HMS Spey commissioned into Royal Navy fleet

Built on the River Clyde by BAE Systems, the ship is the fifth and final of the second generation of River class vessels built for the Royal Navy.

British carrier to strike targets in Syria and Iraq

HMS Queen Elizabeth's F-35 jets are going into action against Islamic State forces and will strike targets in Iraq and Syria.

Brazil picks British ‘Sea Ceptor’ missiles for new frigates

Brazil joins the United Kingdom, Chile, New Zealand and Canada in a growing list of Sea Ceptor missile users.

HMS Queen Elizabeth joins up with HMS Artful

HMS Queen Elizabeth has resumed her deployment and reformed with her Carrier Strike Group after a port visit in Italy.

U.S. warship fails to intercept test missile target

A U.S. warship failed to intercept a medium-range ballistic missile test target on Saturday, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency has said.

HMS Northumberland hunts submarine in Norwegian fjords

HMS Northumberland located and successfully tracked the Norwegian submarine Uredd in the fjords of Norway during an exercise.

Submarine training facility takes shape at Faslane

Work is well underway on a new training facility which will "secure HMNB Clyde as the central base for submariners in the UK", say the Ministry of Defence.

British ship delivers aid to volcano-hit island

Naval tanker RFA Wave Knight has delivered 75 tonnes of aid to Commonwealth citizens in the aftermath of a volcano, say the Royal Navy.

British warship heads to Black Sea despite Russian warnings

HMS Defender, a Type 45 Destroyer belonging to HMS Queen Elizabeth's Carrier Strike Group, is sailing to the Black Sea despite Russian warnings it is 'tracking the movements of the British warship'.

British assault ship ‘fends off’ fighter jets

HMS Albion fended off attacks from Spanish jets as the assault ship tested her air defence skills in the Baltic Sea.



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