Russian recruitment efforts continue in Africa

Russia is reportedly offering incentives including "a sign-up bonus of $2,000, monthly pay of $2,200, and the promise of a Russian passport."

Norway spending $1.9bn on 300 AMRAAM missiles

The missiles will primarily be used for ground-based air defence though they may also be employed with the F-35A.

Sweden makes ‘NATO stronger and safer’ say Alliance

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited the Swedish Armed Forces at Berga Naval Base, marking his first visit to Sweden since the country joined NATO in March.

Labour criticises Tory defence record, promises change

A Labour spokesperson has sharply criticised the government's handling of the British armed forces over the past 14 years.

Video shows destruction of Russian Buk-M2 air defence system

The video captures the dramatic moment of impact, showcasing the precision and effectiveness of the HIMARS system in neutralising the air defence threat.

BAE Tridon MK2 anti-air system to make debut

BAE Systems is launching its next-generation 40mm anti-aircraft system, Tridon Mk2, at Eurosatory 2024.

Russian forces achieve limited break-in near Chasiv Yar

Chasiv Yar is considered strategically valuable to Russia due to its position on a plateau and its historic use as a logistics hub.

Ukrainian drone destroys Russian tank in dramatic footage

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has shared a striking video showing an FPV drone destroying a Russian tank in a massive fireball.

King Charles presents new colours to Irish Guards

King Charles presented new Colours to No 9 and No 12 Company of the Irish Guards at Windsor Castle on 10 June 2024.

Lib Dems pledge to boost Army numbers to over 100,000

In their manifesto, the Liberal Democrats criticised the Conservative government's reduction of troop numbers and promised to reverse these cuts.



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