What upgrades will Britain’s ‘Challenger 3’ tanks get?

The upgraded 'Challenger 3' Main Battle Tanks will feature a new gun and other upgrades.

Contract awarded to RBSL for 148 ‘Challenger 3’ tanks

RBSL has been awarded a contract to upgrade 148 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks.

Challenger 2 tank upgrades ‘limping along’ say analysts

The Challenger 2 has earned an enviable combat record but upgrades are required.

First delivery for UK Boxer programme

The very first delivery of machined component parts for Boxer to WFEL's Stockport manufacturing facility happened this week.

Desert Rats hone skills ahead of Mali peacekeeping mission

The Desert Rats are joining the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in Mali.

Power pack subcontract awarded for UK Boxer programme

Huddersfield-based David Brown Santasalo will supply of powerpack blocks for UK Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicles.

BAE chosen to provide ‘Beowulf’ for US Army CATV programme

Beowulf is based on the BvS10.

MoD make 14,000 payments to offset higher Scottish tax rate

The MoD has made just over 14,000 mitigation payments to Armed Forces personnel in Scotland.

British Army snipers put to the test

There were eleven teams competing in the competition, say the British Army.

Sub-contract awarded for UK Boxer programme

Horstman UK will supply over 250 angular gear boxes and control units for Boxer.



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