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A guide to the Dreadnought class nuclear submarine

The Dreadnought class will replace the Vanguard class submarines from 2028 onwards and will host the United Kingdom's nuclear deterrent.

RAF battle through thunderstorms to fight Islamic State

Just before the New Year, Royal Air Force aircraft overcame thunderstorms at RAF Akrotiri and poor weather conditions in the skies over Iraq and Syria in order to support the coalition’s air campaign.

MoD awards £46M contract for Challenger 2 life extension project competition

The Ministry of Defence has awarded contracts to BAE Systems and Rheinmetall Land Systeme GmbH to progress the Challenger 2 Life Extension Project.

2017 ‘Year of the Royal Navy’ say Government

The government have commented on the year of change the Royal Navy will undergo.

Ronald Reagan offered Britain the F-117 stealth aircraft

Recently declassified documents show that the US had offered the UK work on the F-117 stealth programme back in 1986.

RAF conduct operations against Islamic State through New Years Eve

Before the New Year, Tornado, Typhoon and Reaper aircraft conducted successful airstrikes against Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.

Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier: A Guide

The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are the largest surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy.

Scottish economy ‘cannot do without’ UK shipbuilding contracts

Type 45 sailing down River Clyde.
A report has found that the Scottish economy 'cannot do without' naval shipbuilding contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence.

Tornado and Typhoon jets in Christmas Day strikes against Islamic State

On Christmas Day, Tornado and Typhoon jets attacked three Islamic State targets in and around Mosul.

US approve Norwegian purchase of five Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft

p-8 poseidon
The US has approved the sale of five Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to Norway.