Tornado and Typhoon jets obliterate Islamic State command posts

Tornado and Typhoon jets bombed three Islamic State command and control locations in eastern Syria.

UK explores purchase of 16 extended range Chinook helicopters

The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale of sixteen H-47 Chinook (Extended Range) helicopters to the UK for $3.5 billion. 

Tornado and Reaper work together against Islamic State mortars

Tornado jets, working with a Reaper unmanned aircraft, destroyed a mortar position in eastern Syria.

Voyager refuels F-35B in the UK for the first time

The RAF have announced that one of its Voyager Air-to-Air Refuelling tankers has completed the first UK refuel of the F-35B.

Saab ‘concerned by lack of competition’ in E-3D Sentry replacement

In a letter from SAAB to the Defence Select Committee Chairman, the company express concern over the lack of competition in the programme to replace the British E-3D Sentry aircraft fleet.

What is Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing and why is it a good idea?

The Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL) is a British endeavour—a capability at least a decade in the making—that will allow pilots to return to ship with more stores.

British Chinook helicopters train with US Marine Corps

British Chinook pilots and crewmen have spent the past seven weeks flying with US Marines at Marine Air Corps Station Yuma in southern Arizona.

F-35 jets return to flight after engine inspections

After completing inspections, more than 80 percent of operational F-35 jets have been cleared and returned to flight operations with the rest to follow, say Lockheed Martin.

Thales-Leonardo aircraft protection system completes live fire trials

Thales and Leonardo have announced that their missile warning and protection system has completed live-fire scenarios, demonstrating the system's ability to defend against incoming missiles.

F-35 conducts first Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth

An F-35 has conducted the first Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing on-board aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.



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