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HMS Protector concludes brief survey mission in Diego Garcia

Antarctic patrol vessel HMS Protector has completed her brief survey mission in the unusually temperate climate of the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Scotland to be the site of the UK Space Agency’s first Spaceport

The UK Space Agency has selected Lockheed Martin to establish vertical launch operations in Sutherland, Scotland.

HMS Montrose in Exercise Baltic Cross

HMS Montrose has started two weeks of training with the Finnish and Swedish Navies.

A look at the Sentinel airborne battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft

The Sentinel is an airborne battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft based on the Bombardier Global Express.

UK unveils new next generation fighter jet called Tempest

Tempest is expected to complement the F-35 and eventually replace Typhoon.

BAE moving Compass Call electronic warfare system to modern platforms

BAE Systems is transitioning its advanced Compass Call EW systems to modern aircraft to significantly improve mission effectiveness say the company.

International News

Joint Expeditionary Force Memorandum of Understanding signed

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson today signed the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) Comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding alongside counterparts from the eight partner nations, say the MoD.

Australia to purchase Triton unmanned maritime patrol aircraft

The Australian Department of Defence­ has officially announced its plan to purchase Triton aircraft.

19 NATO Allies and partners wrap up exercise Saber Strike 2018

Saber Strike 2018, a major US-led multinational exercise, wrapped up in Poland, with a live-fire demonstration involving Polish F-16s and MI-24 attack helicopters.

New NATO project to help with real-time detection of explosives in public transport

A new NATO project, EXTRAS, led by research institutions in Italy and Serbia, will make it possible to detect explosives and prevent terrorist attacks on public transport.

Less than a third of German military assets are operational says report

The vast majority of major weapons systems in the German military are unavailable for training exercises or deployment, according to a new German Defence Ministry report.

Coalition kills Islamic State leader, continues progress in Iraq, Syria

The coalition and its partners in Syria and Iraq are continuing to make progress in defeating Islamic State, the spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve said today.

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