About Us

About Us

Here at the UK Defence Journal we are dedicated to providing impartial and complete coverage of defence matters in the United Kingdom and around the world. Our aim is to become an internationally renowned and trusted defence news source.

We do this as a team of volunteers, we’re not paid by anyone. Our staff is composed of defence professionals, cyber security students, military personnel, industry specialists as well as everyday military and defence enthusiasts. We believe that due to our standards of impartiality and objectivity, we’ve developed a large and ever growing readership.

We are proud of everyone who works tirelessly on our behalf to keep us safe at home and to protect our interests overseas, we have no political affiliation nor are we affiliated with any UK government department.

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George Allison: George.Allison@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

On twitter at @geoallison


Marcus Cribb: Marcus.Cribb@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Adam Hicken: Adam.Hicken@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Elliot E.G. Jordan: Elliot.Jordan@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Kieran Locke: Kieran.Locke@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Daniel Marriott: Daniel.Marriott@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Shane Mason: Shane.Mason@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

John Sayle: John.Sayle@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Daz Vallis: Daz.Vallis@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Presentation, Administration & General Enquiries

Andrew McHarg: Andrew.McHarg@ukdefencejournal.org.uk

Please direct all enquiries to information@ukdefencejournal.org.uk or complete our contact form.