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Steel cut for first Type 26 Frigate, vessel named HMS Glasgow

Steel has been cut today on the Clyde for the first Type 26 Frigate, HMS Glasgow.

No, America doesn’t control Britain’s nuclear weapons

It's a common myth that the United States has control over the UK's Trident missile system, that is not the case.

British P-8 aircrew reach 1,000 hours on the aircraft

Two Royal Air Force P-8 Poseidon aircrew have achieved 1,000 hours service on the aircraft type.

A-10 pilot describes flying combat missions against Islamic State

Lt. Col. Ben Rudolphi, 407th Expeditionary Operation Support Squadron commander, describes flying combat missions in the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

HMS Richmond escorts Chinese warships through the Channel

At the weekend, HMS Richmond escorted a trio of Chinese warships through the English Channel.

HMS Queen Elizabeth undergoing rectification and repair work due to propeller...

It has been confirmed that the vessel is currently having rectification and repair work done after a propeller issue was identified in sea trials.

Majority of Typhoon aircraft fleet to be fitted with a collision...

A timescale for the fitting of a collision warning system to the Typhoon has been discussed in Parliament.

UK looks to industry for new ground-based ballistic missile defence radar...

ballistic missile defence
The MoD have issued a Request For Information regarding radar technology and capability for a new ground-based ballistic missile defence radar system.

Reaper takes out RPG team while Tornado and Typhoon jets strike...

It has been revealed that Reaper killed terrorists armed with rocket-propelled grenades, whilst Tornado and Typhoon jets dealt with three sniper teams and three other defended positions.

MoD social media spend increases 46% over same period last year

From January to June last year, the MoD spent £583,968 on social media. This year, they spent £853,832 according to official figures.