UK should ‘reconsider’ plans to scrap C-130

Andy Netherwood, a former C-130 and C-17 aircraft commander, has urged the Ministry of Defence to reconsider the early retirement of the C-130J Hercules fleet.

Government slammed for handling of Afghanistan withdrawal

In their scathing report, the Foreign Affairs Committee said that lives were put at risk by a "fundamental lack of planning, grip or leadership at a time of national emergency".

BAE awarded £1.7m contract for Hawk T2A release to service

The Ministry of Defence intends to award a contract to BAE Systems worth £1,639,000 to support the 'Release to Service' of the Hawk T2A.

British and U.S. helicopters ‘make powerful team’

British and American helicopters have been demonstrating their capabilities working together on Exercise Swift Response.

New RAF VIP transport jets to be named ‘Envoy IV’

Two new Dassault 900LX aircraft have been purchased to replace the BAe146 aircraft that were withdrawn from Service in March.

Britain exploring development of future tactical helicopters

A number of helicopter concepts able to "deliver military effect in the land and maritime environments" will be explored as the UK looks to replace existing combat helicopters in the latter part of the 2030s and beyond.

UK begins £1bn project for New Medium Helicopters

The Ministry of Defence is planning on buying up to 44 new helicopters to replace existing types - here are the details.

Fleet Helicopter Support Unit contract scope detailed

Duties will range from supporting FOST to transporting personnel and freight to the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

British surveillance aircraft monitors Russian warships

An RC-135 Rivet Joint 'signals intelligence' surveillance aircraft is currently monitoring the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

Britain keeping drone fleet numbers ‘under constant review’

The UK Government have confirmed that they are keeping the size and capability of the UK's Remotely Piloted Air Systems fleet "under constant review".



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