NATO Chiefs discuss future Alliance adaptation

Twenty-nine Allied Chiefs met in Brussels.

NATO plans £1.2 billion investment in new technologies

NATO is planning to release £1.2 billion in business opportunities.

NATO Secretary General in London to meet May

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met Prime Minister Theresa May.

NATO AWACS aircraft deployed to protect EU summit

AWACS were deployed to guard the airspace over an EU summit.

NATO Secretary General calls for end to fighting in Libya

Jens Stoltenberg met the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Libya.

NATO exercise Spring Storm in Estonia enters second week

Forces from across NATO are currently taking part.

NATO conducts Crisis Management exercise

The crisis management exercise CMX 2019 will take place this month.

Raytheon wins $159m contract for large-scale training in Europe

Raytheon has won a contract to support large-scale, live training exercises.

SACEUR hosts NATO commander’s conference

Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) General Curtis M. Scaparrotti hosted a commander's conference.

Leonardo looking at opportunities in Latin America

Leonardo attended FAMEX, Mexico’s largest military, civil, and security aerospace expo.



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