One month after they landed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the remaining members of 40 Commando Royal Marines are on their way back to the UK.

Flying in a Royal Air Force A400M, the commandos will transit through Barbados and then back to RAF Brize Norton on a Voyager Air Tanker.

Their departure comes after the press conference held by the Governor of the British Virgin Islands, Gus Jaspert, where he thanked the military for their assistance but explained that their work across the territory was now complete.

During the initial military relief effort, British forces made a significant and measurable contribution across the BVI, according to the MoD.

“Initially the military supported the police with a 24 / 7 patrolling presence to ensure security across the territory. They assisted local forces in securing the prison and in improving its infrastructure. Additionally they provided command and control for the transfer of 21 high risk prisoners to St. Lucia.

Engineers have cleared routes across Tortola, ensuring roads are free of debris to allow access for essential services and local people. The entirety of ridge road was cleared immediately after Maria, allowing dislocated communities to move freely.

They have also savaged over 60% of the electric pylons parts to allow BVI Electric Corporation to reconnect the islands quicker.

Engineering teams located at the Power Station ensured the critical systems were waterproofed prior to Maria allowing mains power to return to the hospital and banks only days after. The same teams also worked at the reverse osmosis plant to ensure a supply of fresh water was maintained.”

Yesterday saw the first commercial flight into Terrance B. Lettsome Airport. Royal Marines had worked round the clock the reinstate the fence and clear debris from the terminal to allow the return of these civilian flights.


40 Commando saw elements of the unit redeploy straight from the islands last week onto HMS Ocean.

They will provide the specialist amphibious manpower aboard the ship to react to routine and emergent crisis. The remainder of the unit are returning to their base on Norton Manor Camp, Taunton.

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Ben P

What does this situation have to do with independence? These places are mostly in support of remaining apart of the UK and they benefit massively from it as this situation has shown.


Good point, no more hurricanes once they get ‘independence’.


TH – Once again you make an anti-British and totally irrelevant comment. You are either an utter moron or a wind up merchant. I think a period of silence would be appreciated.


Do you do this on purpose???
What point are to failing to make?
You are a fool,as I assume a British citizen would you be happy to be cut off after needing help? Jeez,twat !


Edit: that as a British citizen.


The country is not broke.. granted things are tight when it comes to spending but not broke, considering the uk government spends over 700 billion £ each year on running the country!


* agreed the country has a big debt but over 700 billion spending.. depends how you look at it i guess.

Daniele Mandelli

Chip on shoulder over ones own nation, big time. Why be the best you can be when you can belittle yourself? Sad sad little man getting off on annoying others with genuine interest.


Just stop responding to him. The child is a troll looking to rile people up to justify his bile and ignroence.


TH = Russian troll. Trying to destabilize western democracies by having their citizens lose faith in them, is their M.O. This is modern day Russia: an oil, gas, weapons, porn, and troll exporter. No shame at all, the very definition of a sociopath, but at a nation state level.

I for one, still think mano e mano, British soldiers are the best in the world.

Peter Crisp

Surely now the people of the islands would be thankful to the UK and appreciate the assistance of the UK military who have by all accounts worked hard to help them.
I’m all for allowing these places to go independent if they feel they need to but trying to use a situation like this as a reason to start that debate seems rather silly.

Ben P

You forecast nothing new. Everyone knew there would be cuts incoming. You act like the UK is the only one in financial trouble, most countries are. France and Germany are in as much debt as us. Instead of stating the blatantly obvious, try actually coming up with something of your own for once.


They’ve been offered independence any time they want to have it, but they chose to remain territories of the U.K. I lived and worked in the BVI over 30 years ago and the offer had been in place for some time prior to that.


TH – all they have to do is hold a local referendum that supports independence, and they will get it. Most of them, however, don’t trust their own politicians and their backers (i.e. local businessmen who have a virtual monopoly) sufficiently to vote for that – they trust the British more than their own.