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A vision for Plaid Cymru’s 2024 Defence and Foreign Policy

The goal for a pro-independence party should be a Welsh armed forces and an independent foreign policy as a sovereign state argues @JeremyBrookman2.

Scotland should build German Tanks

To quickly address Britain's shortage of tanks, the UK should establish a manufacturing facility in Scotland to produce Leopard 2 tanks argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.


Naval Engineers restore Falklands memorials

Memorials, which endure the harsh South Atlantic weather, are cleaned, rebuilt, and have their inscriptions made legible by the NEFI team.

Greens pledge to dismantle British nuclear weapons

This would include cancelling the Trident programme and removing all foreign nuclear weapons from Britain.

Industrial action escalates for defence giant Rolls Royce

GMB union has today announced that members at Rolls Royce’s submarine programme in Derby have backed an escalation in the ongoing industrial action facing the company.


NATO pilots ‘test mettle’ in High-G dogfights

This first-of-its-kind event saw 37 aircraft from nine NATO countries engage in simulated dogfights, pushing themselves and their machines to the limit.

Saturday sells out for Royal International Air Tattoo 2024

More than 150 aircraft have been confirmed for this year's Royal International Air Tattoo #RIAT, causing a surge in ticket sales and resulting in a sell-out for the event’s busiest day, Saturday 20th July.

Ukraine releases video of Russian Su-25 jet ‘destruction’

The Soviet-designed Su-25, nicknamed 'Frogfoot' by NATO, is a heavily armoured ground-attack aircraft used to provide close air support for Russian ground troops.



Labour criticises Tory defence record, promises change

A Labour spokesperson has sharply criticised the government's handling of the British armed forces over the past 14 years.

Video shows destruction of Russian Buk-M2 air defence system

The video captures the dramatic moment of impact, showcasing the precision and effectiveness of the HIMARS system in neutralising the air defence threat.

BAE Tridon MK2 anti-air system to make debut

BAE Systems is launching its next-generation 40mm anti-aircraft system, Tridon Mk2, at Eurosatory 2024.

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The myth that nukes are in Scotland to keep England safe

Misconceptions can often take root and spread quickly, one incorrect claim is that the UK stores all of its nukes in Scotland because they're too dangerous to keep in England. 

Shipyards in Scotland planning to build 24 warships by 2035

In addition to the now built 5 Offshore Patrol Vessels, there are plans for 8 Type 26 Frigates, 5 Type 31 Frigates, 5 Type 32 Frigates, and 1 Ukrainian warship to be built in Scotland.

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