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UK and Egypt ‘to tackle joint threats’

The Defence Secretary and Chief of the Defence Staff have discussed the British commitment to tackle regional security threats alongside Egypt.

Reaper unmanned aircraft sinks Islamic State boat

A Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft System sank a boat carrying an Islamic State heavy machine-gun team across the Tigris near Mosul

Typhoons bomb an Islamic State headquarters in northern Iraq

Typhoons reportedly headed to a remote location some forty miles north-east of Tikrit, where an Islamic State headquarters had been identified.

Defence Secretary: British and coalition forces to ‘maintain momentum’ against Islamic...

Operations to liberate western Mosul will begin within weeks, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed.

Britain to be ‘dynamic and cutting-edge Global Power’

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have launched the joint international defence engagement strategy ahead of the Munich Security Conference.

HMS Ocean takes part in medical exercise

HMS Ocean
British and American battlefield medics practised their wartime interoperability aboard HMS Ocean.

New pilots finish training on F-35B Lightning for the first time

Two US Marines are training to be the first 'Category One' F-35B pilots, having had no experience flying other jet aircraft operationally.

UK committed to 24 British F-35s onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth by...

In addition to 24 F-35Bs, the carrier air wing of HMS Queen Elizabeth will also feature around 14 helicopters with numbers depending on requirements.

F-35B initial release to service signed

A major milestone in the British operation of the F-35 has been achieved.

Tornado jets sink Islamic State vessels

Typhoons have destroyed an artillery piece in western Mosul, while Tornado jets sank two vessels on the Tigris.