Royal Navy appoints new First Sea Lord

Admiral Tony Radakin has taken over as First Sea Lord.

HMS Northumberland uses Sea Ceptor missile to down drone

Type 23 frigate HMS Northumberland was on the ranges.

Raytheon wins $234m JPALS contract

Raytheon will outfit aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

Government have ‘no plans’ to send Royal Marines to protect shipping

The Government have stated that they have no plans to send Royal Marines.

Royal Navy reveals sharp increase in Russian naval activity

Russian naval activity has seen an increase in recent years.

New Dreadnought nuclear missile sub coming together in Barrow

The first Dreadnought accommodation unit has been moved.

HMS Medway enters Portsmouth for the first time

HMS Medway has arrived in Portsmouth for the first time.

Spain complains about British military while refuelling Russian warships

Spain has complained about Gibraltar while refuelling a Russian warship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail from Portsmouth

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth departed Portsmouth.

Royal Navy partners with Anduril Industries

The Commando force and Anduril Industries have teamed up.



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