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The last few weeks in national security

Troops on the streets, a 24/7 cyber unit and a US style Department of Homeland Security - this has been an interesting couple of weeks for national security in Australia.

Russia and US at the G20

On the sidelines of the G20 something interesting happened and it all started with a handshake and smiles.

Trump Administration Travel Ban Comes Into Effect

The travel ban, which has been contested in federal courts across America, comes into effect after the US Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favour of it.

He’s at it again!

When he's not launching ballistic missiles that fail to hit the mark, he's ordering the execution of former world leaders - and no surprise, its the former South Korean President.

Britain launches a new ship, China does too

A lot of coverage has been given to the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth however China has launched a ship as well, and its part of an arms race.

Australian Naval Officer dies at Sea

The Australian Department of Defence has confirmed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that Lieutenant Commander Steven Noakes has died whilst on deployment on the patrol boat Cape Inscription as part of Operation Resolute.

Qatar negotiations at a stand still – blockade continues

The blockade has been going on for quite a bit now and with negotiations at a stand-still, there is no end in sight.

Grenade attack on Venezuelan Court

A stolen police helicopter has launched an attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court and failed in an attack that has been condemned as terrorism.

Putin Considered Joining NATO

Moscow, 2000: Russia and NATO, usually these two when used in a sentence doesn't generally imply allies however back in 2000, it was an idea that was floated.

China unveils its new Hypervelocity missile programme

Beijing: The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has announced that they have successfully developed a hypersonic ramjet engine after a series of tests that was carried out by the Chinese agency.