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Avril isn't real but good on you for digging into the source for this April Fools Day article.

Red Arrows begin ‘Blue’ repaint thanks to funding

After successfully attracting funding from Pepsi, the famous Red Arrows will be painted Blue.

UK to order third carrier due to Russian threat

A leaked consultation document suggests that the Royal Navy will now order a third Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier in response to a resurgent Russia, the vessel will be named HMS Princess Diana

London to temporarily join EU to smooth over security pact

The agreement, effective from the start of the upcoming month, will see London rejoin the EU for a period of six months.

UK Government to parade Trident missiles through Edinburgh

"We are confident that this magnificent display of military might will not only dazzle the natives."

Royal Navy landing ship to support Scottish ferry crisis

The Ministry of Defence has announced that the Royal Navy's HMS Bulwark will be temporarily repurposed for ferry duties.

Part of Scotland to temporarily become English territory

In a groundbreaking agreement, the UK and Scottish Governments unveiled a plan for the Govan area of Glasgow to become English territory for a number of years, designating it as an official part of England, to help secure warship building on the River Clyde.

Frigate work removed from Scottish shipyards

It has emerged this morning that work promised to Scotland will instead go to Ruritania after Zenda Industries won a contract to build frigates.

EU to set up military base in UK to help Scottish Government

A British Army Reserve base in Glasgow will be handed over to European Union peacekeepers to assist the Scottish Government.

Britain trialling Harrier jets on carriers

"The F-35B is far more capable than the Harrier and using them in combat would be incredibly unfair and a give a bad impression the new, fairer Global Britain".

Voyager fleet earmarked for carrier resupply

The entire Voyager fleet will be re-engined and adapted for carrier onboard delivery work.