BAE awarded $76m for more Vertical Launch System canisters

BAE has been awarded a $76m contract to produce additional Vertical Launch System canisters for the U.S. Navy.

Colour LITENING targeting pod enters service

LITENING has been fielded with full-colour digital video capability for the first time.

US and French Carrier Strike Groups operations together

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group met up with the Charles de Gaulle Carrier Strike Group in the Persian Gulf.

Sea Ceptor selected for Canadian frigates

MBDA will equip the new Canadian Surface Combatant, a variant of the Type 26 Frigate, with Sea Ceptor missiles.

BAE test tech for US next-gen electronic warfare aircraft

BAE Systems have flight tested tech for the EC-37B 'Compass Call' next-generation electronic warfare aircraft.

American supercarrier and assault ship operate in South China Sea

Ships and aircraft from both strike groups coordinated operations in international waters.

US reveals image of fighter that will replace the F-22

The U.S. Air Force has published a report featuring concept art for the 'Next Generation Air Dominance' fighter.

XQ-58A drone launches drone

An XQ-58A drone recently launched an ALTIUS-600 drone from its weapons bay.

BAE wins $42.5m contract for Landing Systems Integration

BAE has been awarded a $42.5m contract by the U.S. Navy to provide shore-based landing systems integration support services.

V-22 surpasses 600 thousand flight hours

The V-22 family of aircraft are designed to fly for the next 30 years.



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