Contract awarded to support Sonar 2094 for Echo class

A contract has been awarded for the provision of support for 'Sonar 2094' until March 2025.

More detail emerges on purchase of 61 new ‘interceptor boats’

We now know what boats the 61 'Intercept & Escort' craft will replace.

Cost of HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group deployment

The cost of deploying HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group to the Pacific and back is currently estimated at £73 million (not including the loss of an F-35 jet).

All missiles tubes now delivered for HMS Dreadnought

Despite a previous delay due to a 'quality shortfall', all 12 missile tubes for nuclear submarine HMS Dreadnought have now been delivered.

An update on the Dreadnought nuclear submarine programme

A newly published report from the Ministry of Defence outlines the progress made on the Dreadnought submarine programme in the last year.

British Military Assistance to Ukraine – what’s involved?

British military assistance to Ukraine was increased significantly after the Russian annexation of Crimea, a Parliamentary Research paper has taken a look at just what that involves.

American warship fires laser weapon

The USS Portland fired a high-energy laser weapon system, the most powerful ever put to sea, at a surface training target yesterday.

Type 83 Destroyer to enter concept phase next year

The Type 83 Destroyer project, the replacement for the Type 45, will enter the concept phase next year.

Royal Navy a ‘leading, globally deployable navy’ says report

The Royal Navy should be proud of its position as one of the leading global navies and its ability to deliver and operate two aircraft carriers, say the Defence Committee.

Royal Navy escort fleet ‘too small’ needs to ‘double’ says report

The Defence Committee has advised that the Royal Navy escort fleet "needs to double in size".



Other News

British aircraft monitors Russian forces in Eastern Europe

A British RC-135 aircraft has completed a deployment monitoring Russian forces in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, Belarus north of Ukraine as well as Russian forces in and around Crimea on the Black Sea.