Operation Roundup targets Islamic State remnants in Syria

In Operation Roundup, Syrian Democratic Forces continue to fight remnants of Islamic State in Syria’s Middle Euphrates River valley, Army Col. Rob Manning, the Pentagon’s director of press operations, told reporters today.

NATO Foreign Ministers discuss Afghanistan

Military operations in Afghanistan are crucial to convince the Taliban that there is no victory on the battlefield and the best option is to negotiate with the government, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the end of the alliance’s foreign minister meeting in Brussels.

Iraqi Air Force joins strikes against Syria against Islamic State

The Iraqi Air Force conducted an airstrike near Hajin, Syria, against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorists operating near the Iraq-Syria border today, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials said. 

Astonishment as MP and peer travel to Syria without telling authorities and live tweet location

It has been reported that an MP and House of Lords peer travelled to Syria earlier this month and inexplicably, decided to live tweet their location.

Russian military say chemical attack in Syria was staged and directed by Britain

The Russian military has announced that they believe an alleged chemical attack in Syria was staged and directed by Britain. We were going to put a pun in the headline but honestly, this is ridiculous enough on its own.

UK ‘committed to regional security and stability’ in the Gulf says Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, and his Emirati counterpart, Mohammed Ahmad Al Bowardi, reaffirming the 'historic and very successful' defence relationship.

British nuclear submarine reportedly moved into Tomahawk missile range for Syria strike

A British nuclear submarine has reportedly been ordered to move within missile range of Syria, as strikes against the Assad regime are expected as early as Thursday night.

Production begins on Israeli F-35 air vehicle spares and endurance spares in US and UK

Work to produce air vehicle spares and endurance spares for Israel has started in F-35 production facilities in the United States and United Kingdom.

Australia to withdraw Super Hornets from strike missions in Iraq and Syria

The Australian Government has announced that it will be withdrawing its deployed fighter contingent of six F/A-18F Super Hornets from the Middle East in January following the successful liberation of Iraq from Daesh.

British and American Gulf mine warfare forces link up for exercise

The Royal Navy's Middle East mine warfare force of five ships and a command team were committed alongside unmanned American boats and the minehunter USS Gladiator.



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