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Stuart Crawford was a regular officer in the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1999. Crawford attended both the British and US staff colleges and undertook a Defence Fellowship at Glasgow University. He now works as a political, defence and security consultant and is a regular commentator on military and defence topics in print, broadcast and online media.

The future UK Main Battle Tank fleet

There is good news and bad news for the British Main Battle Tank fleet.

Buy Or Lease? Future Defence Equipment Procurement

There are clearly some procurement projects which don’t lend themselves to the leasing idea. For many others, though, it just might be appropriate argues Stuart Crawford in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

The Faslane Conundrum

Trident is essentially a political weapon, not a military weapon argues Stuart Crawford in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Why is the British Army’s equipment procurement so shambolic?

In this submission to the UK Defence Journal, Stuart Crawford looks at the factors that he believes help explain the disaster that has been British defence procurement over the past 20 years.

A Critique of Liberal Democrat Defence Policy

The following is a look at the defence policy outlined in the Liberal Democrat Manifesto.

Resilience and National Security

We have armed forces well below establishment, a cohort of youngsters stymied by Covid-19 and lack of employment opportunities and a feeling that we might all be able to do better for one another, argues Stuart Crawford in his look at the old chestnut that is the reintroduction of National Service.

The British Army and the Media – The Longest War

"We should let our soldiers, sailors and airmen/women speak and have confidence in them", argues Stuart Crawford in his look at at how the British Army and the media communicate.

Military Struggles with Social Media – An analysis

The military is struggling to adapt to the comparatively recent proliferation of social media.

Transition to Civvy Street in Scotland: A Better Way Forward

A recent, and friendly, email exchange with Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner Charlie Wallace in which I queried some aspects of his last blog of 2019...

An Armed Forces Federation – Representation for the UK Services?

The question of whether the British armed forces should have some sort of statutory and official representative body, somewhat akin to the Police Federation, comes up regularly in debate on military matters.