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Vitor is a doctoral student of International Relations at the Sao Paulo State University. He also explores British imperial and military history, and its legacies to the modern world.

A look at AUKUS – The Indo-Pacific quasi-alliance

AUKUS does not aim to function as a 'NATO of the Indo-Pacific', but it is a 'quasi-alliance' argues.

A brief look at the British Defence Budget in the 1990s

In the early 1990s, the end of the Cold War allegedly led to the 'Peace Dividend' in Britain and elsewhere. The British Government adopted large and significant cuts to the defence budget.

The GIUK gap – The chokepoint in Britain’s backyard

The gap between material demands, Government statements, and actual forces can expose any nation to serious security threats.

The early years of Britain’s nuclear programme

The US–UK Mutual Defence Agreement and its amendments remain the cornerstones of the current atomic capabilities deployed by the UK.

The UK’s military co-operation with Qatar since 1971

After decades of relative decline, British military and economic relations with Qatar have been growing since the late 2000s.

A look at the Russian defence budget

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been fuelling frequent analyses about the Russian defence budget. According to the most recent estimates using market exchange rates, the...

A look at the UK’s strategic partnership with Ukraine

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine has been the cornerstone of the UK's approach to the Black Sea region.

The Caymans and the British presence in the Caribbean

A look at the Cayman Islands Regiment and the British military presence in the Caribbean.

The British Defence Singapore Support Unit – enabling the tilt

The British "tilt" to the Indo-Pacific benefits considerably from the current military presence in Singapore.

The UK tilt to the Indo-Pacific – Is it achievable?

Establishing Britain as the European country with the most prominent presence in the region is an ambitious goal but it is not unachievable.