Second Type 26 Frigate begins to take shape on the Clyde

HMS Cardiff, the second of eight Type 26 Frigates, is currently starting to look ship-shape in Glasgow.

British aircraft carrier deploying to the Mediterranean

HMS Prince of Wales is currently NATO’s command ship, leading the alliance’s Maritime High Readiness Force, and is deploying to conduct exercises with NATO allies in the region.

Second poll this month claims most Scots support Trident

Most voters in Scotland want to retain the Trident nuclear weapon system on the Clyde according to the second poll carried out on the topic this month.

Contract placed for Type 31 Frigate torpedo defence system

The Ministry of Defence has placed a contract with Ultra Electronics for the provision of three Sonar 2170 'Surface Ship Torpedo Defence' systems to be fitted to the Type 31 Frigate fleet.

A guide to Britain’s new frigate types

How much do you really know about the upcoming Type 26, Type 31 and Type 32 frigates? This brief guide, made possible thanks to the @ShephardNews 'Defence Insight' platform, should bring you up to speed on the basics.

Type 45 Destroyers getting anti-ballistic missile upgrades

The UK is set to become the first European nation to operate a 'Maritime Ballistic Missile Defence' capability that can detect and destroy anti-ship ballistic missiles.

BAE to construct new shipbuilding facility in Glasgow

It is understood that the wet basin at Govan will be drained and a 'covered build hall' will be constructed on the site, allowing for later Type 26 frigates to be built indoors.

Two British nuclear submarines decommissioned in one day

Nuclear submarines HMS Talent and Trenchant were decommissioned at Devonport Naval Base today - leaving only 5 attack submarines in Royal Navy service.

MoD extending life of training vessel ex-RFA Sir Tristram

The MoD is planning to extend the life of training vessel ex-RFA Sir Tristram out to 2026 as part of a £700k contract.

Rosyth wins 10 year carrier maintenance contract

Babcock at Rosyth has been awarded a 10-year contract to provide dry-dock maintenance for the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers, beating H&W...



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