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Urgent Operational Requirement sees ballistic protection upgraded on Type 45 Destroyers

Prodrive Composites has fast-tracked a Design to Manufacture development programme for ballistic protection.

US and UK award contract for ballistic missile re-entry material testing

The United States and United Kingdom are continuing to test ballistic missile re-entry materials.

HMS Queen Elizabeth successfully completes first replenishment at sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth has successfully received fuel in the North Atlantic from RFA Tidespring for the first time.

BAE Systems wins US Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle competition

The US Marine Corps has awarded BAE Systems a $198 million contract to deliver an initial 30 Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV), with options for a total of 204 vehicles which could be worth up to $1.2 billion.

Autonomous Warrior exercise launched by the British Army

The British Army has launched the Autonomous Warrior (Land) experiment at the RUSI Land Warfare conference.


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