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Social Media and Comment Moderation Policy

Comments are moderated to check they comply with UK Defence Journal social media guidelines. If comments don’t comply they will not be published.

Comments from first time posters (or containing links) are often automatically held in moderation to be manually approved by a member of our team, this is part of our anti-spam efforts.

Please understand however that we operate this website in our free time and as a result, (primarily due to the high volume of comments) we cannot always approve comments as quickly as we’d hope to, contacting members of the team to ask about this will not result in comments being approved quicker unfortunately.

When posting comments, please observe our site participation guidelines:

  • be respectful of others who use this site
  • don’t be rude
  • stay on topic
  • do not use language that is offensive, inflammatory or provocative (this includes, but is not limited to, swearing and obscene or vulgar comments)
  • do not break the law (this includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court)
  • do not use this site for party political purposes or post party political commentary, especially commentary that will encourage futher party political commentary
  • please do not post personal information in comments such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other online contact details, which may relate to you or other individuals
  • do not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organisation
  • do not attempt to log on using another user’s account
  • do not promote any product, service or publication without permission

We reserve the right to suspend comments at any time, and remove comments older than six months. Where we choose not to publish a comment for a reason other than those listed above, we will reply to the commenter by email explaining our reason and inviting them to make appropriate changes so that the comment can be reconsidered.

We read every comment, and respond wherever we can. If you feel that your comment meets these criteria but has not been approved then please get in contact with us.