France deploys MAMBA anti-missile system to Romania

Besides the French deployment to Romania, Germany and the Netherlands have deployed PATRIOT batteries to Slovakia and the United States sent two PATRIOT batteries to Poland in April 2022.

Britain planning on donating artillery to Ukraine

It has emerged that the UK will shortly provide artillery directly to Ukraine.

Ajax – A progress update

Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin has provided a statement on the current progress of the troubled Ajax armoured vehicle programme.

Finland and Sweden submit applications to join NATO

Finland and Sweden have simultaneously handed in their official letters of application to join NATO.

British Brimstone missiles filmed destroying Russian tanks

Footage has emerged from Ukraine showing UK-supplied Brimstone missiles obliterating multiple Russian tanks in rapid succession.

British tanks engage Finnish tanks on exercise

British tanks and their crews are currently taking part in Exercise Arrow in Finland.

British Army donates 84,000 helmets to Ukraine

British soldiers have sorted and packed 84,000 surplus helmets that are now bound for the Ukrainian military.

UK has ‘no intention’ of reversing tank fleet cuts

The increasing deployments of British tanks to the European continent due to Russian aggression has "not affected" the decision to reduce the British Challenger tank fleet from 227 to 148.

Russia loses ‘one third’ of ground force in Ukraine according to UK

Russia has now lost one-third of the ground combat force it committed to the invasion of Ukraine.

What has the UK sent to Ukraine so far?

Britain has so far sent thousands of missiles and provided over £1 billion in aid to Ukraine, here's a breakdown of those numbers.



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