Ultra CSS to supply new sonobuoys to UK

Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar Systems has been awarded an order for sonobuoys by the MoD.

French, American and British ships complete Artemis Trident 19 in Gulf

France, the UK and the US have completed exercise Artemis Trident 19 in the Gulf.

UK orders missiles tubes for Dreadnought class nuclear submarines

General Dynamics has received a $269.2m contract to provide 42 missile tubes.

New Swedish SIGINT ship launched

Nauta in Poland has launched a new SIGINT ship for the Royal Swedish Navy.

Saab receives order from the US Navy for Sea Giraffe

Saab has received an additional order for the Sea Giraffe AMB naval radars.

Minehunter HMS Ledbury in Gulf mine exercise

HMS Ledbury took part in a joint Anglo-French-American mine hunting exercise in the Gulf.

France joins NATO effort to develop Maritime Unmanned Systems

France has joined a multinational effort for the development of Maritime Unmanned Systems.

STS Defence finish first Type 26 Frigate communications masts

STS Defence has produced the first communications masts for the first Type 26 Frigates. 

Hull of first Type 26 Frigate HMS Glasgow taking shape

The hull of GLASGOW, the first Type 26 Frigate in build for the Royal Navy is starting to look shipshape.

American warship heads to the Black Sea

USS Ross recently began its north-bound transit of the Dardanelles Strait.



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