British military to ‘drawdown’ from Iraq following Covid-19 outbreak

Following a pause in the coalition training mission in Iraq some service personnel will be redeploying back to the UK, say the Ministry of Defence.

Allies agree to enhance NATO mission in Iraq

NATO Defence Ministers addressed key issues including NATO’s training mission in Iraq and the challenge posed by Russia’s missile systems.

Defence ministers agree to enhance NATO’s training mission in Iraq

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Allied ministers had reaffirmed their support to Iraq and agreed in principle to enhance NATO's training mission.

Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose in Gulf drugs bust

Sailors and Royal Marines from HMS Montrose bagged more than a tonne of cannabis in the Persian Gulf, say the Royal Navy.

Mercian Regiment soldiers in Jordan for exercise

Exercise Olive Grove saw the troops from A Company, 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (2 Mercian) deploy to Al Quwayrah in Jordan on the 14th of January.

NATO addresses Middle East tensions

NATO Ambassadors met recently to address current tensions in the Middle East and implications for NATO’s training mission in Iraq.

Elbit awarded $31m contract to supply Iron Fist systems

Elbit was awarded a contract from the Israeli Ministry of Defense to provide Iron Fist Active Protection Systems

Germany to withdraw some troops from Iraq

Germany is to withdraw some of its troops deployed as part of the anti-Islamic State coalition in Iraq.

NATO suspends training mission in Iraq

NATO has suspended training operations in Iraq, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels.

Turkey begins invasion of Northern Syria

Turkish troops have started crossing into Syria.



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