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British forces join major French Deployment to Far East

British forces are taking part in a French naval deployment to the Indian Ocean and Far East, say the MoD.

HMS Forth arrives in Portsmouth

HMS Forth, the first of the Royal Navy's new Offshore Patrol ships, has arrived in Portsmouth.

HMS Queen Elizabeth a ‘forward-based strategic conventional deterrent’ say Royal Marines on-board

Speaking as Assault Stations were successfully completed for the first time, the Ship's Amphibious Operations Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Searight Royal Marines, explained the importance of HMS Queen Elizabeth and her capabilities.

Type 31e Frigate contract notice issued for 5 ships at a ‘firm price of...

The purpose of this Contract Notice, say the MoD, is to advertise the requirement and invite companies to express their interest to receive the tender for the T31e Frigate.

42 Commando launch ‘assault’ from aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Royal Marines from 42 Commando have conducted a simulated assault launched from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Faslane expansion plans ‘well received in the local area’, says MoD

The plans for a new submarine training facility at Faslane were "very well received" at a public consultation event, according to the Ministry of Defence.

First fixed wing pilots embark on aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

The first fixed wing fighter jet pilots have embarked on aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth as she prepares to begin flying the F-35B later in the year.

Vikings in Norway as Royal Marines train Americans on their vehicles

The Royal Marine commandos of Viking Squadron are teaching their American counterparts how to operate their all-terrain vehicle.

RFA Fort Rosalie completes US carrier strike group deployment

During her time with the Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, Fort Rosalie transferred 254 pallets of stores to ships in the task group.

Glasgow firm complete new Submarine Launch and Recovery System

The system was designed and built at Caley’s facilities in Glasgow, and forms part of JFD’s 3rd Generation Submarine Rescue System.



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