A&P Falmouth welcomes River class OPVs as part of agreement with BAE

A&P Defence say it has secured a programme of maintenance and repair work for old and new River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels in Falmouth.

Norway takes over Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One

In a ceremony held in Oslo, command of SNMCMG1 was transferred to Commander Henning Knudsen-Hauge of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Type 45 Destroyers to complete power plant repairs by ‘mid-2020s’

It is planned that all six ships will have completed their power plant upgrades by the mid-2020s.

New Captain takes charge of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Captain Angus Essenhigh will command HMS Queen Elizabeth after taking over from Commodore Steve Moorhouse.

HMS Medway to sail to replace RFA Mounts Bay in Caribbean

After three years in the Caribbean, RFA Mounts Bay is to be replaced by HMS Medway.

American nuclear submarine visits Scotland

A Virginia class nuclear submarine has visited HMNB Clyde at Faslane, near Glasgow.

Planned Russian helicopter carriers named

The Russian Navy has settled on names for two Russian helicopter-carriers, which are due to be built in the coming years.

‘No plans’ to decommission HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark early

Rumours that the assault ships are to be sold off have been refuted by the Government.

Use of floating drydocks ruled out for Queen Elizabeth carriers

The idea of using a floating drydock to maintain the Queen Elizabeth class carriers has been rejected by the Royal Navy.

Royal Navy to use unmanned minehunters from March

"They can search for, hunt and finally destroy mines faster than the Royal Navy’s Sandown and Hunt class ships, and they also have the added benefit of keeping the sailors required to operate them out of harm’s way."



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