Scottish troops to lead formation Army’s elite new Ranger Regiment

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced today that The First Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland will lead the British Army’s new Ranger...

The British Army’s new Ranger Regiment – What will they be used for?

The Ranger Regiment is a major part of the biggest shake-up of the British Army in over 20 years... but what is it for?

British Army undergoing ‘most significant’ shake up in 20 years

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that as part of the 'Future Soldier' project the British Army will be reorganised as an "expeditionary fighting force" designed to be more deployable.

Additional Boxer armoured vehicle sub-contract awarded

AeroGlow International will supply 'HaLO' Vehicle Egress Lighting Systems.

Britain has ‘significant concerns’ over Russian troops at Ukraine border

A British minister has expressed 'significant concerns' about Russia's 'aggressive build-up' of 92,000 troops at Ukraine’s borders amid concern that a Russian invasion of the country is imminent.

British Paratroopers demonstrate firepower

A fast-moving scenario saw an advancing force of enemy armoured vehicles engaged and defeated with Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missiles, 81mm mortar, Grenade Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns.

Britain and Poland to work together on Polish air defence system

The two countries will share technology to develop 'NAREW', Poland’s future Ground-Based Air Defence System.

‘NATO stands with Ukraine’ declares Alliance head

In the face of a "large Russian military build-up around Ukraine", the head of NATO has stressed that the military alliance "stands with Ukraine".

BAE intend to acquire Bohemia Interactive Simulations

BAE has entered into an agreement to acquire Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a developer of military simulation software.

Three arrested under Terrorism Act after explosion outside Liverpool hospital

One person has died and one has been injured. Counter-terrorism police are leading the investigation.



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