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Future Royal Navy vessels to be built in Germany

The UK has signed a naval shipbuilding partnership agreement which also allows for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be distributed on the continent.

EU to set up military base in Scotland

A British Army Reserve base in Cambuslang, Glasgow will be handed over to European Union peacekeepers.

UK to purchase 24 Harrier jets

"The F-35B is far more capable than the Harrier and using them in combat would be incredibly unfair and a give a bad impression the new, fairer Global Britain".

Red Arrows begin ‘Blue Arrows’ makeover

After successfully attracting funding from Pepsi, the famous Red Arrows are to be painted Blue.

Type 31 Frigates to be known as ‘Wallace class’

The new frigates are to be named after Scottish leaders in a bid to protect the union.

Nuclear weapon storage facility to open in central Glasgow

The UK Government have announced that a new nuclear weapons storage facility will open in the heart of Glasgow.