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Daniel is an International Relations and History student, with interests lying especially with cyber security, national security, terrorism, and foreign affairs. Interests in foreign affairs mainly include the current European situation along with the USA.

Mike Pompeo urges UK to prioritise allies in Huawei decision

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has again criticised the UK government’s decision.

Germany opens massive Intelligence headquarters in Berlin

The newly unveiled Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) HQ located in Berlin is now home to the world’s largest intelligence service in terms of geographical size.

US Missile Defence Review endorses space technology

The US Missile Defence Review pushes for space-based sensors to find and destroy incoming missiles.

UK to ramp-up anti-drone restrictions

The government has announced that all major UK airports will be equipped with anti-drone technology, following sightings at Gatwick and Heathrow.

20-Year-Old Arrested in German Data Theft Probe

German Police have made an arrest over a mass leak of politicians’ personal data.

British Army pushes to recruit ‘Phone Zombies’ and ‘Snowflakes’ in new campaign

The British Army is promoting posters and television adverts aimed at the younger generation in a new recruitment drive.

Understrength German Army looks to the EU for personnel

German defence ministers are seeking experts from EU countries, to compensate for the shortfall of workers in medical and IT sectors in the army.

Huawei Meets Global Criticism over 5G Implementation

The Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei faces strong, united international criticism from a plethora of states, raising security concerns over their 5G mobile telecommunications equipment.

Malaysia and Singapore’s Maritime Territory Clash

Neighbours Singapore and Malaysia have been tangled in a web of accusations and finger-pointing concerning Malaysia’s move to extend their maritime boundaries into Singaporean territorial waters.

A close look at homegrown terrorism and the Prevent Strategy

An analysis of how homegrown terrorism has become one of the biggest threats of the modern era, and the effectiveness of the Prevent strategy