US Navy using BAE payload tubes to ‘increase Virginia class strike capability’

BAE Systems has received a contract to produce 28 more payload tubes.

British Destroyer HMS Duncan arrives in the Gulf

HMS Duncan has arrived in the Gulf.

Lockheed Martin secures British Tomahawk missile support contract

Lockheed has been awarded a £1.8m contract for the support of the Tomahawk missile.

Islay’s Secret Wartime Visitors

Islay is the furthest south of the islands off the west coast of Scotland.

RFA Tideforce officially joins fleet

RFA Tideforce – the last of four new Tide class tankers – has joined the fleet.

Turkey now has a ‘carrier without jets’

Turkey had intended to operate F-35Bs from its new assault ship, that can't happen now.

BAE trials ‘first of its kind’ autonomous boat

BAE has trialled a ‘first of its kind’ autonomous boat.

The Gulf Crisis – Why China will be watching and the significance to the...

In the past few weeks, events in the Gulf of Oman have led to rising tensions.

NATO anti-sub exercise concludes in the Norwegian Sea

SNMG1 have concluded exercise Dynamic Mongoose.

NATO warships conclude Black Sea exercise

SNMG2 has concluded exercise SEA BREEZE 19.



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