What Israel can expect in the Gaza tunnel system

What the Israel Defence Forces can expect when they enter the ‘Gaza Metro’ tunnel system.

Latvia looking to buy HIMARS to counter Russia

The US State Department has sanctioned a prospective Foreign Military Sale to Latvia.

Putin and Xi – Russia’s role as China’s junior partner

Putin and Xi: Beijing Belt and Road meeting highlighted Russia’s role as China’s junior partner.

BAE Systems expands with Eurostep acquisition

In a move to enhance its digital asset management capabilities, BAE Systems has acquired Eurostep, a secure data sharing company based in Sweden.

Defence analysts discuss Israel’s ‘9/11 moment’

This week, the panel explore the outbreak of war between Israel and Iran-backed terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon.

Russia’s Surrogate Forces: A sign of things to come?

Proxy and surrogate forces have seen extensive use in the ongoing War in Ukraine. This has provided outside obervers with a variety of lessons learned.

Social media fakes are rampant, news verification is vital

It is clear that numerous videos, social media posts and images purportedly about the Israel–Hamas conflict are deliberately misleading.

Russian losses mount in Ukraine

Ukraine: Russia’s losses mount – but self-sacrifice in war is part of the country’s mythology.

Almost 300 British armed forces personnel are AWOL

Recent data shows that 298 Armed Forces personnel are absent without leave (AWOL).

Drone sightings over British nuclear facilities

From alarm activations to mysterious drone sightings and even accidental overflights.



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