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Boeing working on AI software for aerial refuelling missions

In a simulated environment, Boeing’s team successfully conducted a demonstration where a F/A-18 pilot remotely commanded an unmanned MQ-25 to deploy a refuelling drogue and refuel the Super Hornet.

U.S. Navy awards BAE $87m to upgrade USS Carter Hall

BAE Systems has received a $87.2 million contract from the U.S. Navy for repair work aboard the dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50).

Italian Eurofighters patrol Polish skies

The Italian Air Force has been actively collaborating with Polish forces to strengthen regional security and showcase the Alliance's unity.

RAF showcase air mobility readiness in Ex Venture Spirit

During the intensive week-long exercise, personnel were tested in a variety of dynamic scenarios that mimicked real-world crisis response operations.

BAE to maintain and repair light guns in Ukraine

The L119 Light Gun has proved to be a trusted system that Ukrainian forces have favoured because of its accurate firepower, light weight, low logistical requirements and mobility.

Britain, America and Japan to hold joint drills

The UK, US and Japan will hold regular trilateral military exercises in the Indo-Pacific from 2025 to boost security in the region.

UK Space Agency backing for nuclear space reactors

Rolls-Royce has announced it has secured funding from Phase 2 of the UK Space Agency’s International Bilateral Fund.

British global response force readiness tested

16 Air Assault Brigade was put through a no-notice practice mobilisation to check that troops are ready to respond to global crises.

‘Unprecedented’ rise in SOS from seafarers in Red Sea

There has been a 475 per cent increase in incidents reported by seafarers in the Middle East since attacks began in the autumn.

Romanian Patriot battery conducts deployment exercise

A battery of the Romanian Air Force's 74th PATRIOT Regiment conducted a deployment exercise.