How has the role of the United Kingdom on the world stage changed?

The United Kingdom once had a strong direct or indirect influence in just about every place on Earth. At some points in the past, you were probably never more than 100 miles away from the Empire.

Despite CND claims, Trident doesn’t run on Windows XP

Some have claimed that the Vanguard class submarines which carry Trident are vulnerable to cyber-attacks in the same way the recently hit NHS is, that is not the case.

Invincible to Queen Elizabeth, an evolution in carrier power

The Royal Navy have always been at the forefront of carrier design evolution though are now having to play catch up to get back into the carrier game.

Osprey vs Chinook: Cost vs Capabilities?

When it comes to transporting troops to/on a battlefield there is always one vehicle that comes to mind, the Chinook but there may be a new contender for this role: the V-22 Osprey.

The UXV Combatant – What if?

The UXV Combatant was designed by BVT Surface Fleet and displayed at the Defence Security and Equipment International event in 2007, would it have been a good investment?

The UK in Cyprus – The Importance of the Sovereign Bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia

Covering not even 100 square miles the two bases on Cyprus are vital to the British military capabilities in the Mediterranean, Middle East and beyond East of Suez.

A close look at homegrown terrorism and the Prevent Strategy

An analysis of how homegrown terrorism has become one of the biggest threats of the modern era, and the effectiveness of the Prevent strategy

Arrowhead 140 or Leander – Which would be the best Type 31e Frigate?

Two strong contenders for the Type 31e Frigate programme have emerged, let's take a closer look at the offerings.

Why the F-35 is an asset for the UK in coalition warfare


This year, the UK's first F-35 squadron will declare initial operational capability. It's no secret that British forces wouldn't have been able to reach that goal without their partnership with the US Marine Corps. In order to train to meet operational requirements, a decision was made many years ago to integrate the training of the USMC and RAF together. About...

Mail on Sunday incorrectly claims that F-35Bs will land on HMS Queen Elizabeth for Trump state visit

What's the problem? The F-35B is not yet cleared to land on HMS Queen Elizabeth.



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