Saab to provide Mid-Life Extension for UK ‘Arthur’ Systems

Saab has received an order from the Ministry of Defence for a mid-life extension and support for the Arthur weapon locating system.

Work underway to replace AS-90 self propelled gun

It has been revealed that "work is underway" to replace the AS-90 155mm self-propelled gun.

British Army ‘evacuate’ 400 in exercise

The British Army say it has been rehearsing the skills needed to move endangered people out of the way of disease, a natural disaster or conflict. 

British Army recruitment ‘highest in recent years’

The British Army say it is on course to hit recruitment targets as the number of applications rise. 

New tech recognizes far away faces in the dark

The tech uses artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques, and state-of-the-art infrared cameras to identify facial patterns by using heat signatures.

US Army purchases additional 155mm BONUS munitions

The U.S. Army is buying additional advanced BONUS munitions manufactured by BAE Systems and Nexter of France. 

US Army modernises its biometric processing capabilities

US Soldiers patrolling critical checkpoints overseas will have an improved biometrics tool to help identify persons of interest in real time, say the US Army.

Czech Republic and Sweden join Land Battle Decisive Munitions Initiative

The Land Battle Decisive Munitions Initiative was launched during the NATO Summit in 2018.

British Army train alongside Indian troops on Exercise Ajeya Warrior

The British Army say that Indian soldiers have been in the UK to participate in joint Indian and British military training exercise, Exercise Ajeya Warrior.

42 Commando head to Belarus for Exercise Winter Partisan

Thirty members of 42 Commando will conduct cold weather training on the two-week exercise, say the MoD.



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