Britain condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine

The UK Government has condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine today, after Russia attacked and seized Ukrainian naval vessels.

Rolls-Royce to supply generator sets for Type 45 Destroyer refurbishment

Rolls-Royce is to supply 18 MTU Series 4000 diesel generator sets to BAE Systems as part of the Power Improvement Project (PIP) to increase the resilience of the power and propulsion system in all six Type 45 Destroyers.

Royal Navy Destroyer swarmed by 17 Russian jets in Black Sea

Footage from an upcoming documentary will show the moment HMS Duncan was swarmed by 17 Russian jets as she led a NATO fleet through the Black Sea earlier this year.

Russian vessels open fire on Ukrainian warships

The Ukrainian Navy has confirmed that Russian vessels have opened fire on Ukrainian warships.

British warship visits Ireland

HMS Defender, a Type 45 Destroyer, has visited Cork in Ireland. Local media reported that HMS Defender berted at "a rather strange place", Marino Point. Hello...

HMS Dragon exercises with F-35 jets in the Middle East

Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon is working with F-35 jets aircraft currently flying from the USS Essex.

Government rationale for tendering Fleet Solid Support Ships overseas criticised

Former shipyard worker turned MP for Glasgow North East Paul Sweeney has criticised the Government for failing to restrict the tendering for Fleet Solid Support Ships to the UK.

Another Type 26 Frigate named, HMS Newcastle

Another Type 26 Frigate has been named, this time HMS Newcastle was chosen.

Royal Navy to keep older River class vessels, almost doubling OPV fleet

Originally, the plan was to replace the Batch 1 River class  Offshore Patrol Vessels with the newer Batch 2 vessels. However, it has now been announced that all vessels will be retained.

Type 26 Frigate selection challenged in Canadian Federal Court after rival bidder objects

Alion Canada, the company that pitched the Dutch-designed De Zeven Provincien class frigate, has asked for a judicial review of the tendering process that saw the Type 26 Frigate win the Canadian frigate competition, according to local media.



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