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Britain sending Mastiff armoured vehicles to Ukraine

Britain will be sending an unspecified number of Mastiff heavily armoured patrol vehicles to Ukraine, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed.

Draken to provide ‘aggressor’ aircraft to fight RAF jets

Draken Europe has won a six-year contract to provide 'aggressor' aircraft and pilots for RAF pilots to "fight" against during combat training.

Russian troops forced out of northern Ukraine

Russian forces have now fully withdrawn from northern Ukraine say the British Ministry of Defence in an intelligence update.

Royal Navy carrier supply drones impress in trials

One of the drones travelled 1,000km to drop a 100kg payload on a platform replicating a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier flight deck.

Single Ukrainian tank takes on entire Russian convoy

In a clip shared by Ukraine's armed forces, a T-64 tank is seen to take on a column of Russian armoured vehicles single-handedly.