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New training system for Reaper and Protector Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

The new Reaper training system will also be used for the new Protector RPAS which will enter RAF service in the early-2020s.

Australia purchasing anti-ship missiles to boost long-range strike capabilities

Australia has made the decision to acquire AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles at an estimated cost of around $800 million.

Typhoon jets intercept Russian aircraft with support from ‘VIP’ Voyager

Typhoon fighter aircraft have been scrambled to monitor Russian aircraft north of Scotland.

HMS Ramsey returns to Scotland

Minehunter HMS Ramsey has returned to HM Naval Base Clyde.

RAF convert two BAe146 aircraft to carry medical patients

"The advantage of the BAe146 is that it can land at airports where Voyager can't due to its smaller size and footprint."

British frigate tested with ‘drone assaults and torpedo attacks’

Type 23 Frigate HMS Kent is one of two Royal Navy warships joining more than two dozen allies vessels for Exercise BALTOPS in the Baltic Sea.

Italy procures 6 F-35 jets for $368 million

Lockheed Martin has received a $368.2 million contract to produce five F-35As and an F-35B for Italy.

British firm WFEL receives US Department Of Defense bridging contract

WFEL has been awarded a contract by the US Department of Defense to upgrade a further tranche of DSB Dry Support Bridges already in-service with the US Army.

Royal Marines trial new helmet camera

Royal Marines are trialling a new helmet camera.

HMS Montrose begins patrolling Middle East sea lanes

HMS Montrose is once again keeping Middle Eastern sea lanes open, say the Royal Navy.