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UK and Australia sign shipbuilding partnership for Type 26 Frigate

Australia and the UK have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on building new frigates, say the Ministry of Defence.

BAE Systems rolls out new platform cyber protection capability

BAE Systems say that the 'Fox Shield cyber resilience system' was developed to provide military platforms with better detection capabilities, attack warning, and mitigation.

Over 70 aircraft to engage in large scale ‘battle’ over North Sea

Exercise Crimson Warrior will see over 70 aircraft conducting high intensity tactical training over the North Sea and North East of England.

BAE offer ARCHER wheeled howitzer for US Army’s 155 mm gun requirement

BAE Systems has proposed its ARCHER howitzer in response to the U.S. Army’s request for proposals for a 155 mm wheeled gun system.

British Carrier Strike Group to deploy to Pacific next year

Next year, HMS Queen Elizabeth will deploy to the Pacific with two frigates, two destroyers, a nuclear submarine and support vessels.

Harrier 809 by Rowland White – A review

Harrier 809 by Rowland White tells the story of how the public perception of the Harrier went from a novelty to an iconic symbol of British combat aviation.

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