Lockheed offer modified A330 MRTT for U.S. tanker project

The Lockheed Martin 'LMXT Strategic Tanker' is a modified version of the Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport, an aircraft known in British service as 'Voyager'.

American C-130s land on highway during training exercise

U.S. Air Force Reserve Command crew landed a C-130J Super Hercules aircraft on a highway in Wyoming this week.

MQ-25 drone conducts first air-to-air refueling with F-35C

The U.S. Navy's MQ-25 will be the first operational carrier-based unmanned aircraft.

Britain, America and Australia announce new defence alliance

Australia, the United States and Britain have created the new 'AUKUS' defence alliance. The first initiative of the alliance will be collaboration on future nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy

Airbus trials high speed satcom through helicopter blades

Interference for satcoms caused by rotor blades has long been a challenge for terminal designers and manufacturers.

Bell unveils new military ‘High-Speed VTOL’ concepts

Bell have unveiled design concepts for aircraft that use the firms 'High-Speed Vertical Take-Off and Landing' technology.

BAE to modernise USS San Diego

BAE has received a contract from the U.S. Navy for the maintenance and modernisation of the USS San Diego.

Drone refuels aircraft for the first time

The American MQ-25A Stingray will be the world’s first operational carrier-based uncrewed aircraft capable of refuelling other aircraft.

U.S. Air Force looking at rockets for global logistics

The U.S. Air Force wants to deliver cargo around the worldusing massive reusable rockets.

BAE win $164m U.S. Navy VLS design contract

BAE Systems will serve as the design agent for the mechanical portion of the Mk 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS).



Other News

Rolls-Royce all-electric aircraft takes to the skies

The 'Spirit of Innovation' took off from the Ministry of Defence's Boscombe Down site, which is managed by QinetiQ, and flew for approximately 15 minutes.