Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Tamar in Tonga

The latest leg of the Portsmouth-based warship’s Pacific patrol took her to the island chain to underscore ties between Britain and the Commonwealth kingdom.

NATO talks readiness for war at annual Commanders Conference

"There has never been a more critical point in world history to enhance the collective defence of the Alliance."

American nuclear submarine arrives in Scotland for visit

The U.S. Navy say that this port visit gives the USS Albany and her crew the opportunity to enjoy the history and culture of Scotland.

AUKUS alliance plans expansion, according to UK

Australia, the UK and US are considering the potential for involving Japan in some elements of the alliance.

Percentage of women in RFA reaches double digits

In 2010, the number of women was recorded at 121, constituting 5.2% of the total personnel. By 2024, these numbers have increased to 175 women, now making up 10.5% of the force.

UK affirms support to Black Sea security

The conference aims to enhance the collaboration between the Black Sea states and partners in response to Putin’s aggression and illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Royal Navy frigates getting sonar upgrade

The system, which is likely to be trialled later in 2024, automatically determines the optimum deployment depth of an active sonar projector and receiving array, depending on its underwater environment.

DragonFire laser accelerated to equip British warships

The UK DragonFire laser programme – led by MBDA, with partners Leonardo UK and QinetiQ – is accelerating following a decision from the Ministry of Defence to install the weapon system on Royal Navy ships.

Sweden ‘vital’ to NATO alliance

"Their unique capabilities will provide a remarkable boost to Allied underwater domain awareness."

Royal Navy in £33m double drugs blow

HMS Lancaster seized nearly £33m of illegal drugs as she struck twice against traffickers in the Middle East within 24 hours.



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