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Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes

Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes of advantage against Russia this winter.

AI and robotics – one outcome could be powerful new weapons

AI is already being melded with robotics – one outcome could be powerful new weapons.

The Russian Bear – A Cold War relic with a new purpose?

The Russian ‘Bear’ strategic bomber was built by the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War with the United States.

The inevitable consequences of complacency

The support seen for Hamas on the streets of London is an alarming example of how much support there still is for terrorist groups.

What Israel can expect in the Gaza tunnel system

What the Israel Defence Forces can expect when they enter the ‘Gaza Metro’ tunnel system.

Putin and Xi – Russia’s role as China’s junior partner

Putin and Xi: Beijing Belt and Road meeting highlighted Russia’s role as China’s junior partner.

Russian relocating base from Crimea ‘priceless’ for Ukraine

Russia’s plan to relocate its Black Sea naval base from Crimea is priceless for Ukraine’s morale.

Russia’s Surrogate Forces: A sign of things to come?

Proxy and surrogate forces have seen extensive use in the ongoing War in Ukraine. This has provided outside obervers with a variety of lessons learned.

Ukraine now has its own long-range weapons capabilities

Introducing a homegrown 700km weapon is a potential game changer in the war in Ukraine.

Drone carriers and the future of naval aviation

As drones are becoming an increasingly important element of modern warfare, militaries across the world are experimenting with new ways to integrate unmanned systems into their arsenals.



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