Despite widely circulated claims on social media there will not be a lockdown in the UK this weekend, the Government have confirmed.

There is “zero prospect of any restrictions being placed on travelling”, the UK government has said.

A spokesperson also said there were also “no plans to use military personnel for public order during the coronavirus pandemic”.

What will the military be used for?

• 150 troops are learning to drive oxygen tankers to supply hospitals
• Soldiers are preparing to fill some roles in police, prison service & border force
• Reservists are also likely to be called up

In addition, the Armed Forces are on standby to assist with civil emergencies and the MoD are deploying nurses, surgeons and other healthcare trained personnel to assist where required.

Where does this claim come from?

The claim stems from the social media and the myth of a lockdown spreading via WhatsApp. Read more about it here and here.

The source for this latest rumour is below, some of you might remember the source as the same one that managed to spread a false claim that the Queen had died last year.

The origin of the rumours that many assured others were true.

Additionally, we have also had to report that the Army aren’t building secret ‘tent bases’ in Glasgow for a lockdown.

Sharing misinformation during a pandemic can endanger lives, if you see any being spread then please call out the person or people sharing it as soon as you can.

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Mark B
Mark B (@guest_497705)
1 year ago

Talk of a lock down is encouraging panic. That is one of the main reasons there won’t be a lock down. Most people will just lock themselves down only coming out when needed.

BIG D (@guest_497742)
1 year ago

This can be a scary enough time for people without false news adding to their worry.

JohnHartley (@guest_497882)
1 year ago

George, a question. When I was caring for my 90+ dad (since passed away), he had the pneumonia vaccine , but I was deemed too young. Given many patients are weakened by Covid 19, but then pass away from pneumonia, would it be wise to increase the number of people offered the pneumonia vaccine? If we could get most over 55s vaccinated by next Winter, would that help?