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Israel declares their F-35 fleet combat capable

The Israel Air Force declared its F-35 fleet operationally capable this week.

American supercarrier USS Theodore Roosevelt joins fight against Islamic State

The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group and embarked Carrier Air Wing 17 have began sorties from the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Inherent Resolve against Islamic State. 

Coalition strikes continue in Iraq and Syria

Coalition forces continued to attack Islamic State, conducting seven strikes consisting of eight engagements officials reported today.

Coalition strikes against Islamic State continue in Syria and Iraq

Coalition military forces continue to attack Islamic State, conducting multiple strikes over the last few days, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported.

First-ever ‘Desert Observer’ exercise between US Army, Kuwait

Soldiers from the US 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division and Kuwaiti military forces conducted the first-ever Desert Observer exercise near Udairi Range in northern Kuwait.

US sending 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has announced that the US is sending another 3,000 troops to Afghanistan, an increase of over 25 percent in the number of American forces there.

UK and Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation deal

The governments of the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia have announced a new Military and Security Cooperation Agreement, signed in Jeddah by the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon and the Saudi Crown Prince HRH Mohammed bin Salman.

Bahrain plans $4bn F-16V Viper purchase

The US government has agreed to a potential sale worth nearly $4 billion of the latest F-16V fighter jet variant to Bahrain, the State Department announced.

British troops in Iraq to rise to over 600 as UK ‘steps up commitment’...

British troop numbers in Iraq are set to rise with the deployment of additional troops to the country, the MoD have announced.

Elbit Systems introduce SkyStriker, a new loitering munition

Elbit Systems has launched SkyStriker – a remotely operated electro-optical, precise guided Loitering Munition designed to seek, locate and engage various targets at the tactical level.



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