HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail to continue sea trials

HMS Queen Elizabeth is back at sea after an extended period at Invergordon where she had minor rectification work completed.

Cost of repairing HMS Ambush after collision released by MoD

Ministry of Defence accounts revealed the cost of repairing the damage of the Astute class HMS Ambush after she collided with a merchant vessel.

MoD social media spend increases 46% over same period last year

From January to June last year, the MoD spent £583,968 on social media. This year, they spent £853,832 according to official figures.

Government refuses to publish extremism funding report

A report into the foreign funding of extremist groups will not be published by the government, prompting criticism from opposition parties.

Additional Type 26 Frigate component contracts awarded

BAE Systems has awarded manufacturing equipment contracts to a further 14 companies for the Type 26 Frigate work.

Netherlands stocking up on AGM-114R Hellfire missiles for Apache helicopters

The US State Department has approved a purchase by Netherlands of AGM-114R Hellfire missiles for their Apache helicopters. 

Report details scale of Russian military activity around the UK

The Henry Jackson Society’s Russia Studies Centre have released a report making clear the true scale of the Russian military’s activities around the UK.

B-1B Bomber flights send message to North Korea

As part of what it calls the continuing demonstration of the US commitment to its allies, two US Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers conducted a 10-hour sequenced bilateral mission yesterday with South Korean and Japanese fighter jets.

Russia and US at the G20

On the sidelines of the G20 something interesting happened and it all started with a handshake and smiles.

Despite government claims, the Royal Navy isn’t actually growing in size

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said today in Parliament that "a growing defence budget means more ships, more planes, more armoured vehicles and more cutting edge equipment for our forces" but is the Royal Navy really growing?



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