HMS Montrose scores 450 kilograms of methamphetamine

The drugs have a value of around £18 million.

The Type 4X Destroyer – The next British warship

The Type 4X is just an early concept at this stage but a variant of the Type 26 Frigate is officially being considered for the job.

British frigate rescues father and son from sinking boat

A father and son were saved yesterday morning by HMS Westminster within minutes of their fishing vessel capsizing, say the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy...

Ferguson shipyard invests £500k in new Spanish tower crane

The tower crane at the publicly owned Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow is being removed to make way for a new one designed and manufactured by Spanish firm Jaso.

Fleet Solid Support Ships to be built in the UK

While international companies will be invited to work in collaboration with UK firms, "the successful manufacturing team must be led by a British company".

British frigate escorts 650 vessels through ‘Gulf hot spots’

HMS Montrose has completed 100 days on Operation Sentinel, escorting over 650 vessels through the Gulf.

Royal Marines launch drones from amphibious vessel

Remotely operated systems will be used to provide Royal Marines Commandos on the ground with ammunition, fuel, medical supplies or food and water, as well as intelligence of ‘enemy’ movements and activity.

US Navy test MV-22s on amphibious transport dock USS New York

The testing also included the first shipboard landings for the U.S. Navy's new CMV-22B Carrier Onboard Delivery variant of the Osprey.

Government confirm new Fleet Solid Support Ships will be built in UK

"The Fleet Solid Support warships competition will be the genesis of a great UK shipbuilding industry", said Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

UK and Australia sign shipbuilding partnership for Type 26 Frigate

Australia and the UK have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on building new frigates, say the Ministry of Defence.



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