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Britain must ‘show greater ambition’ in Arctic security says report

The report 'On Thin Ice: UK Defence in the Arctic' says "new efforts" need to be made to "regenerate" expertise in working in the region.

BAE Systems to develop automated cyber defense tools for DARPA

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected BAE Systems to develop tools that detect and analyse cyber threats.

A look at Tempest and what Britain’s next generation fighter jet could be capable...

At the Farnborough International Air Show a next generation fighter concept model called 'Tempest' was revealed.

WATCH: C-17 transport aircraft launches a ballistic missile

A medium-range ballistic missile was air launched by a US Air Force C-17 over the Pacific Ocean in order to test the THAAD weapon system.

‘Dragonfire’ laser weapon expected to be tested soon

Qinetiq have discussed the schedule for the testing of 'Dragonfire' a new British laser directed energy weapon.