Bell Announces Sale of Six Bell 505s to Jamaica

Bell Textron have announced that they have signed a purchase agreement for six Bell 505 aircraft for the Jamaican Defence Force.

British and French forces prepare for Caribbean hurricane relief efforts

RFA Mounts Bay has landed a team of UK military personnel ashore in Martinique in the Caribbean to train in hurricane relief with their French counterparts.

RFA Mounts Bay on standby as Tropical Storm Isaac grows

RFA Mounts Bay is pre-positioned and ready to respond as Tropical Storm Issac grows. It is likely to be upgraded to a hurricane in the coming hours. 

WATCH: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop deploy

HADR Tp (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop) deployed ashore from RFA Mounts Bay to Martinique for Ex WATERLOO SUNSET.

UK personnel prepare for Caribbean hurricane season

Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster visited the Caribbean this week to reassure local governments of the UK’s support, prior to the 2018 hurricane season. 

British Government launches new hurricane plan for the Caribbean

The Foreign Office has announced a series of new measures that will be taken to prepare the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean for the imminent hurricane season.

Mounts Bay completes maintenance period in Charleston

RFA Mounts Bay has completed a brief maintenance period in the American port of Charleston to prepare her for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season. 

RFA Mounts Bay helps out Jamaican orphanage

An orphanage in Jamaica has received a makeover from personnel aboard RFA Mounts Bay, say the Royal Navy. 

British boots begin to leave Caribbean as recovery operations end

One month after they landed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the remaining members of 40 Commando Royal Marines are on their way back to the UK.

RFA Mounts Bay supports Grand Turk island

RFA Mounts Bay has begun its support to Grand Turk island in the Turks and Caicos islands, in support of the Commando force from 3 Cdo Brigade personnel from 40 Commando Royal Marines and 59 Commando Royal Engineers.



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