Two British frigates to be gifted to Greece

HMS Monmouth and HMS Montrose, two Type 23 Frigates, will be given to Greece as part of efforts to 'sweeten the deal' to sell the Type 31.

HMS Bangor leaves Scotland for Gulf

Minehunter HMS Bangor has left Faslane for a two year mission to the Gulf.

British Littoral Response Group ships to be based in Oman

A bespoke force of ships, aircraft and personnel will be based in Oman as part of a forward-deployed Littoral Response Group.

Ministry of Defence to take over specialist steel firm

The move is part of an effort to secure the supply of specialist components for critical UK defence programmes.

Scottish Affairs Committee examining defence in Scotland

The Scottish Affairs Committee has today launched a new inquiry examining the military landscape in Scotland.

‘National Flagship’ to cost £250m and ‘in the water’ by 2025

The new 'National Flagship' is to cost £250m and be "in the water by 2024 or 2025".

British aircraft carrier ignores Chinese warnings and enters South China Sea

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group have entered the South China Sea, a region largely claimed by China.

What is the status of the Royal Navy surface fleet?

The Ministry of Defence have listed how many ships of each class are operationally available.

Frigate HMS Monmouth cut from Royal Navy fleet

The long laid-up Type 23 Frigate has now left the fleet leaving the Royal Navy with 12 frigates.

British aircraft carrier visits Singapore

HMS Queen Elizabeth and elements of her Carrier Strike Group have arrived in Singapore.



Other News

Government could pay £75m for exclusive use of charter aircraft

One of the requirements for the £75m aircraft is to provide "highly desirable travel to the United States" despite a Voyager aircraft having been convetered for ministerial transport to save money on aircraft charters.