A look at the reaction HMS Queen Elizabeth and her crew are receiving in...

Local media reported that "the massive ship on the horizon got bigger and bigger as it approached the mouth of the St. Johns River, and U.S. Navy personnel rushed to receive the special vessel holding hundreds of sailors from across the pond."

US Air Force Light Attack Aircraft draft request down to two contenders

The US Air Force shared a draft request for proposal for the Light Attack Aircraft with Sierra Nevada/Embraer and Textron Aviation following the conclusion of the second phase of the Light Attack Experiment.

US DoD prohibits GPS-enabled devices in deployed settings

Deployed US service members are going to have to ditch their "geolocation devices" in response to a new memo from Deputy US Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan.

Lockheed Martin delivers 52nd C-5M Super Galaxy

Lockheed Martin has delivered the 52nd C-5M Super Galaxy strategic transport modernised under the US Air Force's Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Programme.

BAE Systems to upgrade US Army Black Hawk navigation systems

The US Army has selected BAE Systems to provide touch screen computer display units as an upgrade to the ASN-128 Doppler GPS Navigation System.

Raytheon designing laser to counter rocket, artillery and mortar attacks

Raytheon is developing a 100 kW class laser weapon system preliminary design for integration on-board the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles in service with the United States.

Bell Boeing to begin US Navy CMV-22B production under $4.2 billion contract

This contract provides a total of 58 tiltrotors to United States Navy, Marines, and Air Force, and the government of Japan.

BAE to develop first-of-its-kind war gaming software for DARPA to model conflicts

The modelling software is intended to help military planners explore the causes of a conflict and assess potential approaches.

Qinetiq selected by US for next phase of US Army’s Robotic System project

QinetiQ Group has announced that its US business, QinetiQ North America, has been selected as one of two suppliers for the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase of the US Common Robotic System project.

US Army exercise sees 45 drones defeated by energy weapons fired from fantastically named...

Forty-five unmanned aerial vehicles and drones 'fell out of the sky' during a US Army exercise after Raytheon's fantastically named advanced high-power microwave and laser dune buggy engaged and destroyed them.



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