British aircraft monitors Russian forces in Eastern Europe

A British RC-135 aircraft has completed a deployment monitoring Russian forces in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, Belarus north of Ukraine as well as Russian forces in and around Crimea on the Black Sea.

Royal Navy ‘Vampire’ drones move a step closer

The Royal Navy is moving forward with 'Project Vampire', a plan to procure low-cost fixed-wing drones for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and other tasks.

New version of Apache attack helicopter enters service

50 Apache AH-64E attack helicopters have been purchased from the United States with 14 of them having been delivered to the British Army so far.

British jets arrive in the U.S. to take part in Red Flag

British jets will be "fighting" the United States Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force.

Image of salvaged British F-35 jet leaked

An image has been shared online showing a British F-35B after it was recovered from the seafloor.

American F-15 jet flies low over Glasgow

An American F-15 fighter jet passed over Glasgow this evening flying at 1,000ft off the ground and clocking in at 430 knots, that's around 500mph.

British E-3D Sentry ‘AWACS’ aircraft to sold to Chile

EXCLUSIVE - A source close to the now-retired E-3D Sentry fleet has told the UK Defence Journal that Chile has purchased E-3D aircraft from Britain.

Massive intelligence gathering effort underway over Europe

Ten surveillance aircraft from multiple Western nations, including Britain, conducted intelligence-gathering missions over the Baltics and Ukraine today.

Third day of British weapon flights to Ukraine

British transport aircraft are now in their third day of delivering "thousands" of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in the face of a massive build-up of Russian troops.

British aircraft continue to monitor Russian forces near Ukraine

A British RC-135 'Rivet Joint' intelligence-gathering aircraft is on patrol keeping an eye on Russian forces near the Ukraine border.



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