Russian warship reportedly ‘on fire’ after Ukrainian attack

Russia’s Admiral Makarov has reportedly been hit by Ukrainian missiles and is currently on fire, according to Ukrainian officials.

Minister calls for Royal Navy warships to be more ‘lethal’

James Heappey MP, Armed Forces Minister, has called on Royal Navy ships to be armed in a more lethal way.

British aircraft carrier heads out to sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth will now complete a period of operational sea training.

Britain to impose ‘direct rule’ on British Virgin Islands

Britain is poised to impose direct rule over the British Virgin Islands after an inquiry found rampant corruption problems in the territory.

NATO warships visit Swedish capital city

Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) is scheduled to arrive in Stockholm today for a port visit.

NATO nuclear submarines converge in Scotland

While the visits themselves may be routine logistics stops, the symbolic image of nuclear submarines belonging to NATO's three nuclear powers at the same naval base shows serious unity and collective capability.

French and American nuclear submarines visiting Scotland

Nuclear submarines from three countries are currently berthed in HMNB Clyde at Faslane near Glasgow in Scotland.

American nuclear submarine visits naval base in Scotland

The USS Indiana, an American Virginia class nuclear submarine, is visiting HMNB Clyde at Faslane, near Glasgow.

British nuclear submarine visits Norway

HMS Ambush will shortly resume patrols in the Arctic after taking on supplies.

Irish naval vessel visits City of Glasgow

Irish Naval Vessel LÉ George Bernard Shaw arrived in Glasgow this week, the visit by the Offshore Patrol Vessel is the first Irish Naval visit to Scotland for over 10 years.



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