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USAF Awards Lockheed Martin $110m for ‘Gray Wolf’ a ‘networked, affordable cruise missile’

Lockheed Martin has received a $110 million, five-year Phase 1 contract from the US Air Force Research Laboratory to develop and demonstrate a new low-cost cruise missile called Gray Wolf. 

Border Force may use volunteers to help guard Britain’s borders

The Home Office is reportedly discussing plans to establish a volunteer contingent within the Border Force along the lines of the police special constabularies to help secure Britain’s border. 

Defence Committee raise ‘serious doubts’ over the affordability of new equipment

There are serious doubts about the affordability of the Ministry of Defence’s equipment plan, according to the Defence Committee report, Gambling on ‘Efficiency’: Defence Acquisition and Procurement.

Faslane families give Christmas presents to Queen Elizabeth hospital in Glasgow

Faslane naval families gifted large sacks of Christmas presents to the children's wards at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

BAE awarded seven year contract to provide combat systems support across Royal Navy fleet

BAE Systems has been contracted by the Ministry of Defence to ensure the combat management systems, tactical networks and shared infrastructures aboard 38 Royal Navy platforms will remain 'available, coherent, safe and secure'.

Chief of Defence Staff warns of Russian ability to cripple internet access in the...

During a Christmas lecture at the Royal United Services Institute, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach warned against Russian disinformation campaigns as well as disruption of fibre optic cables.

Stoltenberg to head NATO until 2020

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is to remain at the helm of the NATO alliance for a further two years, extending his term until late 2020.

Outgoing Defence Equipment chief in plea for more defence spending

Tony Douglas, outgoing Chief Executive of Defence Equipment and Support, has made a please for more defence spending to maintain current capabilities.

The Russian Bear Strategic Bomber: A Cold War relic with a New Purpose?

The Russian ‘Bear’ strategic bomber was built by the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War with the United States. Its initial...

‘Dragonworks’ laser test facility opened by Qinetiq in Farnbourough

The new facility, named Dragonworks, will serve as a test bed for all technologies associated with high-energy lasers for military or commercial applications say Qinetiq.



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