Generally these surveys focus on housing affordability and general livability, but Sydney in Australia was knocked off the list for a different reason – terrorism.

The Global Livability Report is an annual report that politicians brace for in order to promote their cities as the place to live and average people study as a way to consider where to relocate to.

Sydney has always been in the top ten of cities to live in for quite a while now however in this years report the larger of the cities on the Australian east coast dropped from 7th place to 11th place.

Most Australian’s would presume that the drop was attributed to the fact that house prices and rental prices in Sydney have risen at an alarming rate and most young Australians are now locked out of the housing market however the study attributed Sydney’s fall to escalating fears about terrorism.

The report stated that “Sydney…is another city that has seen a decline in its ranking, reflecting growing concerns over possible terror attacks in the past three years.”

Whilst Sydney got a score of 94.9 and is still considered to be quite liveable, the recent attack that was thwarted by Counterterrorism authorities hasn’t helped the fears surrounding a terror attack being not far off for the Australian city.

Damascus in the civil war ravished Syria, Lagos in Nigeria, the Libyan city of Tripoli, the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea all ranked as the worst cities under the survey.

Gianpaulo is based in Australia and is a student of Counterterrorism, Intelligence and Security. Interested in everything related to National Security. 24 News Enthusiast, political junkie and working on his first book 'Hitchhikers Guide to National Security'.
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Steven Jones
Steven Jones
4 years ago

Enriched by multi-culturism “don’tcha” mean ?

Stuart Willard
4 years ago

Interested to know which cities are less threatened by terrorism than Sydney these days.