a matter of time before it kicks of

  12. I have said before and will say it again, NATO needs to redefine its operational standards, methods and area of interests. The US cannot expect to defend Europe and operate in the Pacific at the same time. It really is time that Europe took control of the Atlantic and Med whilst the US concentrated of the Pacific.
    The only way that Europe could control the Atlantic and respond to any aggression on the continent is if each European country dedicated a division of land forces an air wing and a squadron of ships to a central command independent of national interests. These could be deployed as or when needed all should be at 72 hours notice. That way national politics would be taken out of the equation. I know it sounds like a European Armed Forces and I suppose it is but it would come under the NATO system.
    If we as Europeans look at the naval situation the Navies of Europe combined are more than able to deal with the Russian Navy. We will have three Carrier Battle Groups 8 SSBNs, 13 SSNs a few dozen SSs, 30+ modern air defence destroyers and the list goes on. The issue is getting the European nations to respond as one. By having dedicated forces outside of national political views a collective defence can be achieved.
    This would then leave the US to work with Japan, Aus, NZ and possibly others such as Taiwan to look after the threat in the Western Pacific and South China Seas.
    Will it happen, I don’t know, but its a reasonable idea.


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