An independent Scotland, NATO & nukes – The problem

The position of the Scottish Government regarding Faslane could make joining NATO very difficult, if not impossible.

Rolls-Royce opening new offices in Cardiff and Glasgow

Rolls-Royce Submarines today announced plans to open new offices in Cardiff and Glasgow to attract the best talent and meet growth in demand from the Royal Navy and the recent AUKUS announcement.

HMS Hurworth ‘opens fire’ on South Coast

After an upgrade to her force protection weapons, the crew of HMS Hurworth practised their gunnery.

Largest exercise since end of Cold War comes to UK coast

NATO warships have sailed the length of the UK while conducting the first major live exercise of Steadfast Defender 24. Standing NATO Maritime Group One...

Stunning drone shows show large Spanish vessel in Scotland

Cantabria is the second-largest naval ship currently operated by the Spanish Navy, behind Juan Carlos I.

Royal Navy teams with Japan to battle cyber attacks

The team battled attacks on national infrastructure amid an ongoing insurgency in a mock island state.

British frigate returns to sea after revamp

HMS St Albans will spend the next few weeks flashing up her systems and testing her improved/refurbished machinery in the Channel.

Flares light up British aircraft carrier

A Merlin helicopter from 820 Naval Air Squadron loaded and fired flares from HMS Prince of Wales, while embarked for Exercise Steadfast Defender.

Look at plans for new warship museum on the Clyde

Scotland is set to anchor a groundbreaking attraction on the River Clyde, promising to offer insight into the Falklands War and Glasgow's storied shipbuilding heritage.

British nuclear missile submarine set for £560m upgrades

The overhaul of HMS Victorious will allow the boat to carry out deterrent patrols until the next generation of submarines, the Dreadnought-class, enter service.



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