Britain and Kenya sign Defence Cooperation Agreement

British troops currently help to train over 1,100 Kenyan soldiers every year.

Most British troops now vaccinated against COVID-19

Figures show that 65% of the Royal Navy (including the Royal Marines), 54% of the British Army and 67% of the Royal Air Force have had their first COVID-19 vaccine.

Most women in armed forces report bullying and sexual abuse

64% of female veterans and 58% of serving women said they have experienced bullying, harassment, discrimination during their careers.

MoD ‘remains committed’ to troubled Ajax

The Ministry of Defence has ruled out purchasing an alternative to Ajax as it "remains committed" to the troubled armoured vehicle.

Highlanders heading to Ukraine

Soldiers from the Highlanders will head to Ukraine to take part in Exercise Cossack Mace.

Classified Challenger tank specs leaked online for videogame

A gamer identifying as Challenger 2 commander has posted a classified document online in order to improve the accuracy of the design of the tank in the game 'War Thunder'.

British Army receives new rapidly deployable bridge

The 17 Medium Girder Bridges will provide a lightweight medium gap capability.

Trophy Active Protection System picked for Challenger 3

The system recognises incoming enemy missiles and then intercepts and destroys them before they hit the tank.

Ajax armoured vehicle trials halted again

Trials of the British Army's new Ajax armoured vehicles have been halted for a second time after concerns were again raised over noise.

British troops conduct firepower demo in Jordan

Typhoon jets operating from Cyprus supported the troops taking part in the urban assault.



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