183 firing ranges closed down since 2015

183 firing ranges have closed in the last five years.

Royal Marines deploy to Arctic for exercise

45 Commando are on exercise in the north of Norway undertaking Arctic survival training.

Russian troops receive unmanned mine clearance and anti-tank vehicles

Russian media have reported that troops have started to receive unmanned Uran-6 mine-clearing and Uran-9 anti-tank vehicles.

1917 – A film review

1917 depicts the horrors of trench warfare of the First World War with raw tension, terror and urgency.

Soldiers and aircrew practice key battlefield skills

Soldiers from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment Royal Logistic Corps hooked up vehicles and equipment to an RAF Chinook helicopter.

QinetiQ conclude Medusa Technology Assessment Programme

Dstl and QinetiQ say they have completed trials to assess a system to protect combat vehicles and their occupants.

Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme decision due late 2020

The Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme is designed to extend the tanks life to 2035.

NATO Response Force Land Component command passes to Eurocorps

Eurocorps have officially assumed responsibility as NATO Response Force Land Component for 2020.

BAE test SPIKE LR anti-tank guided missile on CV90

BAE Systems say it has successfully fired an integrated, long-range anti-tank guided missile from the CV90.

80 Royal Regiment of Scotland soldiers test positive for drugs over two years

A total of 30 service personnel failed drug tests in the first 10 months of 2019 while 50 tested positive for drugs in 2018.



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