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Duncan is a graduate student of journalism who has a keen interest in the defence sector. Duncan's specialism is the Royal Navy. Duncan is on Twitter and happily engages in discussion there.

Invincible to Queen Elizabeth, an evolution in carrier power

The Royal Navy have always been at the forefront of carrier design evolution although they are now having to play catch up to get back into the carrier game.

Osprey vs Chinook: Cost vs Capabilities?

When it comes to transporting troops to/on a battlefield there is always one vehicle that comes to mind, the Chinook but there may be a new contender for this role: the V-22 Osprey.

US Senate Defence Bill would remove Turkey from F-35 project

The US Senate Armed Forces Committee has passed its version of the Nation Defence Authorisation Act, a $716 billion bill.

Darkest Hour Review

Darkest Hour is the much anticipated biopic on Churchill’s first term as Prime Minister, set during 1940 and as the name would suggest the Darkest Hour for both him and the UK.

Saving HMS Hermes, is it a good idea?

HMS Hermes was the flagship of the Royal Navy during the Falklands War, the carrier housed Harriers to protect our fleet during the months at war in the South Atlantic.

The Type 31 Frigate: A Critical Analysis

A cheaper and general purpose frigate is the tagline that describes the Type 31 frigate, it has also been called the child of austerity but it could be more than it, it could be a ticking timebomb for the Royal Navy.

Dunkirk Review

The latest cinematic outing by Christopher Nolan visits and portrays one of the most iconic and defining moments in British history; the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Trident: Why have it?

Why use a nuclear deterrent?

What is Trident?

Since April 1969 the United Kingdom has operated a continuous at sea nuclear deterrent meaning somewhere in the ocean a British nuclear armed submarine has been on patrol.

The Importance of Anti-Submarine Warfare

A key role for any first rate military force is anti-submarine warfare, this is especially true for an island nation.