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British military provides further support to get aid into Gaza

The fourth Royal Air Force transport aircraft carrying humanitarian aid recently landed in Al Arish, Egypt, for transfer to Gaza.

F-35B air collision avoidance system integration pushed back

The Air Collision Avoidance System for the F-35B was to be introduced in 2024, it has now been pushed back to 2028.

Drone video shows status of ferries at Port Glasgow

A recent drone video provides a striking view of the ongoing construction of two vital but troubled ferries at the Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow.

BAE to equip Australian Hunter class frigates with Mk 45 guns

BAE Systems has received a contract to deliver multiple shipsets of the Mk 45 Medium Caliber Gun for the Royal Australian Navy’s new Hunter class frigates.

Royal Marines arrive in Baltic for major NATO exercise

British commandos are about to carry out waterborne operations with specialist troops from the Uusimaa Brigade and US Marine Corps along Finland’s coastline.