British ‘Tempest’ combat jet project gets more funding

The £250m contract, signed by BAE Systems, officially marks the start of the programme’s concept and assessment phase. 

F-35B fitted with Meteor missile ‘middle of this decade’

British F-35B jets will be equipped with Meteor missiles by the 'middle of this decade' say the Ministry of Defence.

E-3 retiring this year, replacement not ready until 2023

The UK will rely on the NATO E-3 airborne early warning aircraft fleet to fill the gap between the retirement of Sentry this year and E-7 Wedgetail coming online in 2023.

What is the status of the British F-35 fleet?

The location and status of Britain's F-35 fleet has been listed by the Ministry of Defence.

JTACs conduct ‘complex battle scenarios’ over UK

Joint Terminal Attack Controllers provided directions to aircraft such as Typhoon, Hawk and Apache whilst engaged in close air support.

Typhoons conduct ‘tactical refuelling’ in Norway

Typhoon jets have completed a proof of concept exercise in Norway to test tactical refuelling capabilities from the ground.

Tempest jet investment ‘significantly less than required’

Tempest has been given an "amber/red" rating by the IPA with the warning that more funding is required or their could be a delay in the aircraft entering service.

UK orders 13 more Protector drones

A £195m contract for a further 13 Protector drones has been signed, bringing the total to 16.

RAF considering operating jets from motorways

The Royal Air Force is preparing to undertake a series of exercises that will see Typhoon jets operate from civilian airfields and perhaps sections of road.

P-8 Poseidon flies with Red Arrows

A Poseidon has flown in formation with the Red Arrows for the first time.



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