Norwegian frigate joins Queen Elizabeth Carrier Battle Group

The Queen Elizabeth Carrier Battle Group formed up with a new addition just days from home.

Destroyer HMS Dragon returns home

HMS Dragon has returned home from the WESTLANT19 deployment.

NATO responds to Scottish Government desire to scrap nuclear weapons

An independent Scotland would remove nuclear weapons from its soil and seek to join what the NATO Secretary General has described as "a nuclear alliance".

Fact Check – Liberal Democrats manifesto wrong on submarine patrols

The Liberal Democrats manifesto has made an incorrect point regarding the patrolling patterns of Trident carrying submarines.

Iran say it is designing new class of warship

The Iranian Navy say it's working on a design of a new warship class between 5,000 and 7,000 tons.

MoD conned into spending £1 million on ‘useless scanners’

The Ministry of Defence has reportedly been conned into buying ineffective underwater scanners in a £1 million fraud, a court has been told. 

BAE provide US and UK Trident nuclear weapon system services

BAE Systems has been awarded $15.8 million to provide services for the US and UK Trident II D5 strategic weapon system programmes.

First Minister claims independent Scotland still eligible for Royal Navy work

However, a shipbuilding source told us "We would still be doing the work. We just wouldn’t be doing it in Scotland".

British Destroyer visits New York City

Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon has made a stop in New York.

New Russian submarine ready for commissioning

The Russian Pacific Fleet will commission a new Kilo class submarine next week.



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