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How has shipbuilding in Scotland changed in recent years?

Even just ten years ago shipbuilding in Scotland was described as a ‘feast and famine’ industry but things are very different now.

An independent Scotland, NATO & nukes – would it work?

If Scotland were to abandon demands for Trident to be relocated it would likely be welcomed into NATO.


British aircraft carrier deploying to the Mediterranean

HMS Prince of Wales is currently NATO’s command ship, leading the alliance’s Maritime High Readiness Force, and is deploying to conduct exercises with NATO allies in the region.

Second poll this month claims most Scots support Trident

Most voters in Scotland want to retain the Trident nuclear weapon system on the Clyde according to the second poll carried out on the topic this month.

Contract placed for Type 31 Frigate torpedo defence system

The Ministry of Defence has placed a contract with Ultra Electronics for the provision of three Sonar 2170 'Surface Ship Torpedo Defence' systems to be fitted to the Type 31 Frigate fleet.


Government slammed for handling of Afghanistan withdrawal

In their scathing report, the Foreign Affairs Committee said that lives were put at risk by a "fundamental lack of planning, grip or leadership at a time of national emergency".

BAE awarded £1.7m contract for Hawk T2A release to service

The Ministry of Defence intends to award a contract to BAE Systems worth £1,639,000 to support the 'Release to Service' of the Hawk T2A.

British and U.S. helicopters ‘make powerful team’

British and American helicopters have been demonstrating their capabilities working together on Exercise Swift Response.


France deploys MAMBA anti-missile system to Romania

Besides the French deployment to Romania, Germany and the Netherlands have deployed PATRIOT batteries to Slovakia and the United States sent two PATRIOT batteries to Poland in April 2022.

Britain planning on donating artillery to Ukraine

It has emerged that the UK will shortly provide artillery directly to Ukraine.

Ajax – A progress update

Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin has provided a statement on the current progress of the troubled Ajax armoured vehicle programme.

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Shipbuilding misinformation continues to spread in Scotland

It has been incorrectly claimed that that number of warships to be built in Scotland reduced to eight ships.

Newspaper inexplicably claims P-8 Poseidon behind sonic boom

The Daily Record has oddly claimed an 'anti-submarine plane taking off' caused a 'sonic boom felt across UK', the only trouble? The aircraft is a converted airliner unable to travel at the speed of sound.

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