Tributes to inspirational Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Ben Key described Sir Clive as "an outstanding officer and inspirational individual who positively impacted the lives of so many. He will be sorely missed."

RFA on strike today over pay

RFA have imposed a one-year deal of 4.5% which does not reflect the value and sacrifices of staff in the fleet, say the RMT.

Britain to feed thousands in Gaza using new pier

The UK is set to provide essential aid to Gaza, aiming to support up to 11,000 Palestinians in need for a month.

British aircraft carrier has guns fitted

HMS Prince of Wales has is once again having Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS) fitted.

NATO demonstrates ability to close Baltic Sea

NATO recently demonstrated its capability to control the Baltic Sea through a missile system deployment involving the US Navy and Danish forces on the Danish island of Bornholm.

A couple of days with the Royal Navy

We recently attended the First Sea Lord's Sea Power Conference in London, where we had the privilege of engaging with officers, from junior ranks to Captains and even the First Sea Lord himself.

MoD awards £12.6m contract for Intercept and Escort craft

The contract was awarded to Zodiac Milpro, located on Bis Rue de Lyon in France.

MoD seeks to replace aircraft carrier air navigation system

At present, the capability is facing obsolescence challenges.

Babcock in cooperation with Saab for future Swedish warship

Babcock has been selected by Saab to support the design for the development of the Swedish Navy’s new Luleå-class Surface Combatant.

Historian Dan Snow talks to the First Sea Lord

The First Sea Lord acknowledged past mistakes in recruitment and retention efforts but highlighted recent improvements.



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