B-52 bombers head to Afghanistan

B-52 bombers head to Afghanistan

Forces from several African nations arrive in Mozambique

Over the past few weeks, military forces from several nations have started to arrive in Mozambique reports @air_intel.

Bell unveils new military ‘High-Speed VTOL’ concepts

Bell have unveiled design concepts for aircraft that use the firms 'High-Speed Vertical Take-Off and Landing' technology.

Turkey looking to put unmanned jets on helicopter carrier

Baykar has released images of a concept unmanned jet that could operate from the Turkish helicopter carrier TCG Anadolu.

Russia unveils new stealth fighter jet concept

The aircraft, at this particular moment, is just a mock-up of a concept.

Babcock builds up supply chain for Greek frigate programme

Babcock is gearing up to showcase its frigate project credentials during 'Defence Exhibition Athens' to promote its bid to deliver the Hellenic Navy’s new frigates.

NATO holds air defence exercise in Black Sea

NATO Air and Maritime forces conducted an air defence exercise in the Black Sea last week.

Germany signs for 5 P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Germany will take delivery of five Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft under the U.S. government’s Foreign Military Sales process.

France selects ‘Aliaca’ fixed-wing drone for warships

France has selected the 'Aliaca' fixed-wing drone for its naval vessels.

Leaders agree ‘NATO 2030’ agenda on strengthening Alliance

NATO leaders reaffirmed the Alliance’s dual-track approach of defence and dialogue towards Russia.



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