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UK Border Force returns migrants to France – expert Q&A

The UK Border Force has returned a group of migrants to France after their small boat got into trouble in the English Channel.

Xi and Putin talk up their bloc as NATO counterweight

China and Russia appear to be gathering together in an alliance which will be pitted directly against the collective West.


British carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth back at sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth left dry-dock at Rosyth today after undergoing critical repairs to her starboard propeller shaft coupling and is now back at Sea.

American warship rescues vessel in Eastern Mediterranean

Sailors from the USS Bulkeley provided life-saving assistance to an adrift vessel on July 16 during routine operations in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Drone video shows progress on Glasgow ‘frigate factory’

Exclusive drone footage reveals the rapid development of the new shipbuilding hall at BAE Systems' shipyard in Govan, Glasgow.


British Typhoon test jet trials powerful new radar

Ground-based testing of the new European Common Radar System (ECRS) Mk2 radar on a Eurofighter Typhoon test and evaluation aircraft has been completed, according to the Royal Air Force.

Delivery of upgraded F-35 jets begins

The Technology Refresh 3 (TR-3) upgrade for the F-35 brings substantial improvements to its computing power.

Marshall extends C-130 support contract with France

British firm Marshall has secured a £4.5 million contract extension to continue providing engineering support for the French Air Force’s fleet of 14 Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules aircraft.


Britain criticises both Israel and Hamas for Gaza crisis

"Hamas cannot remain in charge of Gaza. But equally, the Israel Defence Forces cannot remain situated in Gaza", said the Foreign Secretary.

Iron Vipers sustain troops on large NATO training exercise

The Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (10 QOGLR) played a crucial role in supplying ammunition stores to troops during Exercise Steadfast Defender 24 in Poland.

NATO Secretary General reaffirms transatlantic alliance

"The transatlantic Alliance is the cornerstone for European security," stated Mr. Stoltenberg.

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A Russian submarine, Scotland, and an odd conspiracy

A recent BBC Scotland news story about the sighting of a Russian submarine off the west coast of Scotland has sparked a flurry of odd reactions on social media.

The myth that nukes are in Scotland to keep England safe

Misconceptions can often take root and spread quickly, one incorrect claim is that the UK stores all of its nukes in Scotland because they're too dangerous to keep in England. 

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