Britain in Antarctica – British Antarctic Territory and the British Antarctic Survey

The British Antarctic Survey goes beyond scientific research, the presence also serves to ensure that competing claimants do not weaken the UK's position in the area.

Royal Navy big deck carriers from 1960 to today – A Commentary

The 1966 Defence White Paper and the 1998 Strategic Defence Review witnessed first a lapse and then the reinstatement of big deck carriers in the Royal Navy.

Resilience and National Security

We have armed forces well below establishment, a cohort of youngsters stymied by Covid-19 and lack of employment opportunities and a feeling that we might all be able to do better for one another, argues Stuart Crawford in his look at the old chestnut that is the reintroduction of National Service.

COVID-19’s economic damage is a problem for British security

The economic impact of COVID-19 is likely to present very serious challenges for the security of the United Kingdom, argues Harry Basnett in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

The British Army and the Media – The Longest War

"We should let our soldiers, sailors and airmen/women speak and have confidence in them", argues Stuart Crawford in his look at at how the British Army and the media communicate.

RAF aircraft over Glasgow sparks odd speculation in local media

Despite provocative headlines to the contrary, the aircraft that was conducting training in and around Glasgow Airport was not "mysterious", "unmarked" or anything at all to do with the "Coronavirus lockdown".

Russia’s place in the upcoming defence review

"Russia has become more aggressive, authoritarian and nationalist, increasingly defining itself in opposition to the West."

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary – Supporting Britain’s interests overseas

For more than a century, the RFA has been essential in allowing the Royal Navy to operate globally.

No, PPE for Scotland isn’t being ‘diverted to England’

It had been claimed that PPE companies in England were told to prioritise England over Scotland. The First Minister of Scotland and the Scottish Health Secretary have however "accepted assurances" that this is not the case.

NATO responds to Russian myths about the Alliance and COVID-19

NATO say that Russian officials have made false accusations about the role of the Alliance in the fight against COVID-19.



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