Chief of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has urged Beijing to join an expanded Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, so that its missiles become bound by it.

“We see that China is investing heavily in new, modern weapons, including new missiles,” Stoltenberg said on German ZDF public television.

“And half of their missiles would violate the INF treaty if China were a signatory,” he said, referring to the 1987 nuclear weapons accord that the US last month threatened to quit.

“We support expanding this treaty so that China is also bound by it”, he added.

Medium and Intercontinental Range Ballistic Missiles (2007). Note: China currently is capable of targeting its nuclear forces throughout the region and most of the world, including the continental United States. Newer systems, such as the DF-31, DF-31A, and JL-2, will give China a more survivable nuclear force.

After the signing of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance in 1950, the Soviet Union assisted China’s military R&D with training, technical documentation, manufacturing equipment and licensed production of Soviet weapons. In the area of ballistic missiles, the Soviets transferred R-1 (SS-1), R2 (SS-2) and R-11F technology to China.

The first Chinese ballistic missiles were based on Soviet designs. Since then, China has made many advances in its ballistic missile and rocket technology. For instance, the space launch Long March rockets have their roots in the Dongfeng missiles.

Stoltenberg said Tuesday:

“NATO does not want a new arms race, but we are very worried about the new Russian missiles, they are mobile, they are nuclear-capable and they can reach cities in Europe like Berlin”.


  1. I’m not sure if I trust Chinese missiles! I can see them accidentally blowing up! I’ve seen plenty of Russian intercontinental missiles (dummy nuke onboard) mess up and not launch properly…

  2. It never fails to amaze me how the ethical latte crowd who have no problem berating the US/UK and Israel with their outrageous imperialistic empire claims, give China such an easy time. Yes the country , which pollutes the most, which harvests its own people for body parts, has the highest rate of state executions in the world , which has occupied Tibet since 1950, which is empire building in the China sea, which openly bullies countries like Taiwan (Which due to Chinese pressure is not recognised at the UN) which has no problem selling weapons to the most despicable countries going no questions asked, which forces its Muslim population to download spyware onto their phones and have bar codes outside their homes is deemed by the so called enlightened people as a much better place than the US.UK and Israel.

    Oh look….Squirrel.

      • Lol

        I thought the Chinese food we eat here, which I love, is nothing like real Chinese food?

        If it is. I’m moving there!!

      • Yes But, They sure do make a cracking Sweet and Sour King Prawn.

        Be very weary of ordering a chicken curry inside Chungking Mansions, as the one we ordered had a tail. Still nice thou.

    • Ah farouk, that is because China is oh,um eh…in the east somewhere and in any case don’t they make toys? Your right of course…the threat from Russia is a nonsense compared to China which is why we should try to neutralize the former without getting carried away and start to hold the Chinese properly to account.

    • There are a few people on here who have China in their blind spot apparently by their recent posts, which I do find rather puzzling.

    • 100% agree farouk. It’s the poisonous modern day liberal/ left wing ideology. Great examples given. I believe it’s the same ideology which makes our leaders incompetent or at best unwilling to really try and free ourselves of the EU. But nevedmind, as long as we have toilets for males who identify as females and at least 10% of the army is home it’s all good.

    • How can they be the enemy if they are willing to trade with us, make stuff we want to buy and are willing to invest like jolly good chaps. I’m afraid this is less about the ethical crowed ( which I but myself in) not being able to spot a potential enemy (I most certainly recognise what China is and is liable to become) but is instead a failure of the neoliberal movement to accept that any nation willing to work within the capitalist system could infact not be playing the same make profit not war game.

      It’s a blindness in the capitalist west, that can only see trade “as a way for companies and individuals to make money” always becoming dominant (as it did against facist and communist states) and encouraging western values, where as infact other cultures have just analysed it’s strenghts and weaknesses and now see free open trade as a way to wage power politics and war by other means via the forgotten discipline of the mercantilist nation.

      The ultimate neoliberal powers (the US and Western European nations) used free trade as a tool to break and destroy their enemies, but while they celebrated victory, sat on their laurels and marked the end of history one power (China) took note of the fate of others and dusted off an old and actually very British playbook which seems to have worked as well in the modern “neoliberal age” as it did in the and 17-18 century.

      If we don’t get off our neoliberal behinds and look at how other powers can exploit capitalism we will be deep.

      Not saying we need to go all communists, but but basically we are starting to look like we may be on to loosing end of a game of rock, paper ….. neoliberal capitalism beats communism, 21 century mercantilism beats neoliberal capitalism.

    • I agree with much of that. However with regard to pollution it has to be said that although they have been the most polluting they are now building renewables faster than any country on earth, have the strictest rules regarding use of ICE cars, have the biggest and fastest growing EV market and are planting huge forests.

      However this does not solve their missile issue…

  3. China gets treated differently even by Apple and Google. They both fight tooth and nail against Western governments that try to get legal access to data stored on their devices but when it comes to China both companies bend over backwards to accommodate the Chinese requests all because they want access to sales in that country. Google employees protest the company assisting the US DoD on it’s AI programs when those same employees are helping Chinese companies that are owned and controlled by the Chinese gov’t to develop their AI. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. Tim Cook is the same as the rest of them. Don’t believe all that privacy is a human right BS he continually spouts.

  4. China is the real long term threat to the world yet we have embraced them in a way that would have been unthinkable w/r the Soviet union.
    Our yearning for cheap product and their ability to supply it will be our downfall and they know it yet we not only continue to fund their rise we actively encourage them to asset strip us. why for example would we let Chinese companies supply our telecoms industry when we know they will infect it with spyware, why for the love of all that is precious would we let them get involved in our nuclear industry greed greed greed. America is no better – they were the leader’s in rare earth mineral research and had a massive scientific base dedicated to it- then literally gave away all that expertise to the chinese-there is a good book on this subject cannot remember what it’s called, it’s shocking almost deliberate the way we have given everything to them on a plate

  5. I think it’s important to draw a destination between China and Xi Jin Ping.

    Most Chinese people love the west and the vast majority would move there in a second if allowed. Xi Jin Ping is a second generation spoiled rich kid that thinks he had his buddies are entitled to rule China like a new aristocracy.

    It’s importnat to bring the Chinese into the fold, we can’t afford not to least of all due to the environmental impact they have.

    However it’s important to make them realise that there is no way for them to bully the world militarily to get what they want. The must ascend in a peaceful way. However the new balance seems about right to me, cutting Chinese companies out of sensitive Tech and preventing them purchasing western companies until they play ball and getting as many nations as possible to conduct freedom of navigation missions in the South China Sea.

    Gradually applying pressure until Xi steps down and goes back to the two term limit as well.

    • Bringing China into the food didn’t work 🙁 They committed industrial espionage on a global level and are going hammer and tongs to build a huge modern military that could beat us forces. These aren’t good things.

  6. I fully see this as a Russia/China/USA geopolitical issue, but I do not see it as a NATO one as no land based INF limited missile can reach any NATO country from China, and those are the only missiles effected.

    • You are right that No Chinese medium range missile can reach Europe. But the Europeans are disparate to keep the INF treaty, and to prevent the USA withdrawal from INF treaty. Only by bringing China into the realm of the INF treaty could US withdrawal be thwarted, the Europeans hope.
      If the USA withdraw from INF treaty, it would allow US to deploy medium range missiles on Pacific islands to deter China, which would be cheaper to deploy than SLBM’s.

  7. Thanks to the one child policy, that has only recently been ditched, will China face a massive population drop off 30-60 years from now?
    Will that scupper their number one status more than anything the US does?
    I do not understand why the Chinese state is so homophobic, when many men will never get wives, thanks to the one child imbalance. Encouraging gay relationships might be the only way to stop civil unrest from all those frustrated bachelors.

  8. China would have to seek the permission of Russia to launch missiles at the UK, please have a globe handy, the same vice versa if launched from North Atlantic. China is only really accessible from the Pacific Ocean. It maybe the case of deploying Astute subs. in the Pacific. Only the USA can aim missiles at both Russia and China. USA can also aim missiles at Russia over the Norh Pole.

  9. China would have to seek the permission from Russia to launch missiles at the UK, and vice versa if launched from North Atlantic. Please have a globe handy! China is only really accessible from the Pacific Ocean if you only want a war with China only. It maybe the case of deploying Astute subs in the Pacific if China becomes more of a serious adversary, the Putin regime will not last forever.
    Only the USA can aim missiles at both Russia and China. China is also in a position to aim missiles at both USA and Russia.

    • China could launch SLBM missiles from the Arctic or Atlantic, and if they launched ICBMs that overflew Russia hundreds of miles up, what would or could Russia do?

      • It would be interesting to know if China is deploying SLBM’s in the North Atlantic Ocean, do they have enough subs. and warheads?
        ICBM’s mainly take a suborbital route, about 70 miles attitude to their target. Russia has been developing ABM system’s since the 1980’s, deployed mainly around Moscow. So I am sure if the Russians saw missiles coming from the east in direction of European Russia they would activate their ABM’s.

      • You are right that International overflight rules do not apply in space(orbital). The rules are different again for suborbital flights(about 70 miles attitude) I am sure.
        But when missiles tests are carried out, each of the main world powers warn each other, even North Korea does, to prevent any misunderstanding. I am sure if China launched missiles without notifying Russia, and coming in the direction of European Russia, it is almost certainly Russia will react. A major misunderstanding I would think!

    • We could probably do with another 3 or 4 Astute subs then really. Minimum 10 Astutes should be what we aim for.

      To be honest the whole navy should be grown larger to act as a deterrent.

      – Order another 2 or 3 Type 45s to bring the total to 8 or 9.
      – Increase total Type 26s to 10-12.
      – At least 10 Type 31s
      – At least 10 Astute subs total.
      – Increase F35 force to 5-6 squadrons. Minimum total force of 60 active frontline aircraft.


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