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Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes

Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes of advantage against Russia this winter.

AI and robotics – one outcome could be powerful new weapons

AI is already being melded with robotics – one outcome could be powerful new weapons.


Concern over funding of new Royal Navy destroyers

A new NAO report highlights that the Royal Navy's shipbuilding pipeline, including the Type 83 destroyers, is forecast to cost £5.9 billion more than the budgets currently allocated.

American warship shields British ships during missile attack

Several commercial vessels, including two UK-owned ships, were attacked in the southern Red Sea, triggering a response from Arleigh-Burke Class destroyer USS Carney.

Type 32 Frigate funding allocation too little

The Type 32 Frigate is expected to help grow the Royal Navy's surface escort fleet from 19 to 24 vessels.


British surveillance aircraft begin operating near Gaza

The flights, being undertaken off the coast rather than over Gaza and at 25,000ft, are solely to locate hostages.

Funding challenges for third British F-35B squadron

A recent report on the MOD's Equipment Plan states that the plan for a third squadron "is not accompanied by funding of £0.4 billion needed to operate the squadron".

British aircraft being used to find hostages of Hamas

The Ministry of Defence has clarified the role of British surveillance aircraft in the Israel-Hamas conflict.


Labour condemns Tories over £17bn defence budget shortfall

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey MP has fiercely criticised the Government’s handling of defence after a scathing report highlighted funding concerns.

MoD facing £17bn equipment plan shortfall

As of March this year, the forecasted costs stood at a staggering £305.5 billion, surpassing the budget of £288.6 billion.

Government cautioned over use of AI in warfare

While the Government aims to be "ambitious, safe, responsible", in its application of AI in defence, aspiration has not lived up to reality warns a new report.

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The myth that nukes are in Scotland to keep England safe

Misconceptions can often take root and spread quickly, one incorrect claim is that the UK stores all of its nukes in Scotland because they're too dangerous to keep in England. 

Would UK naval shipbuilding continue in Scotland if it left the UK?

Naval shipbuilding in Scotland has become controversial once again.

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