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Oliver is a student at the University of East Anglia studying for a PhD in International Security. His interests include strategy, grand strategy in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, international relations and politics, maritime strategy, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency warfare, and maritime policy.

The Russian Bear – A Cold War relic with a new purpose?

The Russian ‘Bear’ strategic bomber was built by the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War with the United States.

The case for a new amphibious assault ship to replace HMS Ocean

The problem? The cost in gold and people makes all this very unlikely.

Could the B-52 bomber fly for 100 years?

The B-52 Bomber is one of the most durable bomber designs from the Cold War and is still being used to this day.

The impact of HMS Queen Elizabeth on British international relations

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister are symbols of national power due to their ability to project power and capability all over the world.

Could keeping HMS Ark Royal have prevented the Falklands War?

Retaining HMS Ark Royal, an Audacious class aircraft carrier, would have been beneficial in the Falklands War and perhaps even prevented it.

Why the US Navy’s ambitious 350 ship fleet should including purchasing Queen Elizabeth class-like...

President Trump has recently set out plans to build a 350 ship fleet, should vessels similar to the Queen Elizabeth class be part of that?

Proposed defence cuts could signal decline of British global capability

Britain could enter into a period of relative military decline and without a fresh strategic defence review, there is fear this decline will become irreversible which will impact on our standing in the international arena.

Potential MoD cuts places British role as a Global Power in doubt

There are planned defence cuts which may see the British Army shrink even further from the 82,000 regular personnel it currently has.

The need for a new ‘budget’ helicopter carrier

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil for £84 million marks the day in which British maritime capabilities are changing, do we require a new 'budget' helicopter carrier?

Why is Brazil buying HMS Ocean anyway?

The news of the sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil has caused commentators to look at why Brazil wants the vessel while at the same time decommissioning their only aircraft carrier.