NATO sending more ships, jets and troops to members near Russia

NATO members are putting forces on standby and sending additional ships, fighter jets and personnel to eastern Europe as Russia continues its military build-up in and around Ukraine.

Firm chosen to supply armour for new Boxer vehicles

The armoured material will be used in Boxer vehicle hull assembly.

BAE Systems releases Contribution to the UK economy’ report

BAE contracted the research firm Oxford Economics to "produce an independent analysis of our contribution to the UK's economy in 2020".

British Army AS90 artillery to leave service at end of decade

The current forecasted out of service date for AS90 is 2030.

How many soldiers are in each British Army regiment?

Here's how many trained regular soldiers there are in each of the British Army’s regiments and corps.

MP launches disinformation awareness video campaign

Stewart McDonald MP has launched a video contest to encourage people to think about disinformation.

British military effort to assist the NHS COVID-19 response detailed

Since the 18th of March 2020, the Ministry of Defence has responded to over 440 COVID-19 related Military Aid to Civilian Authority (MACA) requests around the UK.

British Government calls out ‘unacceptable’ Russian behaviour

"Any Russian incursion would be a massive strategic mistake, for which there would be a severe cost."

Britain ‘ensuring Ukraine can defend itself’

The Foreign Secretary has stated that Britain is "ensuring that Ukraine has the capability to defend itself".

Bulldog replacement ‘yet to be determined’

Bulldog will be replaced by a yet to be determined platform with procurement activity starting in 2025.



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