Concern over funding of new Royal Navy destroyers

A new NAO report highlights that the Royal Navy's shipbuilding pipeline, including the Type 83 destroyers, is forecast to cost £5.9 billion more than the budgets currently allocated.

American warship shields British ships during missile attack

Several commercial vessels, including two UK-owned ships, were attacked in the southern Red Sea, triggering a response from Arleigh-Burke Class destroyer USS Carney.

Type 32 Frigate funding allocation too little

The Type 32 Frigate is expected to help grow the Royal Navy's surface escort fleet from 19 to 24 vessels.

Commando Force not funded to ‘operate in high-threat’ areas

A recent report by the National Audit Office explicitly states that there is a lack of funding to enable the Commando Force to operate in high-threat maritime environments.

Government accused of ‘window dressing’ defence capabilities

"That is window dressing rather than having capability, is it not?", asked Kevan Jones MP.

UK decides not to follow French steps anonymising warships

The UK went even so far as to indirectly question France's compliance with international maritime law in removing pennant numbers from their warships.

Britain to get new deep space radar

The Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) programme will provide 24/7 capability to see objects deep in space up to 22,000 miles away from earth.

Recent British shipbuilding contracts – A summary

Here's a summary of the key contracts.

Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes

Ukraine recap: naval success raises hopes of advantage against Russia this winter.

British warship arrives in Baltic to deter Russia

HMS Richmond will be joined by a task force of Royal Navy ships to deter threats to critical undersea cables, pipelines and other assets.



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