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Beards in the Army

Historically speaking, having whiskers has never precluded a decent performance in combat argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

The wreck of a torpedoed British ship after a 109-year mystery

A British cargo ship which was torpedoed and sunk during the first world war has finally surrendered its 109-year-old secret.

Japan has abandoned decades of pacifism

The security of east Asia – and thus the stability of the global economy – is predicated on Japan.

Britain’s forgotten prison island

Remembering the thousands of convicts who died working in Bermuda’s dockyards.

China’s UK election hack – how and why

China’s UK election hack – how and why the Electoral Commission was targeted. The UK government has accused China of hacking the UK Electoral Commission, gaining access to information about millions of voters. In the aftermath of the incident, the UK and US governments have sanctioned a company that is a front for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), Wuhan...

Ready (or not), here they come

The UK armed forces have a huge readiness problem. Martin Docherty-Hughes MP looks at the ever-changing and particularly fractious climate of geopolitical tension and argues why Scotland is well-placed to create an armed force ready for the modern day.

Russia’s Baltic neighbours to create massive border defences

Russia’s Baltic neighbours to create massive border defences as Trump continues undermining NATO.

Islamic State attack in Moscow risks escalating the Ukraine war

There is still much that is unknown about the attack. One can, however, draw out some of the potential consequences.

Leadership in defence should put country before Party


It should be Britain's plan to defend our country better, not just Labour’s argues Shadow Secretary of State for Defence John Healey MP in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

US built Gaza pier risks attack warns analyst

Don’t underestimate the level of resistance faced from the usual suspects argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.



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