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UK extends training of Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UK is expanding its training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new military courses covering threats like countering attacks from snipers, armoured vehicles and mortars.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital helipad enables more than 400 helicopter landings

The helipad at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital was made possible, in part, by charity HELP (Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads).

NATO stresses strong support for Ukraine in face of ‘Russian occupation’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was on a two-day visit to Ukraine during which he reaffirmed the Alliance’s strong political and practical support for Ukraine.

UK field hospital in South Sudan fully operational

Construction of the hospital came at the request of the UN, and was assessed as one of the best ways UK expertise could support delivery of the UNMISS mandate.

NATO and EU discuss future cooperation at sea

Policy experts, diplomats and military representatives met on Friday to discuss maritime cooperation between NATO and the European Union.

Babcock executive reportedly blasts SNP over aircraft carrier workforce snub

A senior Babcock International executive has been quoted by sources as saying SNP indifference to the sailing of the carrier is a snub to yard workers.

HMS Queen Elizabeth doesn’t run on Windows XP

Numerous media reports have claimed HMS Queen Elizabeth is vulnerable to cyber attack because she uses Windows XP, that is not the case.

Leonardo intend to provide ‘drones as a service’ surveillance

Leonardo has partnered with Heli Protection Europe to offer surveillance and reconnaissance services via the operation of remotely piloted air vehicles on behalf of civil customers.

European Union outlines plans to use funding for defence projects for...

Money will fund research into unmanned aircraft, air-to-air refuelling and other projects.

WATCH: Simulation shows first sailing of HMS Queen Elizabeth from Rosyth

Watch as a simulation shows how the small fleet of tugs will take HMS Queen Queen Elizabeth to sea.