Rheinmetall Presents worlds first UGV equipped with UAV

Rheinmetall are showing off the latest version of the Mission Master UGV, armed with the WARMATE Loitering Munition System.

MBDA, PGZ showcase CAMM air defence solution on Jelcz vehicle

MBDA and PGZ have unveiled an air defence solution that features MBDA’s CAMM iLauncher.

MBDA show off Brimstone armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Carrying six Brimstone missiles, this project is in response to the British Army’s 'Prototype Warfare' drive.

MBDA showcase Brimstone armed tank destroyer

MBDA and PGZ have unveiled a Tank Destroyer armed with the Brimstone precision strike missile.

British Army launch Army Warfighting Experiment 20 project

The aim is to explore emerging technology in Command, Control and Communication.

British Armed Forces to get £2.2bn of additional funding

The Government will provide an additional £2.2 billion of funding for the MoD.

RAF Cycling Team and Israeli firm Elbit team up for charity cycling challenge

Cyclists will ride from RAF Valley in wearing Elbit Systems’ Augmented Reality Smart Glasses.

NATO exercise Ramstein Dust kicks off

With the convoy of equipment leaving the garrison, the deployment kicked off. 

Politician claims that the British Army’s 77th Brigade is ‘attacking’ Scots online

It is being claimed that the British Army are engaged in operations online against British citizens.

2 PARA preparing for deployment to Afghanistan

2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) is deploying to the Afghan capital Kabul from late September.



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