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Interoperability ‘key’ to F-35 combat success

The ability of the F-35 to gather and share information is where the primarily lethality of the jet comes from, according to its pilots.

RAF transport French equipment to Mali for Counter Insurgency Operations

The Royal Air Force have been assisting French troops in sub-Saharan Africa by delivering supplies to the Op Barkhane counter-insurgency efforts in Niger via C-17 Globemasters.

Royal Navy to kick off ‘Information Warrior’ exercise in March

The Royal Navy is developing and testing an innovative range of Information Warfare capabilities for Exercise 'Information Warrior 17.'

RAF demonstrate Multifunction Advanced Data Link interoperability between F-35B and Typhoon

This is the first time non-US fifth and fourth-generation aircraft have shared MADL delivered data and is an important demonstration of interoperability as the UK moves closer to initial operating capability of its F-35 Lightning II Force in late 2018.

UH-60V Black Hawk completes first flight

Northrop Grumman Corporation has successfully completed the first flight of the UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter.

Brazilian Navy abandons aircraft carrier refit plans and decides to scrap...

The Brazilian Navy have decided to abandon the refit of the Sao Paulo and decommission the aircraft carrier after a series of technical issues...

Textron Systems tests G-CLAW against moving targets

Textron Systems have announced the successful testing of G-CLAW, the company’s precision guided glide weapon, against moving targets.

F-35 passes target data to Typhoons which then ‘take out’ target

F-35 aircraft have successfully passed target data off to Typhoon jets who then successfully engaged the target during Exercise Red Flag.

US 10th Combat Aviation Brigade equipment now arriving in Europe

The US Army 10th Combat Aviation Brigade has started delivering support equipment in Europe.

Lockheed Martin to build more Trident missiles for US and UK

US defence giant Lockheed Martin has received a $540 million contract for 'missile production and deployed system support'.