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Ministry of Defence loses hundreds of laptops

At least 1,000 government laptops, computers and memory sticks (including 700 from the MoD) have been reported lost or stolen since the general election.

First F-22 Raptor redelivered from Speedline facility

Lockheed Martin has completed the first F-22 Raptor inlet coating repair at the company’s Inlet Coating Repair Speedline facility ahead of schedule.

Russia using cyber attacks to ‘destabilise Europe’ says Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon was speaking about Russia at St Andrews University. Sir Michael Fallon claimed that Moscow was "weaponising misinformation" and pointed to a...

HMS Albion embarks crew and readies for sea

HMS Albion has embarked her crew and is readying for sea, meanwhile a package of upgrades continues on the vessel.

RFA Tidespring finally accepted by the Ministry of Defence

Technical issues had delayed the acceptance of RFA Tidespring, the first of four new naval tankers.

Lockheed Martin respond to concerns raised by Donald Trump over F-35...

The aerospace giant issued a statement assuring the President-elect and national partners that the cost of the F-35 will go down.

British soldier dies in Iraq

A soldier has died in Iraq, the event occurred on the 2nd of January. The MoD said the death was "not the result of enemy activity".

F-35 expected to cost ‘less than any fourth-generation fighter’ by 2019

The F-35A is expected to cost $85 million, less than any fourth-generation fighter with the other two F-35 variants also significantly reducing in price.

BREXIT: UK ability to project military power unchanged

A House of Commons briefing paper claims that the direct impact of BREXIT on the UK armed forces is minimal.

Theresa May: ‘We are clear-eyed about threat from Iran’

British Prime Minister Theresa May has stressed that the UK is committed to working with Gulf partners to counter the threat from Iran.