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The China–Taiwan stand-off

The Chinese government’s reaction to Speaker Pelosi's visit has been like that of a baby having a tantrum.

Quality or Quantity? The Tank Conundrum

Stuart Crawford, a regular officer in the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, argues that if the Ukraine war has taught us anything about high-tempo conventional warfare between peer adversaries, it is that numbers matter.

SAS or SS – Comment from a former British Army Officer

Stuart Crawford argues that a full and independent inquiry into the allegations made in the Panorama programme must be undertaken.

Empowering innovators to counter tomorrow’s UUV threats

Navies face a constant battle to stay on the front foot in protecting people and assets argues by Simon Goldsworthy from Wavefront Systems.

U.S ponders ‘Adaptive Technology Engines’ as F-35 retrofit

Adaptive technology engines for the F-35 promise great performance but come with technology, financial and interoperability risks.

Snake Island – Gut Feelings and Impressions

Since the 14th of April 2022, Snake Island has become a centre of gravity in the War for Ukraine.

Do British fighter jets ‘protect’ Irish airspace? No

The UK, on occasion, scrambles jets to intercept unresponsive aircraft in Irish-controlled airspace but make no mistake, the UK is not protecting Irish airspace.

Macro Lessons from the war in Ukraine

In this article, former Royal Tank Regiment officer Stuart Crawford argues that it is not too late for the UK to reverse cuts to the armed forces but the time to start doing so is now.

Combining commercial space with national security needs

It is in orbit, long the domain of three-letter agencies with multi-billion budgets, that the real intelligence revolution has started.

Why has Russia lost so many Ka-52s in Ukraine?

Over 15 Ka-52 attack helicopters have been lost in action to Ukrainian Air Defence, equating to 12% of their overall fleet.



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