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Donald Trump is right – they are losers!

This opinion piece is the opinion of the author and not that of UK Defence Journal. I’m going to agree with Donald Trump on something...

Terrorism and Social Media – A Deeper Look

Terrorism is one of the biggest challenges facing the globe today, and it has become virtually a daily occurrence in some parts of the world.

Australian Canberra class ships may have design faults

The RAN has now confirmed HMAS Adelaide will no longer participate in next month's planned Talisman Sabre exercises with the United States, and says it is too early to say whether HMAS Canberra will also be able to take part.

Australia’s new Canberra class ships aren’t in very good shape

HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide – two of Australia's first Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Dock Ships that were commissioned by the Australian Defence Force to give the country a new level of capabilities – well that was the intention and today’s news wasn't the best to hear.