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U.S ponders ‘Adaptive Technology Engines’ as F-35 retrofit

Adaptive technology engines for the F-35 promise great performance but come with technology, financial and interoperability risks.

Snake Island – Gut Feelings and Impressions

Since the 14th of April 2022, Snake Island has become a centre of gravity in the War for Ukraine.


RFA Argus service life extended past 2030

RFA Argus was originally planned to leave service in 2024 but is to be kept in service until at least 2030 as no replacement is yet available. 

American nuclear armed submarine visits Scotland

A U.S. Navy Ohio class submarine, the USS Rhode Island, has arrived in Scotland marking the first visit of of a nuclear armed American submarine to the base near Glasgow for a number of years.

UK rules out ‘international competition’ for support ships

The Ministry of Defence has once again confirmed that the Fleet Solid Support ships will, for the most part, be British built.


British drone hits terrorists in Iraq with Hellfire missile

A Royal Air Force MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft has conducted an airstrike against a group of Islamic State terrorists north of Tikrit in Iraq.

British F-35 stealth jets training in Finland

The aim of the training is to "strengthen shared security in the Baltic and High North", say NATO.

British surveillance aircraft step-up monitoring of Black Sea

British RC-135 electronic surveillance aircraft continue to operate over the Black Sea near Ukraine, with two in the area at the one time, in order to monitor Russian forces.


MoD award £300m contract for heavy armour design support

The contract will provide post-design services for armoured vehicles allowing for potential design changes and design modifications.

British Army Twitter account hacked

The British Army Twitter account has been hacked and is now posting tweets promoting competitions to win NFTs and claiming that the UK is going to attack Pakistan.

British defence spending to rise to 2.5% of GDP by 2030

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a NATO summit today that Britain will increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

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Do British fighter jets ‘protect’ Irish airspace? No

The UK, on occasion, scrambles jets to intercept unresponsive aircraft in Irish-controlled airspace but make no mistake, the UK is not protecting Irish airspace.

Scottish shipyards planning to build 24 warships by 2035

The total number of warships being built in Scottish shipyards between 2015 to 2035 now stands at 24, with many of those ships now being built and some already in service.

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