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How has shipbuilding in Scotland changed in recent years?

Even just ten years ago shipbuilding in Scotland was described as a ‘feast and famine’ industry but things are very different now.

An independent Scotland, NATO & nukes – would it work?

If Scotland were to abandon demands for Trident to be relocated it would likely be welcomed into NATO.

AW149 – best choice for Britain’s next Medium Helicopter?

Is there a strong case for the UK selecting the AW149 as the 'New Medium Helicopter'?

Lessons from Ukraine for future UK Armoured Operations

If the UK’s three tank regiments with their fifty or so tanks apiece were committed at the same time, they might last a week at best before becoming combat ineffective argues Stuart Crawford.

A look at the Russian defence budget

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been fuelling frequent analyses about the Russian defence budget. According to the most recent estimates using market exchange rates, the British defence budget surpassed Russia’s in 2020 and continued to grow faster than the Russian in 2021. However, a different scenario is found when considering the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Although with its own limitations,...

Ukraine – The new face of air warfare?

Above Ukraine rages a battle unlike any in Western experience. We should pay attention to how it is being done. 

Six reasons why Ukraine is winning the war against Russia

Ukraine is fighting a 21st-century war against a 20th century Russian Army.

Russian heavy bombers over Ukraine – Why?

Recent flights by Russian strategic long-range bombers over the besieged city of Mariupol have drawn significant media attention.

The age of the tank is not yet over

Forecasting the end of the Main Battle Tank is presumptuous argues Stuart Crawford.

Ukraine – some points and some questions

Russia’s future military reach, outside Eurasia, will probably be inferior to that of either the UK or France argues Rebecca Campbell.



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