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Chief of the Defence Staff warns Britain faces ‘gathering storm’ of...

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chief of the Defence Staff, warned that Britain must 'evolve, modernise and adapt' to cope with budget cuts.

Typhoon clocks up more ‘swing-role combat hours’ than any other new...

Eurofighter say that the Typhoon has clocked up more swing-role combat hours than any other new generation fighter in service today. 

Type 26 Frigate a ‘very strong candidate’ for new Australian frigate

Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin has been in Australia discussing defence equipment and the Type 26 Frigate in particular.

US Defence Secretary hails ‘unmatched special relationship’ between US and UK

Newly appointed Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was hosting his US counterpart in London for a bilateral meeting where they discussed the relationship between the two countries on defence.

Russia and the online disinformation campaign, how does it work?

Russia is at the forefront of information warfare in the modern age, utilising an array of organisations and strategies to spread disinformation to further national strategy but how are they doing it?

Feasibility study looking at fitting Australian CEAFAR radar on future British...

During a recent visit to Australia, Harriet Baldwin announced the intention to look at the feasibility of fitting the Australian CEAFAR radar on future British warships.

Typhoon jet misses passenger plane by just under 250ft

A Typhoon missed a passenger aircraft by just 250ft after the civilian pilot dived to avoid it according to the UK Airprox Board.

US Defence Secretary: US and UK stand together on North Korea

US Defence Secretary Mattis has said the US and UK stand together against the increasing threat from North Korea.

European Union countries pledge closer defence co-operation, UK not involved

20 European Union countries will today sign a pledge to co-operate closely on defence with the UK government not involved in the defence pledge.

AJAX turret firing trials completes manned firing trial

The turret for the British Army's AJAX vehicle has successfully completed initial manned live firing trials. The milestone took place last month at a trial...