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British jets destroy Islamic State explosives warehouse and command post

Tornado jets destroyed an explosives warehouse in northern Iraq, whilst Typhoon and Tornado jets struck a command post and defensive position in Raqqa.

British officers to embark on USS George H.W. Bush in preparation...

Royal Navy officers will embark on the USS George H.W. Bush when she enters UK waters this week for Exercise Saxon Warrior in preparation for the deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

British Army, Royal Marines lose £18,454 worth of ammunition and AK-47...

The British Army and Royal Marines have had 87,000 rounds of ammunition worth £18,454 and an AK-47 rifle stolen from them.

British destroyer HMS Duncan leads NATO task force in Black Sea

Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan is leading a NATO task force through one of the largest naval exercises staged in the Black Sea.

US Air Force B-1B bombers integrate with Royal Australian Air Force...

US Air Force B-1B Lancers conducted two separate integration training missions with Royal Australian Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers.

ClearSky & Trend Micro track politically motivated global Cyber Attacks

A new report on the group known as "CopyKittens" details its increased Cyber Attack activity in support of its political ambitions.

US ship fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessel

The Iranian vessel approached within 150 yards of the coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt and did not respond to attempts to establish communications, officials said.

Royal Navy ships may routinely deploy to Australia and wider Pacific...

It has been reported that BAE Systems has held discussions with operators of its Henderson shipyard about hosting Royal Navy ships deployed to waters north of Australia.

BAE developed Bluetooth-enabled bridging systems

BAE Systems engineers have developed Bluetooth-enabled sensors to detect health of military bridging systems.

‘Big decks and fast jets are back’, says Defence Secretary on...

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has visited HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest and most powerful ship built for the Royal Navy.