The future UK Main Battle Tank fleet

There is good news and bad news for the British Main Battle Tank fleet.

Warrior upgrade scrapped but remaining in service

A total of £430m had been spent on the Warrior upgrade programme.

British Army tank numbers drop to 148 from 227

148 Challenger tanks will be upgraded, the rest will be retired.

British Army to be cut by 10,000 troops

The cut will leave the British Army at 70,000 troops.

Babcock win £150m British Army logistics contract

The Ministry of Defence have signed a five year 'Logistics Support Contract' with Babcock International Group.

Coldstream Guards demonstrate firepower

Training culminated in a mass fires exercise.

British Army ‘to be organised differently’

Brigade Combat Teams will be formed as self-sufficient tactical combat units.

British armoured capability ‘obsolescent and outgunned’

The Defence Committee have heavily criticised the Ministry of Defence.

Mercian Regiment on live fire exercise in Northumberland

Reservists from 4 Battalion The Mercian Regiment have been on Exercise Saxon Shield in Northumberland.

British military to assist Northern Ireland vaccine effort

One hundred British military medics are to be deployed to Northern Ireland.



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