Is Britain taking the wrong approach to the Baltics?

Would the goals of Britain be best served through the deployment of lighter forces?

Ballistic missile defence and the Type 45 Destroyer

Options the Royal Navy has for improving the capabilities of the Type 45 Destroyer.

The Carrier Strike Group deployment and Global Britain

The deployment also represents Britain’s interest in maintaining a secure Europe.

East of Suez and the Royal Navy

The sight of a Royal Navy Battle Group 'needs to become the norm', argues Geoffrey Roach.

Fundamental factors influencing British defence policies

Rebecca Campbell argues in this article that a defence policy centred on sea power and air power plays to Britain’s strengths.

Disinformation in the Western Balkans

Beyond the idealistic presentation of Russia's leadership and its weapons, disinformation has some very serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

What does the Zircon missile mean for European security?

Despite Western fears, the Russian hypersonic Zircon missile does not spell the end of NATO's presence near Russian waters argues Tom King in this submission.

The British Army towards 2030

In this submission, Geoffrey Roach details how he would structure the British Army to meet the future.

More than 40% of young people put careers on hold

More than 40% of young people put their career plans on hold due to pandemic, according to research presented by BAE Systems.

The German Drone Debate Drones On

A Bundeswehr with armed drones would positively contribute to Germany’s foreign policy and international security goals argues



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