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Such are Anglo-French relations, imperfect and uneasy, but when the situation has seemed bleakest, we stand together as equals.
There are planned defence cuts which may see the British Army shrink even further from the 82,000 regular personnel it currently has.
The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil for £84 million marks the day in which British maritime capabilities are changing, do we require a new 'budget' helicopter carrier?
Britain may soon 'no longer be taken seriously' by other global powers according to Sir Mike Penning.
With ever-evolving equipment, budgets and geo-political landscapes, military organisations are having to constantly stay on top of technical, tactical and political developments happening in the defence sector.
The United Kingdom purchased three KC-135R aircraft for conversion to RC-135W Rivet Joint standard under the Airseeker project, let's take a closer look.
The news of the sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil has caused commentators to look at why Brazil wants the vessel while at the same time decommissioning their only aircraft carrier.
The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil's navy is one more British hull that is going to serve under the Brazilian flag, joining her sisters that are already part of that naval force.
With the career of HMS Ocean in the Royal Navy having ended, British amphibious and sea-lift capability rests in the hands of other vessels, let's take a look at those vessels.
Positioned at the northern side of the Mediterranean strait between Europe and Africa is the British territory of Gibraltar



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