British flagship delivers maritime safety equipment to Tunisia

HMS Albion delivered items including life jackets, VHF radios and hand held flares.

UK forms ‘most powerful European naval task force in 20 years’

The new HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group has assembled for the first time with the aircraft carrier leading a flotilla of destroyers and frigates from the UK, US and the Netherlands supported by two Royal Fleet Auxiliary support vessels.

British Carrier Strike Group assembles

HMS Queen Elizabeth is sailing with 8 ships, 26 aircraft and around 3000 personnel.

British warship enters Black Sea despite Russian warnings

HMS Dragon, a Type 45 Destroyer, has entered the Black Sea despite Russian warnings that it is 'tracking the movements of the British warship'.

6,000 troops and over 100 ships and aircraft now in Scotland

British forces join 6,000 personnel from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the US.

HMS Hermes to be dismantled

The ex-Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat (the former HMS Hermes) will now undergo dismantling.

F-35 jets launched from HMS Queen Elizabeth bomb Scottish island

F-35 Lightning jets launched from HMS Queen Elizabeth have bombed a Scottish island, luckily however the island is part of a bombing range and the bombing was entirely intentional.

Lockheed awarded Trident contracts by US and Britain

Lockheed will provide Strategic Weapon System Trident fleet support, Trident Shipboard Integration Increment 8 and 16 and also Columbia class and Dreadnought class navigation subsystem development efforts. 

Ireland drops inquiry into British frigate warning fishing vessel away

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs subsequently noted that the location of the frigate was "not within Ireland’s territorial sea and did not, therefore, infringe our sovereignty" and have now dropped the inquiry.

Government confirm new Fleet Solid Support Ships treated as warships

This is important because the UK restricts the building of vessels classified as warships to British shipyards.



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