NATO forces destroy mines in Baltic region

More than 130 pieces of "historical ordnance" were identified, 49 of them were destroyed by minehunting vessels.

Italian carrier returns home after completing F-35 trials

Cavour is now cleared to operate F-35B jets.

Turkey has a plan for a drone carrier

The Turkish navy could potentially become the first operator of a warship with an airwing composed primarily of drones.

Rolls-Royce to supply generators for U.S. Navy frigates

Rolls-Royce will supply generator sets for the U.S. Navy’s Constellation class frigate programme.

American MQ-9 Reapers get enhanced capabilities

Capabilities include communications enhancements as well as target identification tracking and processing.

American Skyborg system has successful first flight

The aim of the Skyborg programme is to integrate full-mission autonomy with low-cost, attritable unmanned aircraft.

Sweden adding to BvS10 fleet

Sweden is ordering 127 more of the all-terrain vehicles from BAE Systems.

NATO Secretary General discusses issues with EU ministers

"Non-EU Allies play an essential role in protecting and defending Europe", Mr Stoltenberg said.

France takes command of NATO naval group for first time

This is the first time that France has taken command of one of NATO's four standing naval task groups.

BAE awarded $76m for more Vertical Launch System canisters

BAE has been awarded a $76m contract to produce additional Vertical Launch System canisters for the U.S. Navy.



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