Final Trophy Active Protection Systems delivered to US Army

Leonardo and Rafael have announced that they have completed the delivery of Trophy Active Protection Systems ordered by the U.S. Army for installation on Abrams main battle tanks.

Major air defence exercise for Washington D.C.

NORAD plans to conduct 'Falcon Virgo', a routine air defence exercise, over Washington D.C. until the 26th of January.

US Awards $325m modification work for J-STARS

J-STARS delivers real-time battle management situational awareness and wide area search.

Boeing awarded contract for 12 More KC-46 Tankers

With this sixth production lot, Boeing is now on contract for 79 KC-46A tankers.

BAE receive contract to demo new countermeasure system

The RFCM system consists of a small form factor jammer, a high-powered amplifier and the AN/ALE-55 Fiber-Optic Towed Decoy.

MQ-25 tanker completes flight with Aerial Refueling Store

The U.S. Navy intends to procure more than 70 aircraft, which will assume the tanking role currently performed by F/A-18s, allowing for better use of the combat strike fighters.

U.S. Navy in first Block V Tomahawk operational test launch

The U.S. Navy recently completed its first operational flight tests of the Block V Tomahawk missile, the weapon’s latest variant.

USS Theodore Roosevelt looking for man overboard

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is conducting search and rescue efforts in an effort to find a possible sailor overboard off the coast of Southern California.

U.S. Navy names new frigates ‘Constellation class’

Secretary of the U.S. Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite announced USS Constellation (FFG62) as the name for the first ship and class of the new guided missile frigates.

BAE awarded $197m contract for USS Wasp modernisation

BAE Systems has received a $197.4 million contract from the U.S. Navy to drydock and perform maintenance and modernisation work aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp.



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