RFA Mounts Bay has begun its support to Grand Turk island in the Turks and Caicos islands, in support of the Commando force from 3 Cdo Brigade personnel from 40 Commando Royal Marines and 59 Commando Royal Engineers.

According to a press release, the ship is heavily utilising her mexeflote rafts which are capable of delivering heavy machine across a beach.

The Mexeflote is a landing raft used by the Royal Logistic Corps and the Royal Australian Navy to move goods and vehicles between ship and shore. It was first used by British military in the 1960s.

It was used during the Falklands conflict, and has been used in humanitarian aid missions since.

The Mexeflote delivered much required building stores, JCB diggers and transport vehicles.

Within hours of unloading the vehicles, the Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief troop from RFA Mounts Bay were setting about clearing debris and damaged roofing from the local primary school.

The school, E.L. Simons Primary School received a battering from hurricane Irma and lost 40ft sections of its roof.  Internally the school sustained significant losses to its supplies and teaching materials say the MoD.

The clearance effort by the team will allow repair work to begin in the coming days so that the infants on the island can return to school as soon as possible.

“The level of devastation to the school is heart wrenching as this school not only provides the children with a good education, it also acts a central point for the community to interact alongside the future population of the island.” Said Lt Steve Dunning RN, Officer commanding the Combined Joint Operation Combat Camera Team, sent to record the devastation and building work.

During the frantic work above, the commando engineers continued with the re-establishment of some TCI Government buildings on the island. The MoD say this work is vital in assisting the local authorities in the coordination of the relief effort.


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4 years ago

What a great picture.

Proud of our boys and girls out there ?

Sounds like they have worked flat out since this has happened, hat well and truly tipped.

4 years ago

Totally agree with you… Great job! well done all involved.

4 years ago

Totally agree with John and Kieran.
When members of our armed forces are doing such great work in the way only they can, it would be nice if they got some recognition from our media.
The BBC in particular seem very keen on emphasising negative stories about the UK armed forces.

Mike Saul
Mike Saul
4 years ago

UK service personnel doing a great job, has anyone told Labour MP Emma Dent Coad who thinks is it’s fun to mock a certain ex serviceman.

Has Corbyn ever paid a visit to a HM forces unit/ship to tell them what a great job their doing? Or maybe visit a hospital caring for wounded service personnel?

I know he attends stop the war meetings demanding more defence cuts and honouring the IRA terrorists, but never meets serving personnel on duty.