A and B: What are the benefits of the UK operating a mixed F-35...

This opinion piece submitted to the UK Defence Journal by Edward Davies looks at the potential benefits of a mixed UK force of F-35A and F-35B jets.

Britain and the Gurkhas – An enduring partnership

Since 1815, the Gurkhas have been some of the finest troops Britain could call upon.

Russia ‘undertook campaign to influence’ Scottish independence vote

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament described the circumstances surrounding the referendum for Scottish independence as "the first post-Soviet interference in a Western democratic election".

UK Government ‘failed to investigate’ Russian interference in Brexit

"We have not been provided with any post-referendum assessment of Russian attempts at interference. This situation is in stark contrast to the US handling of allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential vote."

‘Carrier with no planes’ – The myth that’s even being repeated by MPs

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her F-35 jets have been out to sea a few times now for trials and exercises so it's hard to imagine people, especially a Member of Parliament, spreading the myth that 'the carrier has no aircraft' but here we are.

A Critique of Liberal Democrat Defence Policy

The following is a look at the defence policy outlined in the Liberal Democrat Manifesto.

No, the flag painted onto the VIP Voyager aircraft isn’t backwards

With the reveal of imagery showing a new paint job for the aircraft used by the Prime Minister, many have expressed concern that the flag has been painted on backwards.

Myths surrounding the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

No aircraft, no escorts, no kettles. How much truth can be found in the many myths surrounding HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister HMS Prince of Wales?

The Type 26 Frigate could be the most capable British warship in decades

The key factor that will determine the true capability of these ships is really quite simple, the level of funding put in place to fit them out appropriately.

Ministry of Defence wasted £9 million in ‘fruitless payments’

The Ministry of Defence have spent £9 million on "fruitless payments" between 2016 and 2019, including developing unused software, paying rent on demolished properties and paying contractors to do nothing.



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