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How the British defeated Napoleon with citrus fruit

Without citrus, the years of blockades of French ports by the Royal Navy would not have been practical.

Farage pushes Russian propaganda with Ukraine comments

Farage's claims push Russian propaganda, are amateurish and inconsistent with his own principles of national sovereignty.

A vision for Plaid Cymru’s 2024 Defence and Foreign Policy

The goal for a pro-independence party should be a Welsh armed forces and an independent foreign policy as a sovereign state argues @JeremyBrookman2.

Scotland should build German Tanks

To quickly address Britain's shortage of tanks, the UK should establish a manufacturing facility in Scotland to produce Leopard 2 tanks argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Would UK naval shipbuilding continue in Scotland if it left the UK?

Naval shipbuilding in Scotland has become controversial once again.

Beijing walking fine line between Russia and the west

Beijing is walking a fine line between support for Russia and not angering the west too much.

Putin celebrates with nuclear threats to UK and France

Ukraine recap: Putin celebrates Victory Day with nuclear threats to UK and France

Scot Gov support to Clyde shipbuilders criticised by Greens

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer blasts a £360,000 grant to BAE Systems for training Clyde shipbuilders.

Challenger 3 – The new tank for The British Army

One hundred and forty eight tanks is laughably small argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Britain could soon lose control of its defence industry

The US want to lead the industry – and they've got the market to be the leader argues Keith Hartley, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of York.



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