Cammell Laird builds 2,000-strong supply chain for Type 31e Frigate bid

Cammell Laird has announced it has built a network of more than 2,000 suppliers as it steps up its bid to build the Type 31e frigate.

New medal for those on HMS Daring during a ‘period of significant threat’

Sailors who served on HMS Daring as she defied a 'missile threat' during a 2016 deployment are to be awarded a new medal clasp, the Royal Navy has announced. 

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth sails today for F-35 trials

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will sail today for the United States to begin trials with her first F-35 jets.

HMS Queen Elizabeth to sail for F-35 trials at the weekend

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to sail to the United States at 6pm on Saturday for a series of trials with F-35 jets.

Merlins join HMS Queen Elizabeth as she prepares for F-35

820 Naval Air Squadron have embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth with their Merlins to support her forthcoming F-35B flight trials.

Type 31e Frigate programme restarted

The Type 31e programme, which could see sections of the ships built in sections in Scotland and England, has been restarted.

New tanker RFA Tideforce arrives Falmouth ahead of entering service

The fourth and final Tide class tanker, RFA Tideforce, has arrived in the United Kingdom.

Defence Committee express concern over reduction of the UK’s anti-submarine warfare capability

The reduction of the UK's anti-submarine warfare capability, which has been a core task of the Royal Navy for decades, has been criticised by the Defence Committee.

Funds allocated for US to base P-8 Poseidon aircraft in Scotland alongside British aircraft

Some have suggested that this is due to the relatively low numbers of P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft to be operated by the UK.

Britain must ‘show greater ambition’ in Arctic security says report

The report 'On Thin Ice: UK Defence in the Arctic' says "new efforts" need to be made to "regenerate" expertise in working in the region.



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