Mark Francois MP applauds increase in UK defence spending

"We can tell our adversaries when we say ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’, we actually mean it", said Francois.

Ukraine is on ‘irreversible path’ to join NATO says alliance

"Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO. Ukraine will become a member of NATO."

British Army Global Response Force joins NATO exercise

Over 2,000 UK troops and 500 vehicles are in Estonia as part of Exercise Steadfast Defender, demonstrating NATO’s capability to coordinate large-scale military operations across Europe.

The indispensable role of the Royal Logistic Corps

Without the vital services and skills provided by the RLC, the British Army would struggle to function.

MOD equal pay audit shows ‘negligible’ gender pay gap

According to a report, there is "virtually no gender pay gap" when salaries are adjusted for length of service.

Britain confirms plans to double rocket artillery fleet

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed plans to upgrade and expand its Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) fleet to 85 vehicles from around 40.

MOD hit by almost £1 billion in fraud losses since 2010

Since 2010 the Ministry of Defence has reported losses of over £932 million due to fraud, with £284m lost in one year alone.

Britain replenishing anti-tank missile stocks

The stock replenishment comes after a considerable portion of the existing NLAWs were supplied to Ukraine, supporting its defence against Russia's invasion.

What has Britain donated to Ukraine?

The UK has provided extensive military support, including missiles, drones, tanks, artillery, and munitions, here are the specifics.

Britain estimates 450,000 Russian troops killed or wounded

Britain estimates that 450,000 Russian military personnel have been killed or wounded and over 10,000 Russian armoured vehicles have been destroyed in Ukraine.



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