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BAE to provide flight control system for new Aerion Supersonic AS2 jet

BAE Systems are set to design, develop, and integrate a fly-by-wire flight control system for the new AS2 aircraft.

Upgraded torpedo ‘on cusp of service’ after Scottish trials

What the Ministry of Defence call the world’s most advanced torpedo is "on the cusp of entering service" after extensive trials in Scotland, say the Royal Navy.

UK ‘must show greater ambition’ in Arctic security

The United Kingdom "must show greater ambition and apply more resources to address the developing security situation in the Arctic and the High North", says a report published by the Defence Sub-Committee.

HMS Queen Elizabeth departure delayed until Monday

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was due to sail this afternoon, that has now been postponed.

Kavkaz 2020 and Turkey – A lesson for the West and NATO

This week sees the latest iteration of the annual large-scale Russian military exercises, held each year in one of the four military districts. This year, NATO member Turkey is taking part.

How the British military assisted with the COVID-19 response in Scotland

Scottish health boards and the Scottish Government made use of British military assistance in the form of patient transfers by air, PPE fitting and testing, delivery of additional hospital beds and "planning assistance to the Scottish Government".

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