Elbit to deliver ‘Future Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator’

The contract will be performed over a five-year period and is valued at approximately £100 million. 

British soldier on duty at US Presidential Inauguration

A British Army reservist was on duty with his US National Guard unit in the capital at the inauguration of 46th US President Joe Biden.

Soldiers support COVID19 testing in Manchester

There is potential for this testing to allow people to attend cultural and sporting events when restrictions are eased if they test negative.

UK taking advice from Israel on vaccination programme

The UK is taking advice from Israel, the country leading the race to vaccinate its citizens, to assist its own vaccination programme. Jack Lopresti, MP...

Army design set of removable steps for Challenger tanks

The Army say it is "transforming and modernising to meet the threat of modern warfare" and they have certainly made some 'steps' in that direction.

Bomb disposal called 264 times in Northern Ireland last year

The number of occasions bomb disposal units were called out in Northern Ireland in 2020 was 264, an increase over recent years.

Scottish Government request assistance from British military

The Ministry of Defence has received a 'Military Aid to Civil Authorities' request from the Scottish Government to assist with the vaccination programme.

British troops ‘ready to deter, ready to fight’ near Russia

Troops from 5 RIFLES deployed on a NATO mission in Estonia are "ready to deter and ready to fight".

British Army setting up vaccination sites in Scotland

The British Army is establishing 80 new COVID-19 vaccine centres for NHS Scotland as part of one of the largest peacetime resilience operations ever undertaken by the British Armed Forces.

Defence scientists ramp up support during Covid-19 pandemic

Scientists from Dstl are working to support a whole host of government agencies and civilian authorities.



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