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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval defence technology and cyber security matters, he also works for the NHS. George is on Twitter at @geoallison

British peacekeepers engage armed terrorists in Mali

British troops deployed in Mali in a peacekeeping role have killed two armed terrorists after being fired upon whilst on patrol.

British aircraft carrier hosts ‘Pacific Future Forum’

HMS Prince of Wales is hosting a summit with UK allies to discuss technology, cyber, climate change and the Indo-Pacific.

Newest P-8 Poseidon for Royal Air Force heading to Scotland

The latest P-8 Poseidon, seven of nine, is due to be delivered to the Royal Air Force in Scotland after being named (the name isn't Annika Hansen).

Typhoon lands in Aberdeen due to ‘technical issue’

A Typhoon landed at Aberdeen Airport after suffering a "technical issue".

First crew members join Type 26 Frigate HMS Glasgow

The first crew members have joined HMS Glasgow as the Type 26 Frigate takes shape on the Clyde.

Second Type 26 Frigate HMS Cardiff taking shape in Glasgow

HMS Cardiff, the second of eight Type 26 Frigates being built for the Royal Navy, is currently starting to look ship-shape in Glasgow.

British Army share base with Scottish ambulances to help deal with COP26

The Scottish Ambulance Service are sharing a British Army facility in Cambuslang in Glasgow in order to deal with COP26.

UK carrier strike group frigate visits Bangladesh

HMS Kent, a frigate part of HMS Queen Elizabeth's Carrier Strike Group, was welcomed by the Bangladesh Navy.

Ajax gets ‘dedicated’ senior responsible person to oversee project

The new senior responsible owner is ultimately accountable for the troubled Ajax programme meeting its objectives.

British carrier group takes part exercise with American carrier

HMS Queen Elizabeth's Carrier Strike Group exercised with ships and aircraft from the U.S. Navy, the Royal Australian Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.