UK reveals post-Brexit military co-operation with EU

Ben Wallace, the Secretary of State for Defence, outlined his intentions with regards to the UK's post-Brexit defence relationship with the EU.

Britain begins vaccinating citizens against COVID19

BREAKING NEWS: A 90-year-old British woman is the first person in the world to receive a clinically authorised, fully tested coronavirus vaccine.

UK and Israel sign military cooperation agreement

Most of the agreement is highly classified but it is understood that cooperation will include defence medical training, organisational design concepts and defence education.

Military and NHS in trial mass vaccination trial run

Exercise Panacea was held at Ashton Gate stadium in Bristol and is a trial run for vaccinating the UK population against COVID-19.

RAF transports British Army troops to Mali

RAF transport aircraft are deploying British Army personnel from RAF Brize Norton to join a UN Mission in Mali.

UK awards £2.4 billion weapon supply contract

The UK Government have signed a new £2.4 billion contract with BAE Systems to supply munitions to the British Armed Forces.

Manufacture of Boxer mechanised infantry vehicles moves forward

500 vehicles are to be supplied to the British Army.

BAE awarded life-extension contract for Swiss CV90s

BAE Systems Hägglunds has received a contract from the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement for the life-extension of the Swiss Army’s CV9030, known as the 'Schützenpanzer 2000'.

‘The Black Watch is going nowhere’ confirms MoD

The future of The Black Watch has now been guaranteed.

UK ‘increasing defence spending by £24.1bn’ over next four years

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "I am increasing defence spending by £24.1 billion over the next four years".



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