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Our analysis section contains opinion on topical defence issues and reviews of media such as books, games and films, please note that these are not news articles and are purely the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of the UK Defence Journal.


We aim to draw opinion from a wide range of sources on a wide range of topics.

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The point of a British carrier strike group in the Pacific

The deployment of a British aircraft carrier and her strike group is politically symbolic but it also serves a strategic aim.

Replacing Ajax with Warrior – A short-term fix for a long-term problem

A lack of policy or direction regarding the troubled Ajax armoured vehicle will ultimately weaken the combat effectiveness of the British Army. 

Afghanistan – What the withdrawal means for the world

Choices made in Afghanistan mean any chance of the 'War on Terror' coming to a end in the next 20 years is now gone argues DefenceGeek in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.




Our reviews aim to cover defence related media from games to books.

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Harrier 809 by Rowland White – A review

Harrier 809 by Rowland White tells the story of how the public perception of the Harrier went from a novelty to an iconic symbol of British combat aviation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – A review

Despite a launch marred by calamitous community engagement, Microsoft Flight Simulator manages to soar above and beyond expectations.

1917 – A film review

1917 depicts the horrors of trench warfare of the First World War with raw tension, terror and urgency.

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