Our Team

Our Team

Our staff is composed of defence professionals, cyber security graduates, military personnel, industry specialists as well as everyday military and defence enthusiasts. Find out more about each author below but please note, we frequently publish work by new authors and as such, they may not yet be present below.

George Allison
George has a degree in Cyber Security & Networking from Glasgow Caledonian University. George has a keen interest in naval defence technology and has been writing and editing the UK Defence Journal since its creation in 2014.


Marcus Cribb
Marcus works as an event manager at a national Armed Forces Museum and has spent most of his working life in military heritage. He has completed a BSc in International Politics & Strategic Studies followed by an MSc in Project Management. Additionally he is a dedicated Army Reservist and currently as a NCO in the Air Defence role but has served as a crewman on Armoured Vehicles too which was the subject of his dissertation combining his worlds.
John Sayle
Details in process of being submitted.
Elliot E.G. Jordon
My passion for understanding defence stems mainly from my passion for understanding history. I study Modern History, Medieval History and Russian at the University of St Andrews and hope to continue in defence-related academia.
Chris Shaw
A well established, experienced and qualified Security Consultant with 15 years of combined military and commercial experience gained on a truly global basis. Chris is a SME in the subject of security in complex environments including conflict and post-conflict regions, and a specialist in the subject of the public/private sector security relationship.
Bruce Horton
Investment manager/economist for 15 years. Secondary school teacher for another 15 years. Royal Naval Reserve officer for 15 years. Amateur naval historian and putative author for another 15 years?
Duncan Cushenan
A graduate student of Journalism who has a keen interest in the defence sector. Duncans specialism is the Royal Navy. Duncan is on Twitter and happily engages in discussion there.

Shane Mason
Experienced senior manager and consultant within the UK Defence sector and ex-Royal Navy weapons engineering apprentice. Specialism is covering strategic defence issues of a political nature of both national and international relevance.
Ferguson Hunter
Ferguson is a former Airborne and Commando soldier and security/risk manager (overseas), with experience in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Now working as a sport performance and development coach and developing military endurance events.
Gianpaulo Coletti
Gianpaulo is based in Australia and is a student of Counterterrorism, Intelligence and Security. Interested in everything related to National Security. 24 News Enthusiast, political junkie and working on his first book “Hitchhikers Guide to National Security”.