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NATO condemns cyber attacks, attributes to Russia

NATO officials have identified APT28, a group allegedly sponsored by the Russian Federation's GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate), as the perpetrator behind these attacks.

British Typhoon jets deploy to Finland

Typhoon jets have been stationed temporarily in Tikkakoski, Finland, to participate in the United States-led exercise Swift Response.

Defence Secretary makes incorrect claim over RAF numbers

Despite a claim by the Defence Secretary that the RAF has greater lift capacity today than at any point since World War II, the transport fleet has 16% less capacity than it did last year after 15 transport aircraft were withdrawn.

Italian Eurofighters patrol Polish skies

The Italian Air Force has been actively collaborating with Polish forces to strengthen regional security and showcase the Alliance's unity.

French Hawkeye deploys to Romania from carier

A French E-2C Hawkeye, an airborne early warning and control aircraft, completed a mission over Romania as part of NATO’s Neptune Strike 24-1 exercise.