165 Port & Maritime Regiment take to the water

Soldiers from 165 Port and Maritime Regiment Royal Logistic Corps have recently been on Ex Mulbery Leader 2, an Annual Deployment Exercise, say the British Army.

IAI offer CAEW for the UK AWACS replacement programme

CAEW is an off-the-shelf AEW&C aircraft system, installed on the Gulfstream G550 platform.

Why were the first F-35 jets to land on HMS Queen Elizabeth American?

The first F-35 jets on-board HMS Queen Elizabeth were American owned aircraft but flown by British and American pilots. It's a good thing.

New F-35 production contract signed, costs lowered

The US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin have finalised an $11.5 billion contract for the production and delivery of 141 F-35 aircraft at the lowest per aircraft price in programme history.

‘Dragonfire’ laser weapon expected to be tested soon

Qinetiq have discussed the schedule for the testing of 'Dragonfire' a new British laser directed energy weapon.

Pegasus spyware used against journalists found in 45 countries including UK

Cyber security researchers have found evidence that a piece of malware dubiously referred to as 'lawful intercept' software has been deployed against victims in 45 countries.

Trade association welcomes £1.5bn space export campaign to fuel British industry growth

International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, has announced the UK will be promoting space exports worth up to £1.5bn in USA and India for the first time through a new marketing campaign.

HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Naval Station Norfolk in the US

HMS Queen Elizabeth has entered Naval Station Norfolk to resupply before she begins flight trials with F-35 jets.

Emergency services attend new ‘incident’ in Salisbury

Emergency services have sealed off a restaurant in Salisbury and closed streets after two people, reportedly Russians, were taken ill.

British military bridge firm finish multi-million-pound order for Australian Army

Defence Minister Stuart Andrew visited a Stockport company which is world-renowned for its tactical military bridge building capabilities.



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