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Stuart Crawford was a regular officer in the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1999. Crawford attended both the British and US staff colleges and undertook a Defence Fellowship at Glasgow University. He now works as a political, defence and security consultant and is a regular commentator on military and defence topics in print, broadcast and online media.

UK ‘may be out of tank game’ within next ten years

The way things are going, the UK may well be out of the MBT game altogether within the next ten years unless the government sharpen up their ideas argues Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford, former tank commander and defence analyst.

Top defence spending priorities for Keir Starmer

Labour must boost the defence budget to 4% of GDP, fix military personnel issues, and reform equipment procurement to reverse the decline in UK defence capabilities, argues Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford.

Farage NATO remarks derail Reform surge

Election Bombshell - Farage's controversial comments on Ukraine threaten Reform Party momentum argues Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford.

Israel shifts military focus north

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signalled that his armed forces will shortly shift focus north to the border with Lebanon.

Scotland should build German Tanks

To quickly address Britain's shortage of tanks, the UK should establish a manufacturing facility in Scotland to produce Leopard 2 tanks argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Challenger 3 – The new tank for The British Army

One hundred and forty eight tanks is laughably small argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Beards in the Army

Historically speaking, having whiskers has never precluded a decent performance in combat argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

US built Gaza pier risks attack warns analyst

Don’t underestimate the level of resistance faced from the usual suspects argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Update on the Challenger tank destroyed in Ukraine

Further details have emerged on the destruction of the UK-supplied Challenger 2 tank in Ukraine

Will Ukraine break through before the mud?

Ukraine’s counter-offensive has been ongoing for over three months now as it seeks the elusive breakthrough of the Russian defence lines.