Harrier jets ‘attack’ HMS Queen Elizabeth

Harrier jets launched from the USS Iwo Jima acted as enemy strike aircraft for an exercise.

New British hunter-killer submarine in final stage of build

HMS Anson is due to remain in Barrow for completion until 2022 before leaving for sea trials and joining her sisters in Scotland.

Royal Marines bring ‘fire and fury’ to Scottish beach

300 Royal Marines launched from assault ship HMS Albion.

Warships gather to shoot down missiles off Scottish coast

The Royal Navy is taking part in a massive missile test off the Scottish coast.

Ellida – The future Multi Role Support Ship?

ELLIDA is a multi-role support and logistics vessel that can transport and deliver troops, vehicles, equipment and supplies.

US media reporting on ‘British military muscle’

The Wall Street Journal has reported that "the most powerful U.K. fleet to be assembled in decades" is sailing.

Images show HMS Queen Elizabeth’s hangar packed

Stunning images show F-35B jets and Merlin helicopters packed into the hangar of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

HMS Prince of Wales continues to build aircraft experience

The aircraft carrier crew are steadily developing skills handling and operating multiple aircraft at once as part of trials following a period alongside.

US and UK relationship strengthened by CSG21 say US Marines

"The United States and United Kingdom’s forward-deployed forces remain ready to respond to crises globally as a combined maritime force."

British vessel delivers US equipment to Croatia

American vehicles and equipment were delivered to Croatia by a Point class sealift vessel.



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