NATO warships conduct patrol of Baltic Sea

Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 is currently on a scheduled patrol of the Baltic Sea.

UK purchases additional ‘Remus 100M’ underwater drones

The Royal Navy plans to award a £2 million contract to HII Unmanned Systems for the purchase of additional REMUS 100M autonomous underwater vehicles.

British warship delivers aid to Pacific island of Tonga

HMS Spey has delivered critical water and medical supplies to Tonga in the wake of a catastrophic tsunami.

Military takes command of Border Force vessels in the Channel

The Ministry of Defence has assumed command and control responsibilities for Border Force vessels assigned to the English Channel to counter migrant crossings.

Russia to hold live fire naval exercise off coast of Ireland

Russia is planning to hold a live fire naval exercise off the southwest coast of Ireland in early February.

British warships escort Russian fleet through English Channel

HMS Dragon and HMS Tyne have escorted Russian amphibious assault vessels through the English Channel.

Russian amphibious assault flotilla to transit English Channel

The Russian amphibious assault flotilla is heading towards the English Channel and is expected to head for the Black Sea amid mounting tensions with Ukraine.

Royal Navy looking for LIDAR system for naval drones

The Royal Navy requires a LIDAR system capable of enhancing the situational awareness and collision avoidance of Uncrewed Surface Vessels.

American nuclear attack sub visits Scotland

An American Virginia class nuclear submarine has visited HMNB Clyde at Faslane, near Glasgow.

UK purchases ‘VideoRay Defender’ Remotely Operated Vehicles

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory has purchased three VideoRay Defender Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles.



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