Scottish Government outline post-independence military

The Scottish Government's paper on defence an an independent Scotland presents an initial ambition for a future force of 15,000 regulars and 5,000 reserves, with a focus on voluntary transition from UK forces.

BAE signs 15 year contract to support Danish CV90s

BAE Systems has signed a framework agreement with the Danish Ministry of Defence to provide repair and maintenance services for the Danish Army’s CV90s over a period of 15 years.

British troops move across Europe to deter Russia

Soldiers from 7th Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team - also known as The Desert Rats - are among 40,000 troops from across the NATO alliance taking part in Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024.

New paper releasing on defence in an independent Scotland

A new policy paper – ‘An independent Scotland’s place in the world’, will set out the Scottish Government's proposals defence and security as a full NATO member.

The heart of the British Army’s tubed artillery requirement

At the heart of the British Army’s tubed artillery requirement is the absolute need to maximise lethality and survivability argues Maj Gen (Retd) Simon Humphrey CBE.

British Army troops and vehicles set sail to Europe

NATO’s largest set of military manoeuvres since the height of the cold war began in earnest for the British Army.

Mark Francois MP welcomes news of defence procurement reform

"As we enter an increasingly dangerous world, it is imperative that our procurement system finally starts to deliver kit on time and on budget".

Liverpool teenager convicted of preparing acts of terrorism

The jury heard evidence that Graham had written a document setting out his plan to commit a bombing campaign with the aim of killing 50 or more people.

Ajax fires over 2,000 rounds whilst on move

The armoured vehicle, which is already six years late, was widely and rightly criticised because it could not fire on the move during the early stages of testing. It can now.

Why was Challenger 3 sent to Germany to be tested?

Many questioned why the first pre-production Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank was sent to Germany for trials. Now we know.



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