British surveillance aircraft begin operating near Gaza

The flights, being undertaken off the coast rather than over Gaza and at 25,000ft, are solely to locate hostages.

Funding challenges for third British F-35B squadron

A recent report on the MOD's Equipment Plan states that the plan for a third squadron "is not accompanied by funding of £0.4 billion needed to operate the squadron".

British aircraft being used to find hostages of Hamas

The Ministry of Defence has clarified the role of British surveillance aircraft in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

AI being used to help develop British Tempest fighter jet

Scientists and engineers in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence will develop software for new British fighter jet Tempest.

Typhoon jets take part in large air exercise over Qatar

Typhoons from RAF Coningsby have taken part in a large international exercise in Qatar.

Poseidon fleet to be fitted with British Sting Ray Torpedo

The RAF's P-8 Poseidon multi-role maritime patrol aircraft fleet is about to become more lethal.

RAF on alert due to upcoming Arctic cargo aircraft activity

The Royal Air Force will be on high alert from now until the 25th of December to track an unregistered cargo flight from the Arctic region.

Rolls-Royce completes 100% sustainable aviation fuel test

Rolls-Royce has announced the successful completion of compatibility testing of 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on all its in-production civil aero engine types.

Boeing shifts toward production of MH-139A Grey Wolf

Boeing has announced its transition towards the low-rate initial production of the MH-139A Grey Wolf.

NATO joins UK in purchasing E-7 early warning aircraft

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Turkey either currently operate the Wedgetail or plan to do so.



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