UK loans Estonia four Jackal vehicles

Estonian Special Forces deploying to Mali will be loaned four Jackal armoured vehicles by the Ministry of Defence.

UK set to resume Saudi arms sales

The Government say it will now begin the process of clearing the backlog of licence applications for Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners that has built up since the 20th of June last year.

‘There will be no cuts’ states MP in response to claims of huge slashes...

Last week, a Sunday Times article reported the 'worst case scenario' list of defence cuts for the upcoming defence review.

UK ventilator consortium delivers 13,437 ventilators to the NHS

Today, the work of VentilatorChallengeUK, the Consortium of UK aerospace, motorsport, automotive and medical businesses concludes after more than doubling the stock available to the NHS.

British Army recruitment hits 96% of target

This marks the most successful recruiting year in 5 years and significantly exceeds the 80% target given by the Public Accounts Committee in January 2019, say the Ministry of Defence.

Major incident in Glasgow city centre

Three people are believed to have been killed in Glasgow city centre, it is also understood that a police officer has been stabbed.

MoD negotiates contracts for 10 billion PPE items

This comes as availability of PPE in some hospitals have returned to pre-coronavirus levels.

Which British bases are designated for use by NATO and the US?

The following list of bases are designated for NATO and American use in the UK.

NATO defence ministers focus on ‘adaptation to counter modern threats’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace met with fellow Defence Ministers via video conferencing, say the MoD.

NATO Defence Ministers plan for second wave of COVID-19

NATO Defence Ministers met by secure video conference on Thursday, to prepare for a possible second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.



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