First female F-35B pilot completes training

US Marine Captain Anneliese Satz has become the first woman to complete the F-35B basic training course.

F-35B gun crew successfully undertakes shipboard hot reload on USS Wasp

F-35B Lightning aircraft executed the first shipboard hot reload of ordnance.

Typhoon jets destroy a Daesh weapons stockpile

Typhoon jets have destroyed a Daesh weapons stockpile in the deserts of western Iraq.

British firm Meggitt wins US orders for F-35 and F/A-18 components

Meggitt has announced two deals with an aggregated value of $85 million.

Typhoon jets bomb Daesh building in the Al Jazirah desert

British Typhoon jets demolished a Daesh held building in Iraq.

A-10 wing replacement project concludes

Workers have installed the last of 173 new wings on A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft.

Ascension Island runway may not be repaired until 2022

The contract to repair the 3,000 metre runway at RAF Ascension Island has yet to be awarded.

BAE unveil new ‘Sceptre’ mission planning software for the RAF

BAE have announced that their new mission planning software will be rolled out by November 2020.

Typhoons launched from UK and Estonia to intercept Russian aircraft

Typhoons jets launched from bases in the UK and in Estonia.

Fight against hypersonic weapons takes a step forward

Analytical Graphics and ANSYS are incorporating mission-level modeling into early stages of missile defence development.



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