American bombers return home after show of force in Europe

The B-1 bombers flew as a simulated adversary and received intercepts from various NATO fighter aircraft across the Arctic, North Sea, and the Greenland, Iceland, and UK gap.

Commando fliers undertake unusual supply mission

Commando aviators performed an unusual delivery mission – saving locals weeks of effort in brutal conditions.

U.S. and Jordan drop aid directly into Gaza

U.S. C-130s dropped over 38,000 meals along the coastline of Gaza, allowing for civilian access to the critical aid.

Boeing awarded $3.4bn for 17 P-8A Poseidon aircraft

The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing a $3.4 billion contract to begin manufacturing 14 P-8A Poseidon aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force and three additional P-8s for the German Navy.

Nations meet for further E-7 Wedgetail discussions

Established in 2022, the Wedgetail Trilateral Agreement is a commitment of the RAF, RAAF, and USAF to work together under an E-7 'Joint Vision Statement'.

RAF aircraft numbers drop by 22% in seven years

The fleet has reduced from 724 aircraft in service in 2016 to 564 in 2023, which represents a reduction of approximately 22%.

Raytheon completes first flight of AMRAAM-ER variant

This latest AMRAAM-ER variant is a first-of-its-kind configuration incorporating the guidance section of the AIM-120 C-8.

RAF crews begin Protector drone technician course

Aviators from 31 Squadron have commenced their Protector RG Mk 1 Technician training at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. Desert Horizons facility in California, USA.

Footage shows transport aircraft flying through Mach Loop

Footage shows A400M (Tail ZM417) meandering through the hills over Dolgellau and the Mach Loop.

British jets and American bomber work together over North Sea

British Typhoon and F-35 jets have flown with an American B-1B bomber over the North Sea.



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