RAF Atlas aircraft in first operational aerial refuelling

The air-to-air tanking operation was conducted by a Voyager tanker aircraft flying from the Falklands Islands.

AUKUS crew fly RC-135 surveillance aircraft over Pacific

American, Australia and British crews have jointly flown a surveillance aircraft over the Pacific "demonstrating our strong alliance and our ability to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific" say the U.S. Air Force.

RAF ‘Envoy’ aircraft fleet reaches full capability

The Royal Air Force’s newest aircraft fleet has reached full-service capability with the delivery of a second Envoy IV CC Mk1 jet transport.

British jets go up ‘against’ Greek fighters

Typhoon jets currently deployed in Romania recently participated in 'Dissimilar Air Combat Training' with the Greek air force.

Britain replacing crashed F-35

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed plans to replace an F-35B that crashed on take-off from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Britain aircraft continue to ship weapons to Ukraine

British weapon supply flights, the first taking off before the invasion started, continue day and night to supply Ukraine with weapons with which to defend itself against invading Russian forces.

Hercules aircraft undertakes beach landings

47 and 24 Squadron have been conducting 'Natural Surface Operations', or Beach Landings, on Pembrey Beach in Wales.

Massive NATO air exercise held over Romania

Fighter jets and surveillance aircraft from seven NATO countries held air-to-ground warfare drills over Romania this week In response to Russia's war against Ukraine.

Airbus test A400M in ‘water bomber’ role

Airbus has successfully tested a removable firefighting demonstrator kit on the A400M transport aircraft.

American F-22 Raptor jets arrive in Britain

The deployment of F-22 jets is intended to be a "clear expression of NATO's commitment to regional security and stability".



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