HMS Queen Elizabeth exceeds stated maximum speed on trials

According to BAE, HMS Queen Elizabeth has a maximum speed of 25 knots but typically in projects like this these maximums are understated.

HMS Glasgow unofficial favourite nickname picked

We asked our followers to pick a nickname for the first Type 26 Frigate, HMS Glasgow.

Shipbuilding union welcomes HMS Glasgow frigate announcement

GMB has welcomed the news the first of the new Type 26 frigates will be called ‘HMS Glasgow’.

Type 26 Frigate steel cutting met with strange remarks by SNP MP

The news of the steel cutting for the first Type 26 Frigate, HMS Glasgow, was met with remarks by an SNP MP implying only three of the class are to be built.

Meet HMS Glasgow, the first Type 26 ‘City class’ frigate

The Type 26 'City class' frigate represents the future backbone of the Royal Navy and eight of the class are planned, starting with HMS Glasgow.

Steel cut for first Type 26 Frigate, vessel named HMS Glasgow

Steel has been cut today on the Clyde for the first Type 26 Frigate, HMS Glasgow.

HMS Richmond escorts Chinese warships through the Channel

At the weekend, HMS Richmond escorted a trio of Chinese warships through the English Channel.

HMS Queen Elizabeth undergoing rectification and repair work due to propeller issues

It has been confirmed that the vessel is currently having rectification and repair work done after a propeller issue was identified in sea trials.

UK continues ‘exploring potential’ of Type 45 Destroyers in ballistic missile defence role

Despite what would appear to be two years of minimal action, the Government insist they are continuing to 'explore the potential' of operating Type 45 Destroyers in a ballistic missile defence role.

PICTURES: Royal Navy and Royal Marines train alongside allies

UK maritime forces have trained alongside partner nations’ navies during deployment on board a French warship.



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