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UK takes delivery of 13th F-35B

The 13th F-35B for the United Kingdom has been delivered by Lockheed Martin.

Culdrose turns carrier, Exercise Kernow turns base into ‘land based aircraft carrier’

Culdrose is squeezing in more than 600 hours of flying as the base transforms into an approximation an active aircraft carrier in preparation for deployment to HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Coalition strikes continue against Islamic State

Coalition military forces continue to attack Islamic State, conducting 23 strikes consisting of 28 engagements last week, officials reported today.

Typhoon clocks up more ‘swing-role combat hours’ than any other new generation fighter say...

Eurofighter say that the Typhoon has clocked up more swing-role combat hours than any other new generation fighter in service today. 

Typhoon jet misses passenger plane by just under 250ft

A Typhoon missed a passenger aircraft by just 250ft after the civilian pilot dived to avoid it according to the UK Airprox Board.

British jets continue to strike Islamic State as the group loses territory

Already in November UK aircraft have struck Islamic State command posts in Al Qaim, supporting the Iraqi Security Forces liberating the city and eliminated mortar teams and destroyed parts of the terrorist’s tunnel network in eastern Syria.

Germany looking to purchase F-35 to replace Tornado fleet

The German Air Force has issued a formal request for information about the F-35, as well as three other jets, with the F-35 being their 'preference'.

F-35A airframe completes third life testing in East Yorkshire facility

A full scale durability test airframe of the F-35A aircraft has successfully completed its third life testing say BAE.

MoD rule out A400M Atlas in-flight refuelling provision, partly due to AirTanker contract

A response to a Freedom of Information request has outlined the reasoning behind the decision not to use the A400M in the refuelling role.

Extent of low flying compensation awards from the MoD revealed

The response to a Freedom of Information request on low flying has revealed the extent of low flying compensation claims paid out by the Ministry of Defence.



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