Secretive X-37B ‘Space plane’ launches on seventh mission

The U.S. Air Force's uncrewed X-37B 'space plane' has now launched on seven clandestine missions to date, the payloads remaining secret.

American assault ships enter Eastern Mediterranean Sea

The USS Bataan, USS Carter Hall and USS Mesa Verde will re-aggregate as the Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) in the eastern Mediterranean.

U.S. Navy recovers downed Black Hawk in Mediterranean Sea

Assigned to U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the MH-60 Blackhawk was carrying five special operations aviation Soldiers when it crashed. All Soldiers on board were killed.

Spain orders 16 C295 Maritime Patrol and Surveillance aircraft

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has ordered 16 Airbus C295 aircraft in Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) configuration and Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) configuration.

American C-5 transport conducts reverse flow air refuelling

The C-5M offloaded 23,500 pounds of fuel in approximately thirty minutes to the KC-10.

Lockheed tests Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare System

AOEW is a pod-based electronic warfare missile defence system that will provide U.S. Navy with enhanced electronic surveillance and attack capabilities against anti-ship missile threats.

Israel orders over 55,000 rounds of artillery ammo from U.S.

The United States has approved a sale of M107 155mm projectiles and related equipment to Israel for an estimated cost of $147.5 million.

US grounds entire V-22 Osprey fleet

This precautionary measure follows an operational stand down by the Air Force Special Operations Command and a recent V-22 Osprey crash.

Japan cleared to purchase 400 Tomahawk cruise missiles

The US State Department has approved the potential sale of hundreds of Raytheon-made Tomahawk missiles to Japan for $2.4 billion.

US and Switzerland finalise missile defence deal

Switzerland has cemented a deal with the United States for the procurement of Lockheed Martin’s advanced PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) missiles.



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