Lockheed Martin has announced the arrival of two T901 Improved Turbine Engines (ITE) at Sikorsky, marking a significant step in the modernisation of the Black Hawk helicopter fleet.

The engines, manufactured by GE Aerospace, are set to enhance the UH-60M Black Hawk’s performance and range.

Representatives from the U.S. Army, GE Aerospace, and Lockheed Martin gathered on 27 June in West Palm Beach, Florida, to celebrate this milestone in the Black Hawk’s development.

The T901 engine is designed to boost the helicopter’s power by 50%, improve fuel efficiency, and extend its operational lifespan well into the 2070s.

Hamid Salim, vice president of Army and Air Force Systems at Sikorsky, was quoted in the press release stating, “Increased performance and range offered by the T901 are high-value capabilities the Army is able to implement on the Black Hawk in a cost-effective way that will not require expensive re-engineering.”

The integration of these engines is part of Lockheed Martin’s broader 21st Century Security vision, focusing on enhancing military capabilities through advanced technology. Sikorsky is preparing to conduct a multi-aircraft test programme to support the Army’s ITEP acquisition milestone schedule.

The first T901 engines will be installed in a Black Hawk test aircraft for ground runs and flight testing. Additional hardware is ready to accommodate more T901 engines in a second test aircraft, which will accelerate the testing process.

Several key milestones have been achieved to facilitate this integration, including the successful completion of the H-60M Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review, as well as Software Formal Qualification Testing (FQT) for the Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHMS).

Salim noted, “We view this as an extension of the work we’ve completed on ITE with our Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) prototype and are even better positioned for a timely and simplified integration of the engine into the H-60M.”

The ongoing FARA test programme is designed to collect data relevant to the Black Hawk engine integration, supporting risk reduction for the Black Hawk flight test programme.

This modernisation effort is not only focused on the T901 engines but also includes advancements in the Modular Open Systems Approach/digital backbone and Launched Effects.

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Bazza (@guest_830745)
20 days ago

US defence journal

Hugo (@guest_830791)
20 days ago
Reply to  Bazza

I appreciate articles on other militaries, especially when there’s no much UK news going around.

Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_830900)
19 days ago

Anybody know where are Medium chopper has gone, news wise?

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_831020)
19 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach

I was thinking the same, especially with these newer engines, might make it even more of a “goer”, range and speed wise… Lol 😁

Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_831195)
19 days ago
Reply to  Quentin D63

Black Hawk vs AW 149 I would think but if and when and how? 😉

Andrew D
Andrew D (@guest_831049)
19 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach


John Hartley
John Hartley (@guest_830906)
19 days ago

I would like to see a new build AW101 with T901 engines.

Nick (@guest_831157)
19 days ago

As understand as of yet the US Army has no set plans to fund the production of the T901 engine.