Allies agree new NATO cyber defence centre

NATO Allies have agreed to establish a new centre to enhance protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, according to a press release.

Bear Grylls named Honorary Colonel

Bear Grylls has been appointed Honorary Colonel of The Army Foundation College Harrogate.

British forces impress with drones and logistics

The deployment marked the first time since 2003 that a British Armoured Brigade Combat Team has been fielded from the UK,

Joint military exercise conducted on Falkland Islands

2 SCOTS demonstrated their operational capabilities in the challenging terrain of the Falklands.

1st (UK) Division takes lead role in new NATO force

Unlike its predecessor, the NATO Response Force, the ARF is a much larger multinational force operating across five domains: land, maritime, air, cyber, and space.

Russia suffer 70,000 casualties over past two months says UK

The average daily casualties (killed and wounded) among Russian forces reached conflict highs of 1,262 in May and 1,163 in June.

Royal Marines rank high in US Special Forces sniper course

The outstanding performance of the Royal Marines highlights their exceptional training and skill, reinforcing their reputation as some of the best snipers in the world.

Lithuania orders Saab MSHORAD air defence system

Deliveries are scheduled to take place between 2025 and 2027.

Size of UK regular forces declines by over 15% in one decade

As of 2024, the strength of regular forces in the UK is 132,360 personnel, marking a decrease of 4,350 compared with the previous year.

UK Government embrace ‘NATO first’ defence strategy

"We must strengthen our defences to deter Putin effectively."



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