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US Army Tests first ‘Electronic Warfare tactical Vehicle’

The US 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team Greywolf, 1st Cavalry Division fielded the US Army's new Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicle recently.

Russian-led Idlib offensive would be ‘humanitarian disaster’, says US Joint Chiefs...

The consequences of a Russian-Syrian offensive into Idlib, Syria, against terrorists hiding there would almost certainly be a humanitarian disaster, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said to press.

F-35C and F/A-18F damaged during at-sea aerial refuelling

The engine of an F-35C was damaged while receiving fuel from an F/A-18F Super Hornet, US Navy officials have confirmed.

British and French forces prepare for Caribbean hurricane relief efforts

RFA Mounts Bay has landed a team of UK military personnel ashore in Martinique in the Caribbean to train in hurricane relief with their French counterparts.

WATCH: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop deploy

HADR Tp (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Troop) deployed ashore from RFA Mounts Bay to Martinique for Ex WATERLOO SUNSET.

NATO Support and Procurement Agency deliver first shipment of Precision Guided...

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) received and delivered the first lot of Precision Guided Munitions, acquired through a NATO project involving 11 Allies and one NATO partner.

HMS Bangor returns after three years in the Middle East

The Sandown class vessel and her crew were given a rousing welcome from the dozens of family members, friends and loved-ones who gathered to see her safely back home say the Royal Navy. 

French Navy ‘ready to act’ if fishing clashes erupt again

The French Navy is ready to intervene if clashes between French and British fishermen erupt again, Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert said today.

British frigate fleet to lack anti-ship missiles until ‘around 2030’

Royal Navy ships will lose anti-ship missile capability in 2018 when the Harpoon missile is withdrawn with a replacement not due until 'around 2030'.

Australia ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the UK is not...

With some commentators, rightly or wrongly, arguing that it's "embarrassing" the Royal Australian Navy will be ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the Royal Navy, some perspective is key.