Britain to give more rocket artillery and missiles to Ukraine

Britain, in its latest round of help to Ukraine, is donating more rocket artillery and precision rounds in order to help the nation fight back against the Russian invasion.

Israeli firm Elbit to supply night vision goggles to UK

Elbit Systems UK has been awarded a £13mn initial contract by the Ministry of Defence to provide the British Armed Forces with 'XACT' Night Vision Goggles.

NATO provide update on their activity in Europe

NATO has published an 'operational update' detailing their activities around Europe over the last few weeks.

Rolls-Royce to supply 523 engines for Boxer vehicle

Rolls-Royce will deliver 523 MTU engines manufactured in the UK for British Army’s Boxer armoured vehicle.

Britain launches new ‘Ground Based Air Defence’ project

The new "system of systems" must provide "sufficient, effective capability to warn, inform, deter and defeat all air threats including aircraft, missiles, munitions, and UAS".

Russian forces preparing for Ukrainian counterattack

Russian forces are "almost certainly" massing in preparation for a counter-offensive from Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defence warned on Saturday.

Royal Navy prepares for nuclear attack on NATO exercise

Royal Navy medics have undertaken routine training dealing with the aftermath of chemical and nuclear attacks with NATO allies in the Czech Republic.

British General impressed by courage of Ukrainian soldiers

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the British Army, has praised "the courage, morale and fighting spirit" of Ukrainian troops being trained by the British Army. 

Rolls Royce picked to supply MTU engines for Boxer

WFEL and Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) have selected Rolls Royce to supply their MTU engine for the British Army’s new Boxer Armoured vehicles. 

Danish Army teams up with British Army in Scotland

750 British troops teamed up with 150 Danish troops in Scotland to prepare for deployment to Poland and Kosovo later this year.



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