How much does it cost to train a Royal Air Force pilot?

The average cost of training a Royal Air Force pilot ranges from £953,817 for multi engine aircraft to £5,362,08 for fast jets.

U.S. approves sale of Basler BT-67 aircraft to Argentina

The aircraft are expected to enhance Argentina’s capabilities for airdrop and airlift operations, particularly servicing Antarctica during the winter season.

UK refuses to say if Israel sought help against Iran drones

The UK government has declined to comment on whether Israel requested British military assistance in response to Iran's drone and missile attack.

20 Years of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission

"On a daily basis, Allied fighter jets flying over the Baltic Sea – now surrounded by NATO Allies – are a strong symbol of what our great NATO Alliance has represented for 75 years."

RAF and RAAF Jointly Revive 80 Squadron

The Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) have jointly revived the prestigious 80 Squadron.

UK expands Airbus H145 helicopter fleet

The new Airbus H145 helicopters are expected to assume their operational roles in Brunei and Cyprus by 2026.

Argentina has purchased 24 F-16 fighter jets

Argentina has officially signed for 24 ex-Danish F-16A/B aircraft in addition to Sidewinder and AMRAAM missiles.

UK pulled jets from Romania to intercept Iranian drones

The RAF's involvement in operations in the Middle East further stretches its resources, which are already committed to various international hotspots.

E-7 facilities take shape at RAF Lossiemouth

More than 550 tonnes of steel have been supplied by a company local to RAF Lossiemouth as facilities for supporting the UK’s E-7 Wedgetail fleet continue to take shape.

Report reveals economic impact of Typhoon project

The report shows Typhoon as responsible for GDP contribution of €90 billion and supporting more than 98,000 jobs around Europe.



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