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No, Argentina is not spending $2 Billion on military equipment

According to Forecast International, recent reports indicating Argentina plans to purchase $2 billion worth of military equipment are unrealistic. The group say that for the time being, Argentina will have to rely on donations from other countries to fill the gaps in its military capabilities.

North Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea have fired an intermediate range ballistic missile eastwards over Japan and into the Pacific on Friday.

Red Arrows head to the Middle East

The Red Arrows have started final preparations for an 8-country tour of the Middle East. The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team is known across the...

What if: The UXV Combatant

The UXV Combatant was designed by BVT Surface Fleet and displayed at the Defence Security and Equipment International event in 2007, would it have been a good investment?

Argentina have ‘ceased to be a capable military force’

After a significant period of decline, Argentina has ceased to be a capable military force.

UK and France to deploy thousands of troops to Eastern Europe...

Over the next few months over 2,500 British troops will train with their French counterparts, participating in exercises spanning Eastern Europe to Kenya.

Elbit Systems introduce SkyStriker, a new loitering munition

Elbit Systems has launched SkyStriker – a remotely operated electro-optical, precise guided Loitering Munition designed to seek, locate and engage various targets at the tactical level.

USAF and European partners seek common ground in integrating F-35

The US Air Force has yet to stand up a squadron of F-35s in Europe, but it’s already working on how to integrate the fifth-generation combat jet with some of its closest allies in the region.

Industry supports Fire Scout unmanned helicopter squadron

Northrop Grumman Fire Scout instructors helped an elite detachment of Fire Scout Air Vehicle Operators from the U.S. Navy’s Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 train and rehearse for a historic two-part demonstration.

US Stratcom chief discusses 21st-Century deterrence

"Strategic deterrence starts with nuclear capabilities because nuclear war always has been an existential threat to the nation, but deterrence in the 21st century presents new challenges and integrates new capabilities."