How many ships are the Clyde shipyards expecting to build?

There's a lot of misunderstanding and myth circulating about how many ships the shipyards on the Clyde are expecting to build, but what's the truth?

Serve to Lead – Sandhurst and its tradition of leadership

How is it that the Sandhurst motto 'Serve to Lead' is so evidently concrete and indestructible?

Global Britain needs reliable allies

It is vital that we pick our allies carefully, especially when it comes to unstable regions. 

The UK in the Persian Gulf – Historical Involvement and Military Presence

Kipion is just one of a plethora of British commitments to the Persian Gulf over the decades.

138 UK F-35 Lightnings, do we still need them? – A personal view

138 F-35s over the "life of the programme", do we need that many and how long is that?

The Gulf Crisis – Why China will be watching and the significance to the...

In the past few weeks, events in the Gulf of Oman have led to rising tensions.

Britain in the Baltics – 100 years of defence

The Royal Navy are in the Baltic Sea promoting British interests.

Strike Brigades – Back to the Future?

Do strike brigades have a whiff of 'designed by committee'?

Terrorist radicalisation in the UK is evolving says report

The report looks at processes in terrorist radicalisation

Are we living in the age of relative peace?

Are we living in the age of relative peace? Should we prepare for conventional war?



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