Britain to arm frigates with land attack missiles

Plans are now underway to equip the Royal Navy's Type 26 and Type 31 frigates with land attack missiles.

A more lethal Royal Navy is needed says new report

A new report by the Council on Geostrategy recommends upgrading the armament of British warships, buying more aircraft and expanding the submarine and Offshore Patrol Vessel fleets.

Frigate to be moored in Glasgow to teach shipbuilding skills

HMS Argyll, a Type 23 frigate, will be repurposed as a training facility for apprentices in Glasgow.

Two Royal Navy frigates to be retired

Speaking at the annual Sea Power Conference, the Defence Secretary will announce that HMS Argyll and HMS Westminster are to be retired.

Britain getting six new amphibious warships

Up to six new amphibious warships for the Royal Marines to be built in the UK.

Royal Navy explores Virtual Reality training for navigation

The Royal Navy is pioneering a shift in navigational training by incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) technology into its programmes.

Bright future for Scottish shipyards says Defence Secretary

We asked Defence Secretary Grant Shapps about future prospects for Scottish shipbuilders after the Type 26 frigate project ends, he responded with optimism about a bright future for the industry in Scotland.

NATO warships dock in Reykjavik

RFA Tidesurge highlighted the scenic beauty of Iceland, expressing that the "stunning background never fails to disappoint."

Scotland’s shipbuilding sector set for expansion

The UK government stated that boosting defence spending will substantially bolster Scotland's economy, particularly its shipbuilding industry.

UK issues tender for Fleet Helicopter Support Unit

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has published a tender notice for the Fleet Helicopter Support Unit (FHSU), inviting bids for a framework agreement valued at £50 million.



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