Robot dogs to enhance security at U.S. Air Force Base

A U.S. Air Force base is to implement semi-autonomous robot dogs into their patrolling regiment.

BAE receive certification for F-22 IFF capability

"Our IFF transponder has been certified for the F-22 aircraft", say BAE Systems.

American warship shoots down ballistic missile

The US Missile Defense Agency has confirmed the successful interception of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in space for the first time as part of an exercise.

U.S. Navy completes testing of new combat training system

The U.S. Naval Aviation Training System and Ranges programme office recently completed testing its next-generation air combat training system, the Tactical Combat Training System Increment II.

U.S. Navy starts construction on Columbia class

The U.S. Navy has awarded $9.5 billion to General Dynamics to construct and test the lead and second submarines of the Columbia class.

NATO confirms support for Joe Biden victory

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on winning the US Presidential election despite Donald Trump continuing to tweet that he has won.

Cooperation on AI will ‘boost security’ say NATO

"NATO is a natural platform for transatlantic cooperation of AI," the Deputy Secretary General underlined.

Two thirds of NATO members to miss defence spending target

Only 10 out of 30 NATO members will hit the 2% of GDP spending goal this year.

BAE selected to develop Skyborg attritable drone

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to develop an attritable unmanned air vehicle system for the U.S Skyborg programme, resistance is futile.

BAE to modernise American destroyer in $103.5m contract

BAE Systems has received a $103.5 million contract from the U.S. Navy for the maintenance and modernisation of the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Preble.



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