The OSINT Bunker

The OSINT Bunker is a defence and security based podcast aimed at expanding people’s knowledge of the geopolitical landscape.

You can find the podcast on most audio streaming platforms, including Spotify and TuneIn. We’ve also included a link to all the episodes on this page if that’s easier for you.


Defence analysts discuss Israel’s ‘9/11 moment’

This week, the panel explore the outbreak of war between Israel and Iran-backed terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon.

Russian position in Crimea is ‘untenable’ say analysts

"The Ukrainians are going to make the base unusable, despite Russian attempts to counter that."

Russian disinformation and British aircraft carriers

Russian English language channels on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms had boasted that HMS Prince of Wales had been scrapped, even though the vessel is now at sea.

British ‘eggs in one basket’ with limited tank numbers

"We might be better off going for large numbers or larger numbers of less capable vehicles, because losses are inevitable", argued Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford on the latest episode of The OSINT Bunker podcast.

Analyst sheds light on Ukraine and challenges in OSINT

In this episode of @TheOsintBunker, Jakub Janovsky (@Rebel44CZ), a member of the Oryx project, joins @DefenceGeek, @geoallison and @AnAustinThing2 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin’s fading ‘Strong Man’ image

Vladimir Putin's image as an unassailable 'strong man' has been a vital component of his political narrative discuss @DefenceGeek, @geoallison and @AnAustinThing2.

Experts warn against U.S. Military incursions into Mexico

Insights from the OSINT Bunker Podcast shed light on the intricacies of cartel activities and the risks associated with potential interventions.

China’s limited global lift capability exposed amid Sudan crisis

In a recent conversation among defence experts on 'The OSINT Bunker' podcast, China's military capabilities and global logistics were put under the spotlight following the Sudan crisis.

The OSINT Bunker Podcast – ‘I spy with my huge floating eye’

In Season 5 Episode 2 of the popular defence podcast 'The OSINT Bunker', the panel discuss the appearance and shoot-down of a Chinese spy balloon over US territory, the implications for international relations and they also use many puns.

Further Information

Episodes typically cover UK and international defence matters. The podcast is hosted by @Osinttechnical, @skywatcherintel, @air_intel and @DefenceGeek.