The OSINT Bunker

The OSINT Bunker is a defence and security based podcast aimed at expanding people’s knowledge of the geopolitical landscape.

You can find the podcast on most audio streaming platforms, including Spotify and TuneIn. We’ve also included a link to all the episodes on this page if that’s easier for you.


A chat about the Fujian, China’s new aircraft carrier

'News Snapshots' is the new fortnightly news podcast from The OSINT Bunker team.

The continued stalemate between Russia and Ukraine

The panel discuss the latest developments in the Israel-Gaza conflict and the continued stalemate between Russia and Ukraine as NATO re-arms.

Haiti, Yemen, Ukraine aid and British carriers

The panel discusses the crisis in Haiti, Israel's plans to tackle Hezbollah in Lebanon, Ukraine's seaborne success against Russia and issues with the UK's aircraft carriers.

A chat about the Red Sea and the upcoming NATO exercise

The latest episode discusses the Red Sea, the future of the Israel-Gaza war, developments in the Ukraine-Russia war and the upcoming NATO exercise!

New episode of ‘News Snapshot’ podcast

The latest episode discusses Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea, the fatal attack on US forces in Jordan, developments in the Ukraine-Russia war and more!

Our ‘News Snapshot’ podcast launches to brief on current events

The OSINT Bunker Podcast team, renowned for their in-depth analysis of international affairs, has launched a new series, the 'News Snapshots' podcast.

Defence analysts discuss Israel’s ‘9/11 moment’

This week, the panel explore the outbreak of war between Israel and Iran-backed terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon.

Russian position in Crimea is ‘untenable’ say analysts

"The Ukrainians are going to make the base unusable, despite Russian attempts to counter that."

Russian disinformation and British aircraft carriers

Russian English language channels on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms had boasted that HMS Prince of Wales had been scrapped, even though the vessel is now at sea.

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Episodes typically cover UK and international defence matters. The podcast is hosted by @Osinttechnical, @skywatcherintel, @air_intel and @DefenceGeek.