The U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Navy came together for operations in the South China Sea.

Australian Frigate HMAS Parramatta began sailing with the American cruiser USS Bunker Hill and then rendezvoused with amphibious assault ship USS America and destroyer USS Barry.

“It is great to be operating with the Australians again,” said Capt. Kurt Sellerberg, commanding officer of the USS Bunker Hill. “Every time I have deployed to this region, and to the Middle East, I have had the good fortune to operate with the Royal Australian Navy.”

Operations with USS America started with a precision maneuvers that included Barry in the South China Sea, say the U.S Navy.

Operations with Parramatta have included integrated live fire exercises, coordinated helicopter operations, small boat force protection drills, command and control integration, and maneuvering interoperability.

“They have the same interest in ensuring freedom of navigation and observance of internationally accepted norms and customs pertaining to the law of the sea,” Sellerberg said.

“The Aussies are true professionals in every sense of the word, and our current combined deployment exemplifies a shared commitment to our historically strong and enduring relationship.”

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