The UK Defence Secretary has announced that the Royal Navy’s power projection capabilities are to increase such that Britain will have the power to defeat “any adversary” “on the seven seas of the world”.
The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are the largest surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy and represent a significant increase in capability. The vessels will be utilised by all three branches of the UK Armed Forces and will...
It's a common myth that the United States has control over the UK's Trident missile system, that is not the case.
Troops on the streets, a 24/7 cyber unit and a US style Department of Homeland Security - this has been an interesting couple of weeks for national security in Australia.
HMS Juffair, Britain's first permanent naval base in the Gulf since 1971, will soon enhance the capabilities of the British forces in the region and receive the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

Trident: Why have it?

Why use a nuclear deterrent?
An analysis of how homegrown terrorism has become one of the biggest threats of the modern era, and the effectiveness of the Prevent strategy
Since her departure from Rosyth, HMS Queen Elizabeth has already had shots fired across her bow even before becoming operational.
Numerous media reports have claimed HMS Queen Elizabeth is vulnerable to cyber attack because she uses Windows XP, that is not the case.
Covering not even 100 square miles the two bases on Cyprus are vital to the British military capabilities in the Mediterranean, Middle East and beyond East of Suez.



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